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Dark Magick Guest Blog and Giveaway

The World Of The Gatekeepers

When we started writing this book, we knew what our world was going to look like. We planned out the different places where the gateways are as well as how it works. It's a rich and complex world of Fae, Witches, Demons, and much more all stuck together to make something new and different from other books we read.

The Gateways

In Dark Magick, there are seven gateways that open up to let in beings of all kinds. Some are able to help us in some way or another, while others are made of your worst nightmare. There is one on each continent, creating seven. It's impossible to know what ones are for good beings and what ones are for the scarier kinds, but they must all be closed to maintain some kind of balance.

Each gate has a witch assigned to them to open or close the gateway. They are hunted and captured in order for the evil to control the gateways and what ones close or stay open. They are also hunting witches who are working to stop them in their plans.

The Bad Guys

The bad guys are made up of a few different levels within this world. We have the ones we are confronted with regularly, being Acacia and Kalerian. We also have government officials who's only goal is to gain power. They helped to move the world into the chaos it is now and benefit from it.

These government officials create prisoner camps to collect humans and break their spirits. They also use these camps to find Witches in hiding.

We also have the Kings of Hell, which is loosely taken from the Japanese cultures. In our world, The Kings of Hell are trying to break the final barrier to the lowest realms of hell to take over the earth realm. They also materialize as black smoke to those they are using for their goals.

The Good Guys

The good guys consist of many levels of Witch to human. They are fighting to stay alive in a world that is totally against them. In Dark Magick, you get to see some of these pocket groups as they try to find each other and mount a war of sorts against those that want to kill them.

Along with the human and Witch survivors, we have a light touch of Fae. They want to stay out of the fight for the most part, but are inclined to help when one of their own is aligned with the bad guys of the world.

Dark Magick is full of action, romance, and fun. We think readers will love the mix and the characters as much as the world we created to put them in.

Book Description:

The world has changed, we have changed. The world we once knew has fallen away and left us in a wasteland of Magick. Powerful witches and underworld gods control our lives. The past comes back in ways we are not prepared for. The Gatekeepers are our only hope. The question is if we can get to them first.

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