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A Review of Traveling Light by Diana Rubino

Traveling Light
by Diana Rubino
May 2009,
Eternal Press
77,800 words
time travel romance
3.5 fangs

Leigh hits her head and passes out in the bed of Richard III, on display in the historic cottage she's restoring. When she awakes, she finds herself in fifteenth-century England, wed to the mysterious Lord Guy Blackamour. All she remembers of Lord Blackamour from history is that he supposedly drowned his wife (Leigh at the moment!) and was later executed for treason. Will Leigh be able to escape back to her own time before it's too late? Will she suffer the same fate as Guy's wife? Or will history prove wrong about Lord Blackamour?

Although time travel and historical romances aren't my favorites, the political intrigue and complex misunderstandings drew me into this story and kept me enthralled. I enjoyed Leigh and Guy's slowly unfolding relationship as they navigated kidnappings, betrayal, and battle to discover what was really important to each of them in the end.

Sadly, there is one rather significant plot inconsistency involving who placed a critical note into a goblet's stem that jarred me out of the story. "But wait, I thought... did that, not..." *clicks back button and checks* Whoops.

Reviewed by Chris.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Shameless Self Promo

I have mentioned before that I am a writer. I write everything: articles, web content, poetry and fiction. Mainly erotic paranormal fiction.

Here are some links to my ebooks and books that
my short stories and novellas are in.

Tasty Christmas Treats now in ebook and print

Paranormal Bedtime Stories now in ebook and print
`Contains my stories Halloween Surprise and Sea of Blood

Lasting Lust: An Anthology of Kinky Couples in Love
~ Contains my story The First Brick available at

Torrid Teasers Volume 59 available June 15 Whiskey Creek Press Torrid
`Featuring Renata and The Questioning Concubine

`Contains my poem Waiting Patiently

`contains two of my erotic confessions

Later this year I have two novellas being released through Eternal Press, Insatiable and Eternal Passion.

My story Blood, Lust and Shadows will appear in L&L Dreamspell's Erotic Paranormal Collection.

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Free Book Friday Sweet Persuasion By Maya Banks

This week I have a steamy, hot, erotic novel- Sweet Persuasion by Maya Banks.

Description (from the back of the book):

For five years, Serena has run Fantasy Incorporated and has devoted her time to fulfilling her clients’ fantasies. Never her own. Until now…

Her most secret desire is to give ownership of her body to a man. Someone who will command her, pleasure her, and have complete authority over her. So she seeks out Damon Roche, owner of an exclusive sex club and a man strong enough to make her do anything he wants. Anything.

Together they’ll journey into a world she’s only dreamed of. She’s given the opportunity to immerse herself in a different life while her normal one waits for her to return whenever she wishes. Damon has no desire to let her go, however. Serena is the woman he’s long searched for, and it’s up to him to convince her to stay when the game is all over with. He wants their fantasy to become their reality and for Serena to remain his pampered, cherished submissive.

Want to read an excerpt of this hot erotica book? Go to Maya's website to check it out.

Ready to win a copy? Leave a comment with email address and you'll be entered to win this hot summer read. US residents only please.

Win Blood Ties Season One on DVD

WIN the first season of Blood Ties on DVD

Blood Ties Central the fan site for the vampire series Blood Ties is holding a giveaway for the DVD's of season one of Blood Ties

To win, send an email to Give Away with the birthday of the REAL Henry Fitzroy, Duke of Somerset - day, month and year.


The competition closes June 15, 2009.

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Guest Author Diana Rubino

Welcome Diana Rubino today, author of the new book A Bloody Good Cruise

A Bloody Good Cruise is a humorous story about how romance author Mona Rossi and her on and off again main squeeze, Fausto Silvius, a full blooded vampire, narrowly escape a lunatic fringe group of vampire hunters they call the Vampire Ball Busters.

It's set on The Romanza, a cruise ship on a Mediterranean voyage. Its premise is: facing your fears leads to acceptance and may lead to truth, inner peace, and the ultimate everlasting love. What sets it apart is that it's the only chick lit romance set on a cruise ship that I'm aware exists so far.I love cruising and vampires, so I thought I'd combine the two for a unique twist. Mona's being a romance writer added another fun ingredient to the mix.

My vampires aren't 'traditional' in that they sleep in coffins, have fangs, or hate garlic (they're all Italian!) They originated in Ancient Rome from a gene that mutated. I wanted to give a biological reason for why they'd evolved as vampires.

But the main theme is about tolerance; at the end, Fausto 'comes out' as a vampire on international TV, and asks the world that they accept him and his kind, don't hate them because they're different, and makes a plea for the whole human race to get along (because deep down, vamps really are 'human').

So, aside from having a lot of fun on this cruise, I hope readers will see that these guys and gals are just like us, and being 'turned' isn't all so bad!

The book is on sale in paperback at, and from my publisher Eternal Press,

Thanks for dropping by Diana. Oh, and look for me doing an interview at Diana's site on June 18th.

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A Review of One of My Own Books

Torrid Teasers Volume 59 will be available in June from

Here's a review of my upcoming Torrid Teasers Volume 59

Whisky Creek Press Torrid


Vampire, Ménage

ISBN: 978-1-59374-543-6

Reviewed by Patrice F. of Joyfully Reviewed


Renata is a vampire living peacefully in Michigan small town. She needs blood and sex to survive along with the occasional kill to satiate her inner predator. There a few hunters that kill vampires indiscriminately, so she must us caution. While hunting, Renata meets a gorgeous man that’s irresistible. There’s something odd about him, setting off warning bell but she just can’t say no.

Renata is a saucy heroine who’s sexy, smart and totally self sufficient. With the to-the-point character driven plot, “Renata” made for an overall delightful read. The brief, background history of the town and how vampires adapted into the modern world worked really well in the narrative. Throw in an unexpected twist and loads of blazing sex, and the outcome boils on high for a gooey-warm ending.

“The Questioning Concubine”

A young witch is desperate to find out who killed her parents and why. As a last resort, she takes the plunge and summons a demon. OK, so he’s not what she expected a demon to be. However, that doesn’t stop the instant and electrifying attraction.

Initially, the title threw me off the scent while tweaking my curiosity. Once I gained my reading momentum, it was sizzling-smooth, eyeballs-meets-mind goodness. The writing flexes its wonderfully visual muscles while my mental senses happily quivered from the intake. My only complaint was everything seemed to come to a screeching halt. But hey, it’s an excellent sign when you really don’t want a story to end.

Humorous, spicy and sweet, Torrid Teasers Volume 59 was definitely reading-time well spent. I didn’t know what to expect from scene to scene either, definitely a bonus. Roxanne Rhoads brings in fresh touches to each segment. I like reading the Torrid Teasers series because you get to sample an author’s work along with a double dose of their creativity. This latest installment by Ms. Rhoads lives up to all the erotically charged romance I’ve come to associate with the series.

Winner Wednesday

Congratulations to SharonJM you have won a copy of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Vampires.

This looks like such a fun book to read. I am going to be sinking my teeth into my copy soon. I just have a nother book or two to finish first.

