Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday Musings October 19th

So I am starting the week with a new do.
My hair is about 7 inches shorter with lots of layers and about three shades redder than normal. At first I wasn't sure I liked it. Now that I've gotten used to it...I LOVE IT. It has lots of body and bounce. And everyone says it makes me look younger. What I love is how it feels, so light and I'm not getting tangled and wrapped up in it every time I roll over in my sleep or try to get comfortable.

I was busy writing all weekend, working on my freelance stuff, book reviews and some upcoming holiday guides. I didn't watch much TV or really do anything exciting...bummer. I had planned to take my daughter costume shopping and maybe go to an orchard instead I worked.
I did watch Vampire Diaries Thursday night. Vicki just won't die will she? My husband keeps wishing she'd just die and get it over with (he doesn't like her). I was too busy drooling over Damon's abs as he danced around drunkenly to care about Vicki. Visions of those abs are still dancing in my head. :-)

It was a pretty nice weekend here in Michigan so between writing projects I worked at clearing out my garden. I still have more to do, I may or may not get to it before snow covers everything. I really wish I would have went to an orchard but at least we went last weekend on a hayride and did the whole pumpkin picking thing.

This week I am continuing on with my Eternal Desire virtual book tour this week, so far it's been pretty successful except for a few snafus where posts didn't get posted or were posted late but it's all good, other than that everything is going great.

Today I am guest blogging and holding a giveaway at Sci Fi Guy, I'll be giving away a free pdf download of Eternal Desire along with a Fang-tastic Books desk set which includes a mousepad, notepad and pen (pictured in this blog post)

October 20 I’ll be guest blogging with Angie Fox at Something Wicked

October 22 Interview with me at Shapeshifter Seductions

October 23 Interview with me at Vampire Phile

I hope all of my wonderful friends and fans (that would be you guys reading this post :-) will continue to drop by my tour stops and leave comments letting me know you were there.

I appreciate all the kind words and support that all of you offer. I think it is wonderful how friendly and supportive this community of book lovers is. I know everyone hits most of the same blogs and websites and forums and even some chat areas and everyone is always so nice and has kind words to say.

Outsiders would probably never expect that from a bunch of people who love to read about "monsters" and sex (erotica). LOL.

So this week at Fang-tastic Books Amanda Grange will be here on Tuesday the 20th and there will be a giveaway.

On Wednesday the 21st there will be a huge giveaway involving Vampires and Werewolves.

On Thursday author Christina Kelly is dropping by for a guest blog

And on Friday October 23 Linda Wisdom is going to be here

Lots of fun and giveaways this week so drop by every day!

Also make sure to enter the Hachette Book Giveaway, it is open until October 30

Next week I have plenty of authors and giveaways lined up too, it all leads right up to my Halloween Giveaway which I will post on Friday October 30th.

And super good news, Eternal Desire is now available in print at! Woo Hoo!

By the way I have a free Halloween story up at my other site, Roxanne's Realm. Drop by and read it, if you do leave me a comment so I know you were there. It is a simple story nothing too erotic. I guess I would rate it as PG-13.


Chris said...

Oh, congrats on the print release!!! (I'm here, I'm just not motivated to review or do much of anything lately, alas...) said...

Congrats from me too!

I wish we'd had your nice weather. Over here we're surprised when the sun comes out.

Unknown said...

Hi Roxanne :)
Thank you for the great update post.
You have a productive week ahead of you.
Congratulations on the print release for ETERNAL DESIRE!
All the best,

Roxanne Rhoads said...

Thanks everyone!

Hi Chris, just let me know when you feel like reviewing again. I've had a few ebook requests.

Anonymous said...

Wow -- that is a really pretty mouse pad and pen set! I'll be truckin over to SciFi guy soon..

I'm glad you love your new 'do! It can be so frustrating when hair just doesn't quite fit you.

Congrats so far on the book tour and I'm very anxious for Wednesday with Vampires and Werewolves!