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Guest Blog and Giveaway with Lola James

My fascination with Vampires!

Ok, I'll admit it I wish I had fangs because vampires rock! My love affair with vampires started with Sesame Street, yes, I said it Sesame Street. I met Count von Count when I was about two years old and it was love at first count. He even had fangs (take that Stephenie Meyer).

As I grew older (meaning about eight) I found a little gem in syndication called Dark Shadows. Oh how I loved this show. The main character Barnabas Collins was this creepy yet romantic vampire. I’m so excited to see the remake with Johnny Deep as Barnabas!

My parents swore I was too young to see Bram Stoker's Dracula, but we had cable so I waited patiently for it come on and it did and it was awesome! That movie still gives me the chills.

I was compelled by the beauty of Brad Pitt as Louis de Pointe du Lac in Interview with a Vampire. This is really what kick started my fascination (sorry Count). I read the book more times than I can remember and watched the movie more time than I'd admit! It is love and tragedy at its best!

I struck gold with the Movie and T.V. show Buffy the Vampire. I fell in love with Angel the same time Buffy did on the show. Again, other movies came out but none that stuck with me.

Dracula 2000 was good not as good as Bram Stoker’s Dracula but nonetheless it was good and it introduced me to Gerard Butler. Then there was nothing, absolutely nothing, except for Van Helsing, Blade’s and other movies but I was never into the slaying of vampires unless it was Buffy doing the slaying.

I had all but forgotten about my love affair with Vampires until 2008. 2008 belonged to the Vampire. True Blood came on and bless HBO for that. To describe True Blood in a word Awesome! There fangs that retract, there's blood, love, love triangles, werewolves, and Eric, oh Eric! I Love that show can you tell! Being Human was also introduced on BBC (and now SyFy). Aidan so sweet and scary at the same time. The Vampire Diaries, who doesn't love the Salvatore brothers (especially Damon) and their love triangle. And last but not least Twilight and the Vampire's that sparkle. I was in vampire overload and one happy girl!

You could say this vampire-loving girl is in heaven. I mean, since 2008 I have had my fix with Vampires from T.V. shows, to movies, and books, oh the books. Books well I'll keep that topic for another day and another post!


I began to write in my newly bought journal when I felt eyes staring at me. I looked over at Morgan; she was studying the People magazine as if it was a schoolbook! My eyes darted around the busy airport when they met his. The tall grey haired man looked more obvious than inconspicuous. I mean who dresses in a trench coat in the summertime. He dropped his mysterious eyes from mine back to the newspaper that cover the rest of his face. I now watched his every move. He slowly eased away from the wall that supported him and walked with a group of people exiting the plane. My stalker shuffled into the crowed and I lost him. I stood up quickly alerting Morgan to stand next to me.

"What, what's wrong?" She asked startled by my movement. I needed to quickly come up with a lie so she wouldn't panic.

"I just thought I saw a celebrity." I shrugged knowing I wouldn't care if I did.
"REALLY? Who" She shrieked.

"It was no one." I sat down and grabbed my purse. I pretended to look for something as Morgan peered around the airport. She sat eventually and continued with the magazine. Meanwhile, I kept lookout for the creep in the overcoat. I wonder if that was the creep that I had seen outside our apartment a few times.

Our plane boarded shortly after me and mister looky loo exchanged glances, and I didn't see him get on because we hustled on quickly. I relaxed after we took off glad to leave that lurker in Germany.  

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Fate’s Design

Fate Series Book One
By Lola James

A summer vacation in Italy with her twin sister, Morgan, is just what Megan Romano needs. But instead of fun, wine, and relaxation, she finds unexpected romance. Alexander DiPiero, a sexy and mysterious Italian businessman, falls for Megan the minute he lays eyes on her, but Megan knows it’s too good to be true.

Increasingly haunting dreams that warn of danger and destiny plague Megan’s every sleeping moment. As her nightmares become deadly and her love life heats up, Megan will come face to face with her worst fear
About the Author:

Lola James lives in southern California and is married with three beautiful children. She currently has a day job as a HR Manager but hopes to pursue her dream as a full-time writer. Somehow, in between working full-time, being a full-time mom and wife she moonlights as an author.

Having always loved to read she understands readers and writers share the common love of a great story. Anything dealing with Vampires, Witches, and Greek Mythology, she loves. Mostly of her books are Paranormal Romance with suspense and a little humor, but she’s not limiting herself to just that. All of the stories emanate from her wild imagination and the fact that she is a hopeless romantic.

After some extensive research into the publishing process, she became discouraged and put her laptop down and dreams on hold. It wasn’t until she bought her eReader that she discovered a new way to publish. And she did self-published her first book, Bound to Remember.!/1Lola_James

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Bethie said...

Thanks for the giveaway. I too love all things vampire!

Lizzi0915 at aol dot com

Janae said...

LOVE vampires! Cant get enough of them!

Mary said...

I love vampires, I think it all started when my mom had me watch the Black and white Dracula with her when I was just 7 years old.

Carl said...

Although I did visit Vlad Dracul's birthplace when I was in Romania, vampires kind of freak me out. I'd still like to read the book though.
In this case, however, I'm just entering the draw for a chance to win the gift card. I don't use an e-reader.

Audra said...

Vampires rock-- Aiden in Being Human

Roxanne Rhoads said...

2008 was definitely the year of the vampire and since then they have been going strong- of course I'm a fang girl from way back- ever since I found a tattered paperback copy of Interview with a Vampire at a yard sale when I was around 11 years old.

I loved Dracula with Gary Oldman and Winona Ryder- probably the best movie version ever made- and Brad Pitt as Louis- perfection (however Tom Cruise as Lestat- not so much).

Then Buffy and Angel awww.... the memories.

And now there's so much to choose from- The Vampire Diaries is my fave- OMG those eyes on Damon- then True Blood got to love it.

I even watch the Twilight movies though I can't say I'm a huge Edward fan (I'm team Jacob, I know I'm a disgrace to fang groupies everywhere LOL).

I also watch Being Human, at first loved the british version but they ruined that so I don;t watch it anymore now I watch the syfy American version.

Jamie said...

I'm a happy Fangbanger!

Lola James said...

Thanks for entering Bethie! Smooches


Lola James said...

Me too Janae! Smooches and thanks for entering!


Lola James said...

Mary you started off young too! Smooches


Lola James said...

Nice! I wish I was so lucky! And I have noted the no ereader! ;)



Lola James said...

Yes, they do Audra! ;)



Lola James said...

Me too Jamie! Fangbanger and proud!



Lola James said...

Roxanne, where have you been all my life!



Kalex said...

Thanks for the giveaway!

Anash said...

Thanks for a super giveaway!

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