C.L. Talmadge's contest is still open since she had some business to take care of today. She'll be around tomorrow to choose a winner so until then everyone who wants to enter still has a bit of time.

A Review of Love Fang by Susan Blexrud

Can a handsome vampire and a beautiful dentist make love work? LOVE FANG is ablaze with zip, charm, suspense and romance. Susan Blexrud’s novels are so addictive that they are like a scrumptious chocolate cake, one bite, and you’re hooked!

Category: Paranormal Romance
Reviewer: Michele R.
Reviewer Email:
Author: Susan Blexrud
Publisher: DCL Publications
Release Date: November 2008
ISBN Number: E-book 978-1-921347-70-2
Author Homepage:
Rating: 5 Fangs
Format: E-BOOK

John Wright, a devastatingly handsome vampire, is wracked with pain. One of his fangs is infected and it hurts like the dickens! His housekeeper, Doreen, contacts a dentist for him. Luck is on her side when she finds one that is open in the evening. He jokes that she had better not be a brunette with green eyes, but Doreen insists. Does John’s keen vampire sense suspect something?

Dr. Lauren Marsh, a gorgeous, compassionate woman, receives an emergency phone call to examine a man’s tooth. She is taken aback when her hormone’s leap to life at the sight of him in her office the following night. She rationalizes to herself that her life is way overdue for male companionship. Her dog, Smokey, provides company but heck, she needs some male bonding in her life. Her assistant, Rosetta, is wary of him when they first meet. She suspects something is amiss and wonders what’s up.

When John gets a whiff of Lauren’s scent, he realizes he is in trouble. Instantaneous reactions course through his body. He has to have his tooth taken care of but why does she have to be so beautiful and smell so good? He asks her out on a dinner date, and Lauren accepts without hesitation. What does the future hold for the couple who have enough sexual chemistry to light up Orlando, Florida?

Susan Blexrud’s story, LOVE FANG, is an amusing, gritty, fast-paced romantic tale of a vampire who falls for a lady dentist. John can’t stand the pain anymore in his infected fang so he has his brassy housekeeper, Doreen, find a dentist with evening hours. She is his all-around housekeeper with attitude to boot! When the pretty dentist works on his tooth, the close proximity of their bodies start their libidos dancing and more! It was fun to see how Lauren’s assistant, Rosetta and Doreen connive to get John and Lauren together! I loved Lauren’s little dog, Smokey. With his cute personality, he almost steals the show! Ms. Blexrud creates smart, amusing characters that bristle with believable sexual electricity. LOVE FANG is a wickedly delicious vampire tale that should not be missed!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Guest Author C.L Talmadge

She can keep her legs shut, but not her lips….

Hold it! Stop right there. This is how my author, C.L. Talmadge, always describes me and it’s getting old fast.

I am Helen Andros, first-generation heroine of the Green Stone of Healing® series. To be blunt, I am a dish. Tall, big boobs, gorgeous face-great figure, long black hair. I’m brainy, too, and trained for years to become a physician. I’m pretty darn good at what I do.

(FYI: My author is convinced she lived a past life as me. She wanted to write novels since age 13 and finally sat down to do it when she was 44. The result is this speculative epic series.)

Anyway, I have a problem (beyond my big mouth). I live in an island nation called Azgard, which is sharply divided by race, rank, and income. I am an illegitimate half-breed and thus a social pariah. My mother was one of the Turanians, the subject people of Azgard. My father was a Toltec whom she refused to identity.

I wasn’t born in Azgard, but in a desert country far to the east. I was just 11 when I was packed off to Azgard without my mother to avoid a war. I never saw or heard from her after that, and it broke my heart. When parted, she gave me a strange green stone on an intricate chain and I always wear it because it makes me feel better. I have no idea what else to do with it.

By the time of the first book, The Vision, I have been a military physician for about a year. I am secretly in love with Col. Jackson Orlando, my tall, dark, and utterly handsome commanding officer, and want to jump his bones. But I don’t dare. Half-breeds are so despised that even the hint of any relationship with me jeopardizes Jackson’s career. I love him so I don’t want that to happen. Instead I mouth off at him, even on duty. Dumb, dumb, dumb. I just want him to notice me (he does, as does every other soldier in the regiment).

The action begins when the Lord Protector, Azgard’s top military officer, orders me to treat a gravely ill state hostage. I agree, but not before I am insolent to him, too. That sets off a chain of events that reveal my father as one of Azgard’s highest-ranked, most powerful Toltec lords. I am almost executed, too, but he saves me by publicly acknowledging his relationship to me.

It also brings me to the attention of the Temple of Kronos, Azgard’s state religion. The leader of the Temple plots to have me slain. Daddy dearest and I snap at each other and argue because we have been so wounded by my mother’s strange behavior that we cannot trust each other. So much for happy family reunions.

The vision of destruction and hope that prompted my mother to do what she did comes to light thanks to Maguari, a member of an otherworldly race of beings called Mist-Weavers. Maguari can appear and dissolve at will and knows the full potentials of the green stone.

In the second book, Outcast, things just get worse. My father is in deep trouble among his powerful political enemies, and even his allies and king, for acknowledging his relationship to me and my mother. Meanwhile, my mouth gets me into hot water time after time. I’m now the acknowledged daughter of a great house, and have no idea how to behave. Proud and oh-so independent, I hate it that my father is in charge of my life in the ultra patriarchal Azgard.

After I get the crap beaten out of me for yet another serious verbal flub, Maguari visits me and shows me a past life as the son of the same soul who is now my father. He encourages me to release my anger and tell my father that I love him (I do, very much).

By the third book, The Scorpions Strike, my father and I reconcile, but the shit hits the fan anyway. He goes on trial and endures torment because he refuses to bow to the Temple, which puts a death mark on me. Maguari teaches me basic energy manipulation after helping me save my father’s life. Once my father’s new wife bears his son and heir, the Temple forces him to choose between his two children. I leave the comfort of his manor under cover of night to avert a possible religious war.

In Outcast, the fourth book soon to be published, I must become accustomed to the rough life in the mountains of Southern Alta Province. There Maguari teaches me advanced energy skills for healing and self-protection. I need them, because a rift in the Temple’s leadership puts would-be kidnappers on my trail. A plot to assassinate my father reaches its tragic climax, and only the skills that I learn from my alien mentor keep me keep me from being abducted—and worse.

The series continues the story of the rest of my life, and the lives of my daughter, granddaughter, and great-granddaughter. We all use the stone in our own ways to offer a loving, inclusive alternative to theocrats whose ambition for total control ultimately leads to the destruction of Azgard and the worldwide cataclysm foretold in my mother’s vision.

Excerpt: The Scorpions Strike

Maguari directed her to set aside her work, lean back in her rocking chair, and shut her eyes. He taught her and then put her through a series of meditation exercises similar to those Judith had shown her many years ago, except Helen could tell the effect was far more potent. She soon had the strangest impression of what she called looseness, for lack of a better way to describe the experience. It was as though she could not tell where her person left off and the rest of the room around her began.

“Excellent,” the Mist-Weaver said. “You have relaxed the boundaries of your energy field to some extent.”

