Monday, February 6, 2012

Investigating the Strange and Paranormal: Guest Blog with Serena Zane

There are things in this world that can’t just be explained away, happenings that occur and evil that dwells in the darkest recesses of the Earth. Have you ever wondered what causes a darkness to settle over you, that eerie feeling that something just isn’t right? I know I have, and so has Detective Nikki Adams.
            Nikki is a homicide detective for the Boston Police Department and she quickly discovers that there may be more to the Boston nightlife than good music and the corner bar. I’ve always admired women who stand up for what they believe in, no matter the circumstances. Nikki is bombarded with vampires, werewolves, and a dark secret her family has kept for generations, but she is still determined to do her job and keep Boston safe from the killer that is wreaking havoc on the city.
            Snow Beast, the first in my new Dark Warrior series, delves into the world of the paranormal while inter-mingling my love for criminal justice. As a paranormal writer, I get to explore history, crime, and all the fascinating aspects of the unexplained. Setting the Dark Warrior series in Boston allows for a rich setting of history. My fascination with criminal justice is explored through the eyes of Nikki as she solves each case. Just to twist things around, Nikki discovers vampires are real.
            Detective Stephanie Wills already knows this in The Christmas Present. Her family has been hunting vampires for years. She just doesn’t believe they are all bad.  Stephanie’s life gets turned upside down Christmas Day when she is called in to her job with the Seattle Homicide Division, and there is a body drained of blood hanging suspended from the ceiling at the downtown art gallery.
            Stephanie has to face her worst fears, and go vampire-hunting with her family before vampires drain the good citizens of Seattle. I live in the Northwest with my husband and son, and the area lends itself to mystery and suspense. With the sky darkened by rain clouds for most of the year, it’s easy to imagine the place infested by vampires. The Christmas Present is the first in a series called The Hunter Diaries, I look forward to releasing the next book Bite Me soon.
            Taking these two brave women on a harrowing journey both dangerous, and full of possibilities, I hope you enjoy reading about them as much as I enjoyed writing them

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The Christmas Present

By Serena Zane

When you have dreams to escape your own life, you might wish for anything. It’s Christmas Eve, and Detective Stephanie Wills wants nothing more than someone who will love her, in spite of her family.
As she makes her New Year’s Resolution list, Stephanie sets out with good intentions that all seem to fall apart Christmas Day when she is called into work. Not wanting to, she must contact her family for help. The Christmas present hanging suspended from a beam at 5th Street Art Gallery was left by a vampire.

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Moonlight in a Pickup Truck

Serena Zane

Genre: Sweet Romance
Short Story
Introductory Price: .99

One more night…is it worth the risk to lose everything for a chance at love? Placing your heart on the line is hard to do, especially when there is doubt that the love is returned in the same way. Her best friend is leaving for the Navy and this is her last opportunity to reveal her true feeling, but will she have the courage?

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Roxanne Rhoads said...

Thanks for joining us Serena. I am adding your books to my Kindle they sound fabulous. Paranormal investigations, vampires...sounds like my kind of story already. :-)

Serena Zane said...

Thanks for having me. This is a fabulous blog, and I have put you in my links. I look forward to continuing both series, Dark Warrior and Hunter Diaries. I hope you enjoy them.

chris karlsen said...

Hi Serena,
We had the chance to talk at length the other day and I can tell you I really was fascinated.
I loved hearing about the background and world building you did for your vampires and shape shifters. Listening to you, I loved the commitment you have to your characters.
I look forward to reading your stories.
Chris Karlsen

Anonymous said...

It was intriguing to get "inside" this young woman's head and hear her thoughts rather than her words in "Moonlight in the Pickup Truck."
Looking forward to reading others by this author.

Serena Zane said...


Thank you. I jad a great time talking with you as well. I may be contacting you to pick your brain after learning you were in law enforcement for so many years.


Serena Zane said...


I appreciate knowing you enjoyed Moonlight in a Pickup Truck. Do stop by and let me know what you think about the others anytime on my website