Helen breathed in sharply, then wondered why she was surprised that Maguari knew what she was going through.

He continued the lesson. “Gently direct your energy toward any physical object in the room. Use your energy like a finger and explore all parts of that object, even with your eyes closed. Go to those places you could not see even with your eyes open.”

Helen stretched out her energy to the armchair close to the fireplace. To her astonishment, she could readily tell the difference between the smooth surface of the chair’s short wooden leg, and the plush texture of the fabric that covered the cushion. Excited and intrigued, she rolled her energy over more of the chair. Although she was not certain, it seemed that the padding in the seat was packed more densely than the padding in the back. It was harder to move through. Perhaps that was merely a logical deduction, a part of her argued. She slipped her energy-digit beneath the chair and explored the covering on the underside of the frame. It felt very different from the brocade. It was a coarser weave with no variations in the depth of its surface.

Helen opened her eyes. “There is a tear in the fabric underneath the seat of that armchair. I felt it.”

The Mist-Weaver’s cowl bobbed up and down. “Why not check to make sure? Perhaps that way you will stop second-guessing yourself.”

She took the light-stick from the table and set it on the rug near the armchair, which she turned on its side. Sure enough, she found a small rip in one corner of the covering. She set the chair upright once more and returned to her rocking chair.

“I never looked under that chair before,” she said, as though trying to convince herself more than anyone else. “How did I know about that hole?”

“You used your own energy field to bring you new information,” Maguari said. “The ability to attain new information is one of the gifts of the spirit. We were never meant to stumble blindly through our material existence, completely ignorant of that which awaits us.”

Buy the Books

The Vision
ISBN: 978-0-9800537-3-9
First published: March 2005 by Quiet Storm Publishing.
Republished: June 2008 by HealingStone Books

ISBN: 978-0-9800537-4-6
Published: June 2008 by HealingStone Books

The Scorpions Strike
ISBN: 978-0-9800537-5-3
Published: June 2008 by HealingStone Books

Want to win an autographed set of the three books?

Here are contest details:

The prize is a set of autographed copies of the first three books (paperbacks) in the series.

Those interested must go to this link and find the link at the top right to sign up for the newsletter, and get a free ebook on energy and healing.

Then come back and post a comment to the blog to let us know that you have signed up for the newsletter.

On Wednesday, May 27 a winner will be chosen.

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Eternal Press New Release Reviews

Here are some reviews on the newest paranormal releases from Eternal Press. And just so you know all Eternal Press books are now available in print on

These reviews are by one of our ebook reviewers, Chris.

Giving Up the Ghosts: Ghostly Menage, Part 2 by Alysha Ellis
Eternal Press, May 2009
(27,000 words)
paranromal erotica
1.5 fangs

Adam, Chad, and Benedict are ghosts whose only purpose is to make (human) Kelsie happy. (This seems primarily to involve frequent sexcapades.) But suddenly Kelsie's beloved ghosts begin to fade away - will she be able to find help in time to save them?

Ellis provides the back story within the first few pages, so you don't necessarily have to read Ghostly Menage, Part 1 to figure out what's going on in Giving Up the Ghosts. Since I haven't read the first story, I can't tell you if it would have helped me feel more connected to Kelsie and her guys. Because I never felt engaged by the characters or the story, so the explicit sexing wasn't very compelling.

With some polishing to smooth out the choppy feel, I think this would've been a much more involving and enjoyable read.

The Ghost Amethyst by Sherry King
Eternal Press
May 2009
11,300 words
paranormal erotica
3 fangs

English professor Tom's wife Elaine died in a car accident and came back as a vengeful, hungry ghost who can control Tom's words and actions if he falls asleep. On forced leave from his teaching job due to his increasingly erratic behavior, Tom's former student Violet fights to save the life of the teacher she's always had a crush on.

When this story begins, it's told from Elaine's point of view as an angry ghost who needs Tom's blood and secretions to survive. The harsh beginning (Elaine is really, really evil) almost scared me away, but I'm glad I persisted. My only real complaint was the choppiness in switching between the three points of view (Elaine, Tom, Violet) in the story.

Whispers in the Dark by Marisa Quinn
Eternal Press
May 2009
6000 words
paranormal romance
3 fangs

The Greek god Eros knows his soulmate Psyche has been born and longs to be with her. However, his mother Aphrodite seeks to destroy Psyche because she doesn't want her son to leave her alone. This sweet retelling of the myth of Eros and Psyche provides additional insight into Aphrodite's own psyche as she has to decide between loneliness and losing Eros.

~Reviews by Chris.

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Free Book Friday: The Complete Idiot's Guide to Vampires

Not the usual paranormal fiction book but a must have for lovers of vampire lore, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Vampires is full of everything you have ever needed or wanted to know about vampires: from the rise of new vampire legends and heroes and the resurrection of the old ones, to vampire myths from around the world, the Goth and Vampire lifestyle, real vamps today, fun and campy vamps, vamps, zombies and other undead, all about Dracula, and other classic vampires in film and books.

I haven't read this book yet but it is in my pile, looks interesting. I love to read what others write about vampires. Seems everyone has a take on what vampires mean to us. Of course if I start this will be a long discourse and I have not the time so I'll save that for another day.

Anyway in addition to giving away The Complete Idiot's Guide to Vampires, I have another set of signed book cover postcards of Vicki Lewis Thompson's hex series. Each of the 3 postcards depicts the cover of one of the Hex books and on the back gives a quick blurb about the book...and each one is signed by Vicki Lewis Thompson. I also have a I brake for Big Knob bumper sticker and trading cards featuring George the Dragon and Dee Dee the Lake Monster from the Hex series.

In the goodie pack I also have a signed bookmark from Jenna Maclaine author of the fantastic Cin Craven series, a bookmark from Lynda Hilburn, and a signed postcard from me featuring one of my books.

Hope you enjoy.

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment with email contact info. US residents only please.

(PS, You don't have to post your snail mail address just an email contact so I can get ahold of you if you win. Sometimes people never leave an email addy and then I pick a winner and have no way to contact them. Thanks so much!)

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An Interview with Sheila Stewart

Today we have an interview with Sheila Stewart, author of the Darkness series.

Here is a sumamry of the first book in the series, Seducing the Darkness:

An outcast by her kind, Trinity Ford has learned how to live on her own. And it isn't easy doing so, considering she is a Vampire.

Once a fragile girl, taken by a powerful vampire prince, Trinity had relied on Basil for support. But finding him in the arms of another woman was more than she could take. On her own, she has decided to protect her city from the predators of her kind that prey on the innocent. Another tough thing to do when you're heart is broken. She's had to learn fast, how to be tough, how to survive, how to stay alive. And she's doing a pretty damn good job of it. Until Basil walks back into her life.

Basil Hawthorn has been the reigning prince of vampires since banishing his father to the Realm of Darkness decades earlier. When his father comes to him in a dream, threatening Trinity’s life, he knows the only way to save her is to push her away. Doing so is not easy, especially when she is the only woman he will ever love.

Rumors in the underworld talk of raising the vampire King and blotting out the sun. Basil knows that if his father rises, he will be put to death for his betrayal. Trinity knows that if the King returns, no human would ever be safe again.

Despite the betrayal and the threat, neither can stay away from the other. But can the two work together to stop the Ritual before the King is resurrected?

Or will the darkness capture them both?

Penetrating the Darkness is the sixth and newest book in the series. To learn more visit Sheila's website

Now onto the interview:

Have you always wanted to be a writer or is it something you discovered along the path of life?

SS: I’ve always written. You could say it’s in my blood. I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t write. But have I always aspired become a “Writer”? No. I wrote to get the stories out of my head, to give the characters their own story. I also wrote poetry and songs in my youth. It wasn't until 2005 when my hubby told me it was time I looked into getting my work published did I think about becoming a true writer.

How has your writing path evolved? Where did you start?

SS: Oh lord has my writing evolved. LOL When I first began I had no knowledge of the proper grammar in writing. Plus, I would have my character smoking in one sentence then chewing gum the next with no cigarette to be found. That sort of thing. It wasn't until I submitted a book to Linden Bay Romance did I learn what it took to become a writer. Thanks to the wonderful advice from senior editor at the time, Barbara Perfetti, I learned all the do’s and don’t’s in writing.

Do you commit to a daily writing goal? Like so many words or chapters?

SS: I never commit to a word count a day. I do like to write daily but I tend to let the writing flow as it may. If I write a chapter, two, three or only three sentences, in any given day, then that’s just fine with me.

If you could give a new writer one piece of advice, what would it be?

SS: Write from the heart. Do what comes naturally to you and don’t let others convince you what you’ve written is wrong. And keep up the fight. One rejection or a hundred doesn’t mean anything. Not every editor will like your work, but there may be the one who does. If I’d given up after receiving all my rejections I wouldn’t have eleven books published now.

Are you a long time paranormal fan or new to the “Other” world?

SS:I was born loving spooky stuff. Seriously, I lived in a haunted house in my youth. LOVE Halloween more than Christmas, was mesmerized by mystery. Paranormal has always fascinated me from ghost haunting’s, vampires or a mystery that begs solving. My favorite color is black and I find it oddly fitting that I live a great deal of my life in the darkness due to severe migraines. And I’m still trying to figure out if my children find it amusing or annoying that I love scaring them for no good reason.

How did the idea for your newest book/series come about?

SS: The Darkness series came about from the idea of , What if there was no sun? Vampires would be free to roam about as you and I do, take any human they like and rule. Now bring in a heroine who is also a vampire but refuses to allow the blood thirsty animals to take over her city and kill innocent lives. Originally, Seducing the Darkness was a one book story. But when I submitted it to my editor, she threw the idea of trying to make it a series and thus, seven other books were born.

Tell us a little about your newest book.

Penetrating the Darkness is the sixth book in the Darkness series and takes place a year after the sun was blotted out in Jacob’s Cove.

Raised in the Land of Mystics, Felicity Hawthorn had it all. Except for her natural parents. Desperate to find them, and find out the reason they gave her up at birth, she breaks away and sets down in Jacobs Cove. Stunned by the drastic difference from her warm bright world to a dark cold city she finds herself confronted by demons wanting her blood.

On his way to attend MIT, Dusty Ryder was taken by a group of fanged animals. After spending weeks held captive, starved, tortured, he’s too weak to fight them off. Waking up a vampire was not part of his plan. As a rouse, he agrees to join the forces that captured him, then escapes when he’s set free.

And ends up saving a damsel in distress.

Confused by the world she’s in, Felicity clings to Dusty. With his help, she sets out to find her parents and get the answers she’s looking for. But when she discovers Dusty’s been experimenting on vampires to find a cure, she tries to convince him his life isn’t so bad. But can she save him from himself before it’s too late. And will he be able to save her when her life is jeopardized.

Or will Chaos finally win in the end.

All the Darkness books should be read in the order they were released to understand the series.

Prequill: Surrender to the Darkness: Free story available at
Seducing the Darkness: Bk 1
Desiring the Darkness: Bk 2
Embracing the Darkness: Bk 3
Charming the Darkness: Bk 4
Tempting the Darkness: Bk 5
Penetrating the Darkness: Bk: 6
Consuming the Darkness: Bk 7
Surviving the Darkness: Bk 8

So what books are currently on your to-read list?

SS: Lover Avenged by J.R Ward. Forbidden the Temptation by Samantha Sommersby, Promises in Death by J.D Robb. There just isn’t enough time in the day.

Who are some of your favorite authors?

SS: J.R Ward, J.D. Robb, Nora Roberts and Samantha Sommersby. I have every single J.D. Robb In Death books and a good number of Nora Roberts Books. I also have every single Black Dagger Brotherhood books by J.R. Ward. I love those brothers. J

If you could entertain a character from a book, who would it be and what would the evening be like?

SS: I would have to say I would love to spend a day with C.J. Dowling from my book, Secrets of the Dead.
I’d tag along with him as he goes on his paranormal investigations of a haunted house. C.J. can communicate with the dead so it would be fascinating to see him at work, to watch him communicate with the dead.

What is your strangest habit?

SS: Chewing the inside of my cheek.

If you weren’t a writer what would your career be?

SS: A dancer or Child Psychologist. Big difference, I know, but I love both.

When you are not writing, what can you usually be found doing?

SS: Taking long walks with my hubby or working in my flower beds. I also enjoy watching TV and love watching reruns of both Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel.

Thanks so much for joining us today Sheila. Your books sound interesting. If there are fangs, I am there to check them out. Thanks for taking the time to let readers get to know you a little better. I know I am looking forward to reading your books.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Review of Dead If I Do By Tate Hallaway

Ahhh, yet another series to add to my never ending list of must read books.

The Garnet Lacey series by Tate Hallaway seems to be quirky, different, and amusing all while showing us the foibles that tend to happen while walking on the darker side of life.

Dead If I Do is the fourth book in the Dead/Garnet Lacey series and the first book that I've read by Tate Hallaway. The other books in the series, which I must now add to my to-read list include Tall, Dark and Dead ; Dead Sexy ; and Romancing the Dead.

The main character is Garnet Lacey a Wiccan witch who is possessed by the dark Goddess Lilith who decided Garnet's body was a good place to take up residence. If Garnet gets upset or something crazy happens, Lilith will come out and she likes to cause damage.

Garnet is currently planning her wedding to her alchemist vampire fiance Sebastian who has a perpetual teenage dhampyr son her doesn't seem to like the thought of Garnet and Sebastian getting married. So he insists upon raising his dead zombie, witch mother turned vampire from her grave. She promptly curses Garnet and Sebastian's wedding which wreaks havoc on everything. The bridesmaid dresses get changed from stylish silver sheaths to salmon pink monstrosities with huge butt bows, the band cancels, the baker quits and the trouble just keeps coming. Add to that Garnet's own ex, Parrish shows up. She still has the wedding ring he gave her in her jewelry box. Yeesh! Oh and did I mention Garnet's parents, Minnesotan Norwegian decent hippie farmers are in town?

Dead If I Do is an interesting read full of twists, turns and OMG what is going to happen to this poor couple next anticipation? Will they ever make it to the altar or will the curse prevail?

I love how Hallaway adds in all the paranormal elements and the craziness that they cause but also throws in very real life situations that we all may face; like parents that don't share your opinions but want you to see their way of thinking, ex boyfriend/girlfriend issues that come up and the troubles they cause especially when you still have feeling for them or ties to them-like a child (Sebasitian's dhampyr son, who likes to get in the way and insists on living with Garnet and Sebastian). Then there are the complicated though welcome and worthy relationships with friends both near and far.

And you thought your wedding planning was a disaster. Poor Garnet gets hers cursed but still struggles on.

If you want to see paranormal characters dealing with very real life situations in addition to all the paranormal hoopla they have to face, this is a book for you. You'll love it.

Winner Wednesday and Open for Advertising

Karen W is the winner of Bloody Good by Georgia Evans. Congrats. That book is in the mail and on the way. Hope you enjoy.

On another note Fang-tastic Books is now open to advertising or banner exchange.

Authors you can get you banners or book covers (linking directly to your site or blog) posted here on Fang-tastic Books for as little as $5. Super low intro rates for paranormal authors.

I am also offering banner exchange, you post one of mine, I'll post one of yours-free, no fees. Contact me for info.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Guest Author Paige Tyler

Today we have guest author Paige Tyler. Everyone is saying great things about her book, Vampire 101.

Thanks so much for asking me to guest blog!

I've had a thing for vampires ever since I first saw the tall, dark, and hunky Angel on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so when I decided to write a vamp paranormal romance, I thought why not write about a heroine who was as into him as I am? Of course, Savanna, the sexy heroine in my new book Vampire 101, ended up getting a little more caught up in the whole vampire thing than I think I would like. For one thing, she likes to hang out at Goth clubs on the weekend, figuring that's as close to the dark, brooding Angel as she's ever likely to get. Now I can honestly say I've never done that! It was fun to write about it, though.

Since she's read just about vamp book ever written, and watched every television show and movie ever made about them to boot, Savanna considers herself somewhat of an expert on the subject. Of course, she doesn't really believe in her heart that vampires exist. It's just fun to think they do. She'd be happy just to find someone with a few vamp-like qualities - hence the Goth clubs. But then her whole world is turned upside down when she's bitten by a real-life rogue vampire and left for dead outside a Goth club. That's when she discovers the hard way that they really do exist after all. And when the sinfully handsome vampire Kaige, the hero of Vampire 101, comes to her rescue and saves her life by turning her into one, she learns that everything she thought she knew about vampires is wrong.

But just because she was wrong about the details, it doesn't mean that she isn't in for the wildest, craziest, most sensual ride of her life! Time to hold on tight and find out how a modern vampire really lives!


Being a Vampire Isn't What It Used to Be!Savanna Royce is a weekend Goth-girl who has always been fascinated with vampires. She doesn’t really believe in them, of course, but that changes when she is bitten by a rogue vamp and left for dead. Fortunately, two-hundred-and-seventy-eight-year-old vampire Kaige Travers is there to rescue her. Unwilling to let her die, he turns Savanna into a vampire to save her life, not knowing if she’ll thank him or hate him for it.While Kaige is teaching Savanna what she needs to know about being a vampire, neither of them can deny the chemistry that’s there. Somewhere between getting her registered at the local vampire admin office and teaching her how to order blood on the Internet, they fall for each other, fast and hard.Just as things are heating up between the sheets – and everywhere else – they encounter one minor problem. The rogue vampire who attacked her is back and this time, he wants to finish the job he started.


Heart hammering in her chest, Savanna lifted her head to see a tall, dark-haired man coming into the room. Even as fuzzy as she was, there was no mistaking those rugged good looks. He was the guy she remembered leaning over her.

“You’re awake,” he said. “That’s good.”

His voice was deep and velvety, just like she remembered. Savanna jumped to her feet and she backed away from him on wobbly legs.

“Who are you?” she demanded. “Where am I?”

The man held up his hand in a placating gesture. “Just take it easy. I’m not going to hurt you,” he said. “My name is Kaige Travers, and you’re in my house.”

Savanna’s eyes narrowed suspiciously. What the heck kind of name was Kaige, anyway?Probably fake. “Why did you bring me here?” she asked, not bothering to return the introduction.

Kaige regarded her thoughtfully for a moment. “How much do you remember about what happened at the Goth club?” he asked.

Savanna’s pulse began to race. He couldn’t possibly be referring to that crazy stuff from her dream. “What are you talking about?”

He hesitated. “You were attacked. I had to bring you here to save your life.”

She frowned. “What do you mean, you brought me here to save my life? Why didn’t yo
just take me to a hospital? What kind of attack?”

“The hospital wouldn’t have been able to do anything for you,” Kaige said. “That guy who dragged you into the alley…he was a…you were…” He sighed. “You were bitten by a vampire.”

Savanna stared at him in disbelief. Okay, that did it. No more Goth clubs for her. She might like to dress all in black and pretend that vampires really did exist, but she knew enough to separate fantasy from reality. Unlike the handsome, but obviously insane, Kaige Travers.

“Look,” he said. “I know it sounds crazy, but –”

“It doesn’t just sound crazy, it is crazy!” she snapped. “Vampires aren’t real.”

Kaige folded his arms across his broad chest. “Actually, they are.”

She laughed. “Right. Next you’ll be telling me that I’m a vampire because I got bitten by one. Sorry, but I think you have your vampire and werewolf lore mixed up. In order to become a vampire, a person has to have their blood drained, and then they have to drink the blood of the vampire who bit them. Are you telling me that the guy who bit me gave me his blood?”

The muscle in Kaige’s jaw flexed. “The vampire who bit you left you to die. I was the one who turned you.”

Savanna blinked. “You?” she said incredulously.

He nodded. “After I chased the other vampire off, I gave you my blood.”

“Please tell me you’re joking,” she said.

“It was the only way to save your life,” he said.

Savanna’s stomach churned. It was one thing to think vampires were sexy, but the idea of drinking blood was too disgusting for words. She swallowed hard. “So, you’re telling me that you’re a vampire?”

He nodded. “Yes.”

“Riiiiiight,” she said, drawing the word out. “Look, no offense. I mean you’re hot and everything, but you’re definitely not vamp material. Take it from me, I know.” She picked up her evening purse from the bedside table. “Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to go ahead and leave.”

Alarm flickered in Kaige’s golden brown eyes. “You can’t leave yet. You’re still weak. You need more blood.”

Savanna made a face at that, her stomach churning again. “What I need is a shower and a cup of coffee.”

Giving Kaige a wide berth, she headed for the door. As she did so, she glanced at her reflection in the mirror over the dresser and immediately stopped when she saw the puckered red scars on her neck. She reached up to lightly run her fingers over them.

“Now do you believe me?” Kaige asked.

He had moved across the room to stand behind her and she met his gaze in the mirror. She was tall, but even in the high-heeled boots she was wearing, the top of her head didn’t quite reach his chin.

She lifted her own a fraction of an inch. “No. If I were a vampire, I wouldn’t have a reflection. Neither would you.”

He muttered something she didn’t catch under his breath. “You’ve been watching too many movies. Of course we have a reflection. We’re vampires, not ghosts.”

Savanna spun around to face him. “You’ve got an answer for everything, don’t you?”

His mouth quirked. “But unfortunately none of them seem to be enough to make you believe me.”

“Because what you’re talking about is crazy,” she told him. “Vampires don’t exist.”

Kaige lifted a brow. “You certainly seem to know a lot about vampires considering you don’t believe in them,” he said, folding his arms over his chest again.

Savanna felt her face color. “Just because I’m into vampires, that doesn’t mean I think they’re real. Or that you’re one of them.”

His eyes narrowed. “What if I could give you proof?”

“What kind of proof?” she said.

Kaige didn’t answer, but simply opened his mouth. As she watched, his canines elongated before her very eyes, and then retracted.

Savanna backed up until she hit the dresser. Holy crap! “Where the heck did you find a dentist to do that?”

He clenched his jaw. “I didn’t have a dentist do it. I’m a vampire. They come with the title.”

She chewed on her lower lip. This guy really believed what he was saying, she realized. And while the fangs did look sexy as hell on him, the whole thing was still way too weird even for her.

“I’m out of here,” she said, heading for the door.

He followed her down the hall. “Look I won’t stop you from leaving, but if you start feeling weak, you need to come back here immediately.”

She glanced over her shoulder at him as she hurried down the stairs. “Oh, sure thing. I’ll do that.”

“And watch out for the sun,” he said when she yanked open the front door.

She turned to give him a superior look. “Let me guess. Because I’ll burst into flames, right?”

His mouth tightened. “No, but you will get one hell of a nasty sunburn faster than you ever thought possible.”

Savanna just shook her head. The guy might be gorgeous, she thought as she closed the door behind her, but he was also completely certifiable!

Read Chapter One!

Watch the Trailer!

Buy it in eBook and Print at Whiskey Creek Press Torrid!

For more of my sexy, erotic fiction, visit my website at

~Thanks for joining us Paige!

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A Review of Undead and Unwelcome by Mary Janice Davidson

This is the first Mary Janice Davidson book that I have read and it wasn't at all what I was expecting. Vampire Queen Betsy is a flake! Not at all what one would expect from the Queen of the Undead. It's funny how Betsy mentally checks out while people are talking to her then she has no idea what's going on. Or she begins to think out loud which makes her look like a crazed idiot. Wow. I couldn't stop laughing and snickering.

This book was laugh out loud funny. My husband kept asking me why I was laughing. All I could say was "this book".

Undead and Unwelcome is the 8th book in the Undead series by Mary Janice Davidson. In this book Queen Betsy and her husband Sinclair are taking their friend Antonia's body back to her pack. Antonia was a werewolf that sacrificed herself to save Betsy. Now they have to confront the huge and powerful werewolf pack in Cape Cod, totally unaware of how the pack will react or what they will expect from the vampires.

Meanwhile back at home Betsy's half sister, the devil's daughter, is totally losing her mind and their friend Marc keeps emailing Betsy with cryptic messages she can't decipher.

Betsy took her half brother BabyJon with her to Cape Cod but can't explain why the werewolves act so strange around him. The leader Michael totally forgets the baby is there, repeatedly asking "what baby?" even though Betsy stands there with BabyJon in her arms.

Undead and Unwelcome is a hysterical ride on the dark side with plotting werewolves, flaky vampires, and the spawn of Satan with mental issues. It is a fast paced read full of quick wit and interesting (inner) dialogue, Mary Janice Davidson knows how to hook readers even when the story is totally not what they were expecting. Somehow Davidson has turned death and darkness and the world of the paranormal into a lighthearted read that is fun and interesting and very addicting.

Now I have to go get the first 7 books in the series so I can catch up. What is the deal with Betsy and hubby Sinclair. It seems like animosity and love rolled together as one. The whole calling him Sink Lair and some of the barbs and potshots she kinda throws his way sometimes make me wonder if they have to be together or are because they fell madly in love with each other. Like I said gotta catch up on the story.

Though I can totally relate, marriage is a love hate thing. When you are so close to someone there are bound to be some issues that you dislike about them, issues that can cause extreme snarkiness. I know that all too well.

Anyway this laugh out loud book is sure to put a smile on your face and if you are a fan of the series I guess this book answers some questions that remained unanswered in previous books, like what is the deal with BabyJon (what will he be called when he's not a baby anymore, hmmm)?

Monday Again

These days the time just keeps flying faster and faster. Of course most of that seems to be occurring because I spend so much time typing away at this computer.

For those of you who don't know in addition to being an avid reader and book reviewer, I am also a writer. Right now I have had quite a few short stories and novellas published around the web, in ebooks and in print anthologies.

Currently I am working on two novels. Whether they ever get done...that's a another story. And even if they get done who says they'll be published. I can only cross my fingers and hope and continue tip, tap, typing away. Anyway if I disappear for long periods of time from this site it is because I am caught up in writing. I don't see that happening though as this is my fun, de-stress thing to do. It keeps me sane and happy to read and review other books. It is like travelling without ever leaving my house.

Oh, still no more vampire poems. Perhaps I'll have to look some up that are in the public domain and publish them here.

Again if anyone would like to see their vampire poems published here, let me know.

This week we have a couple authors dropping by, Paige Tyler author of Vampire 101 and Shiela Stewart author of the Darkness series.

Plus I have a review of Undead and Unwelcome by Mary Janice Davidson coming up along with a review of Dead if I Do by Tate Hallaway

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A Review of the Queer Wolf Collection

Queer Wolf
edited by James EM Rasmussen
March 2009
Queered Fiction
paranormal/urban fantasy, collection, GLBT, erotic, werewolf
4.5 Fangs

I probably wouldn't have read Queer Wolf if I hadn't been asked to review it, simply because I'm not part of the target audience.
That would have been a shame, because this very well-done short story collection about queer werewolves was one of the better paranormal anthologies I've read.

After reading the scholarly introduction that provides an overview of the werewolf legend throughout history, I wasn't quite sure what to expect - maybe an academic tome? Fortunately, the stories by 17 different authors were not dry academic texts in the least. Instead, they were skillful and deeply involving stories of being other. The stories and characters covered a wide range, from the slightly oblivious John in "The Stray", who never quite grasps that he's been changed into a werewolf by his lover's cousin, to the challenges faced by orphaned werewolf Drew in "Moon Sing".

My only complaint about any part of this collection was that several stories ("Family Matters", "A Wolf's Moon") seemed as if they were fragments of longer works and were not the self-contained tales that I feel work best for short stories.

Queer Wolf is available now as an ebook and will be available in print June 2009.

Reviewed by Chris.

Chloe Neill Scavenger Hunt Win a Fun Gift Pack

Author Chloe Neill is holding a Scavenger Hunt at her blog, you have got to check it out, it sounds like fun.

If you would like a chance at winning at Chicagoland Vampires prize pack, including a Chicago guidebook that includes notes by Merit? Then hop on over to for details on entering the First Chicagoland Vampires Scavenger Hunt!

Chloe has included images that inspired FRIDAY NIGHT BITES (10/09), the second book in the Chicagoland Vampires series, and the entries that identify the most images correctly will be entered to win a gift pack that includes the guide book, a SIGNED copy of SOME GIRLS BITE, and a Cadogan House mousepad.

Sounds like fun. I am headed over there now to check it out.

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Free Book Friday: Bloody Good By Georgia Evans

Vampire Nazis?

This is going to be good. Have you heard about the new series by Georgia Evans? Well here's some info and your chance to grab a copy of Bloody Good.

Bloody Good is the first book in the new Brytewood trilogy and will be released June 2 to be followed by Bloody Awful in July and Bloody Right in August.

Want to know more?

This info is from

Author Georgia Evans grew up in England her childhood filled with stories about survival and loss during WWII. The magical word of Brytewood featured in her books and its unusual inhabitants came from a childhood spent surrounded by the remnants and scars of war and the old magic and folklore of the North Downs that were all given the free reign of a writer’s imagination. And who’s to say where History ends and Fiction begins?

The village of Brytewood in Surrey is the setting for this new series but you won't find Brytewood on any map of SE England the inhabitants are too busy coping with war and disruption to worry about a mere detail like that.

Bloody Good opens in September 1940. Brytewood is in the path of the looming invasion, chock full of evacuees, and missing most of its young men, but everyone is coping and making do and mending.To a casual observer Brytewood seems like any other village in that part of the country, but watch carefully. Some of the inhabitants have secrets of their own.

Want an excerpt go to

Here's the blurb from

While the sounds of battle echo through the sky, a lady doctor has more than enough trouble to keep her busy even in a sleepy hamlet outside London. But the threat is nearer home than Alice knows. German agents have infiltrated her beloved countryside - Nazis who can fly, read minds, and live forever. They're not just fascists. They're vampires. Alice has no time for fantasy, but when the corpses start appearing sucked dry, she'll have to accept help where she can get it. If that includes a lowly Conscientious Objector who says he's no coward though he refuses to fight, and her very own grandmother, a sane, sensible woman who insists that she's a Devonshire Pixie, so be it. Indeed, whatever it takes to defend home and country from an evil both ancient and terrifyingly modern...

Bloody Good by Georgia Evans hits stores June 2 but you have the chance to get a copy now.

All you have to do is a leave a comment with your contact info. US mailing addresses only please.

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Guest Author K Celeste Bryan

Thanks for having me at Fang-tastic Books today. I have a blurb and excerpt from my newest book, Where the Rain is Made published by The Wild Rose Press


Held captive by a decadent-looking savage, Francesca DuVall spends every waking moment planning an escape for her brother, Marsh. She never counted on falling in love with the man whose sapphire eyes cause her to tremble with unbridled passion.

Ethan Gray, the man, is a curator at a famous museum . . . most of the time. At other times, he’s Meko, a savage warrior hurled into the past to help his beloved people, the Cheyenne. Though their worlds are decades apart, Meko, can’t resist the dark-haired, green-eyed beauty he kidnaps during a raid. A brutal, savage leader of the Dog Soldiers, he has many battles to fight to save his people, but none he wants to win more than the one that will capture Cesca’s heart forever.

From the windswept plains of Colorado and the harsh life of a Dog Soldier to the placid life of a curator, their love was fueled passion and kindled by destiny.


In the pale light of morning, Francesca spied the tall prairie grass ahead, smelled the ashen waters of the river. A blue jay screeched from a low-hanging branch as she passed with the derringer clutched in her hand. Thank God her father had taken the time to show her how to shoot it. A single shot, that’s all that stood between her and death.

She remembered the acrid, black smoke and the direction from which it had come―Auraria―the miner’s camp. Her father must be dead too. Please God, don’t let them find me. Tall spikes rose to her hips and rustled against her cotton pants as she threshed toward the river, hoping against hope she’d gone undetected. A desperate desire to survive coursed through her blood. She’d grab a hefty branch, float down the river so they couldn’t track her, would never find her.

Moments later, she emerged from the tall grass, and there on the opposite bank of the river, stood the most frightening sight she’d ever laid eyes on.

She froze and her heart pounded in triple beats. Pewter eyes locked with hers and she uttered a low cry of fear. Grotesque war paint covered his face and fresh scalps hung from his waist, still dripping blood. His face lacked expression, neither loathing nor rage, just a bland acknowledgement he’d found her.

She recovered her senses and raised the derringer, her hands shaking like a rattler’s tail. Don’t come near me!” Her voice trembled. “I know how to use this, and if you take one step toward me, I’ll shoot.”

A brief second of admiration flashed in the silver orbs, and something else. Oh, god, had he seen through the ruse, knew she wasn’t a boy? Her heart sank. Treading through the shallow water, he advanced slowly with her retreating, tripping over her feet. She drew back on the trigger and fired. Morbid fascination gripped her as the bullet whirred by his head and carved out a shallow furrow along his temporal bone. A stream of blood trickled from the wound and ran down his cheek. And what cheekbones they were. Every feature of his face finely-chiseled, it reminded her of the pictures she saw in one of her father’s picture books.

She turned and sprinted toward the marsh grass and then a rock-hard body slammed her to the ground forcing a long breath of air from her lungs. She clawed at the earth, crushed by his weight as sand and damp moss spiraled up her nose. She struggled to maintain consciousness, the pain in her ribs robbing her of precious air as strong hands bound her hands behind her back.

Then darkness found her.

* * * *

I Am The Wind thought he’d crushed the boy in the desperate lunge to bring him down. Lying across his small frame, strange sensations coursed through him, yet even before the lad drew back on the hammer, his pulse had launched into rapid beats. He rolled him over, his innards stirring with an odd sort of heat. No wonder the People called them ghost face. Smooth and satiny, the white-eye’s skin bore a resemblance to the alabaster shell stones found along the river banks.

He flicked the straw hat aside, astonished to see a profusion of black hair framing the delicate face. Long, bristly lashes rested against the pale cheeks, and although slack, the lips were full and pink. He traced them with his thumb before moving on to the soft curve of the jaw line, mesmerized by the classical features in the oval face. Heat coursed through his blood.

I Am The Wind sat back on his haunches and studied her, then cursed under his breath. Kâse’eehe, young woman. He should have known. Didn’t the frantic pounding of his heart, the sudden tightening in his loins warn him when he first looked into the dark green eyes?

With great difficulty, her chest rose and fell. Had he broken her ribs? He unbuttoned her shirt, and discovered the wide strips binding her chest. So the little wildcat wanted to hide her gender, wanted everyone to believe she was a boy. He hauled her up gently and draped her across his arm, searching for the end of the fabric. The soft swell of breasts rose up to meet him, nearly knocking the air from his lungs as he unwound it. He unbuttoned her pants, expecting to see a crushed pelvis. Narrow hip bones, spanning the length of his hand, topped the long, sleek limbs. Nothing appeared broken. Briefly, her eyelids fluttered and he thought she might awaken, but they stilled again and her breathing returned to normal.

A soft whistle from his lips brought Night Walker splashing through the water. He lifted the woman from the ground, mounted, and cradled her in his arms with her face snuggled into this chest. The acrid smell of smoke reached his nostrils as he rode from the banks of the river.

* * * *
Want to learn more about me or Where the Rain is Made?

Visit me at

Where the Rain is Made can be purchased in ebook format at The Wild Rose Press or in print at

OK, I am hooked. I want a copy of this book.
Thanks K, for sharing I can't wait to read Where the Rain is Made.

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Winner Wednesday

Lots of Winners Today!

First we'll start with Lynda's contest, lastnerve you are the winner of your choice of The Vampire Shrink or Dark Harvest.

Now onto Chloe Neill's contest where we have two winners.

tetewa and butterfly each win a copy of Some Girls Bite from Chloe Neill

Now onto the winner from last week's guest Erin O'Riordan Kimber L wins a copy of Beltane.

I think that is it for winners today.

I have sent emails to everyone requesting their address please get those to me so your books can be sent out.

Congrats to all the winners. Hope you enjoy your books.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Review of Kiss of a Demon King by Kresley Cole

Five Fangs for Kiss of a Demon King

OMG! Kresley Cole outdid herself on this one. Rydstrom is so freakin sexy, I would love to stroke his horns. I don't know what it is but I am sooo lovin demons right now. Don't get me wrong still lovin my vamps too but some demons are just too sexy for words.

Anyway Kiss of a Demon King has King Rydstrom pitted against his enemy Sabine, the sister of Omort the Deathless his sworn blood enemy that stole Rydstrom's castle, his kingdom and his ability to trace and Rydstrom hasn't been able to do anything about it in centuries because Omort has many powers...and a pesky little quirk...the bastard won't die...ever. Until possibly now.

Rydstrom's brother is after the sword that Omort's brother Groot forged to kill Omort, but who knows if it will work or if Cadeon can get it. (If you read the last book you know part of the story already, Cadeon's part, it was happening simultaneously to Rydstrom's story, so going in you know some things but Rydstrom doesn't, makes the book interesting in a whole new way)

The real conflict of the story is that Omort's evil sorceress sister, Sabine, The Queen of Illusions, has trapped Rydstrom and is trying to make him her sex slave so she can become pregnant and take over the kingdom. Rydstrom doesn't want to play but Sabine turns out to be his female, the one he's waited for for centuries.

This has got to be the best Immortals After Dark book yet. The conflict is hotter than ever before, Rydstrom and Sabine are both strong willed and unwilling to break though they want too. so damn bad. And the, steamy, anticipatingly erotic and so damn hot. I am still fanning myself.

Give me a rage demon like Rydstrom and I'll be happy for along time.

Cole is the queen of making opposites attract and the fact that she gives them such strong characteristics and snarky personalities...gotta love it. Throw in the paranormal elements and you have got the perfect recipe for paranormal romance novels that are fun, steamy, and full of excitement. Kiss of a Demon King was a heated page turner I couldn't put down until I was done. I had to know what happened.

Cole's Immortals After Dark books just keep getting better and better.

Guest Author Lynda Hilburn Talking About Sexy Vamps

Hello, everyone! I’d like to thank Roxanne for inviting me to blog at Fang-tastic Books today! I really appreciate her gracious support of all things vampire.

I’ll admit it: I’m a rabid vampire fan. From the first moment I read Bram Stoker’s Dracula as a kid, I was hooked. My mother was horrified that I read such dark, grisly material. She felt certain it couldn’t be good for me. I don’t think she understood the depth of her daughter’s love of the mysterious, scary and occult. But my weirdness is her fault, anyway! She’s the one who talked to dead people while doing laundry in the basement, so communing with deceased relatives became normal for me, too. With that kind of background, how could I NOT love vampires and the paranormal?

The idea for the Kismet Knight, Vampire Psychologist series came from a client session in my psychotherapy practice. As I listened to a young woman talk about her paranormal experience and her desire to join an alternative world, I became intrigued. In this case, she talked about being an alien abductee, but the language she used echoed in my mind after the therapeutic hour. It reminded me of scenes from various vampire books I’d read throughout the years.

Prior to that day, I’d mostly written nonfiction: psychology articles, self-help training materials, hypnotherapy guides, newspaper columns, workbooks, workshop information, etc. I’d only branched out into fiction a few months earlier, after discovering a wonderful, new (new to me!) genre called “paranormal romance.”

I went home that evening in 2003, sat down in front of the computer, and began writing the story of a Denver psychologist who thinks she’s discovered a new psychological category: vampire wannabes, but instead finds herself pulled into a dark underworld of real bloodsuckers.

Writing that first book (The Vampire Shrink) was a great experience. Since my main female character, Kismet Knight, is an idealized version of me, I gave myself free rein to live out all my fantasies through her. Not only did she meet frightening nightwalkers, clever witches, a mysterious psychic, a helpful ghost, and a handsome FBI profiler, but her life changed forever when she encountered gorgeous, ancient, magical vampire named Devereux.

The series is reality based. The only aspect of the books that isn’t “real,” (at least I haven’t discovered a real one in my waiting room yet!) is vampires. Everything else exists in the world I’m familiar with. I know lots of witches, psychics, wizards, and ghosts. I wanted my vampires to be hidden from the human world because the unknown, forbidden element of the vampire mythology most appeals to me.

I don’t see vampires as humans with fangs. Due to the mystical transformation they undergo, they’re a separate species – formerly human but no longer. Most of the bloodsuckers have no problem doing whatever they must to exist. They don’t feel bad about being vampires. In fact, some of them view themselves as superior to mortals.

Kismet has a rough time through the first book facing her new reality. The scientist in her refuses to let go of her therapeutic mindset. As a clinician myself, I know there are usually “logical” explanations for every strange symptom and experience presented by clients, so it makes sense to me that Kismet would resist seeing the vampires and vampire wannabes as anything but mentally ill.

But when the proof becomes too overwhelming for her to ignore, the undead fireworks begin!

I’m happy that readers seem to love Devereux. He was a surprise to me. When I wrote the scene where Kismet’s young client describes the vampire master she’s attracted to, I was certain he’d be a dark-haired man. That’s the type I envision when I fantasize about mesmerizing nosferatu. But Devereux insisted on having very light blond hair and blue/green eyes. I even tried to talk him out of it, but – as anyone knows who reads my books – Devereux is a very strong, opinionated fellow, and he refused to be other than he is. But I must admit, he was right. I now dream of that long, silky hair flowing over my body and hearing his velvet voice whispering in my mind . . .

It’s been a challenge to categorize my series. It’s generally paranormal fiction with strong romance elements, mystery, horror, humor, and sex. It can also be viewed as vampire chick lit, urban fantasy and dark contemporary fantasy. It gets shelved in different places in every bookstore: horror, fantasy, romance and general fiction. I just hope readers will keep tracking my books down!

I’m currently working on the third book in the Kismet series, as well as some other book ideas. And my short story, “Blood Song,” is in the recently released Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance.
Leave a comment here giving us a description of your ideal, gorgeous vampire. I’ll give away a copy of one of my books (your choice, either The Vampire Shrink or Dark Harvest) to the winner.

Thanks so much for having me!