Monday, June 4, 2012

Echo Falls Tour Intro and Giveaway

Home is where your pack is.

Hello everyone! I am so excited to be starting my tour with Bewitching Book Tours here at Fang-tastic Books. I am looking forward to a whole month of talking to readers about Echo Falls as well as what I have in store next.

And we can’t forget the giveaways!

But why would you want to win a copy of Echo Falls? While I would love to think that “because it’s about werewolves” would be enough of a reason for anyone, I think I’ll tell you a little more about it…

Echo Falls opens with Phoebe Martin running from a nightmare that has taken away everything she ever knew. When she comes to the town of Echo Falls, a glimmer of hope begins to shine within her and she begins to believe that she can start a new life. But the hunter never gives up on his prey…

Aidan O’Bryan is a cop and a pack leader with double the problems on his hands: someone is murdering werewolves. He knows that Phoebe has information that could help him find the murderer, but she doesn’t want to talk. He should be staying at arm’s length and treating her like anyone else involved with a case, but he can’t resist getting close to find out the mysteries of her past.

Join Phoebe as she tries to stay one step ahead of the man who wants to take her life and finds a home worth fighting for.

About me…

I was born and raised in the US Midwest but am now happily living out my days in country Australia. I am married and have a growing zoo (one cat and two dogs at this point). I have devoured practically everything romance since I was a little girl, and that shows through with nearly everything I write. Echo Falls is my first step into the paranormal.

When I’m not writing or thinking about writing, I am usually baking some sort of sweet treat, playing with the animals or kidnapping my husband. (It’s okay – he likes it.)

Giveaway Time

Three signed print copies of Echo Falls are up for grabs in this lovely giveaway, and they will be coming all the way from Australia!

This is a worldwide giveaway, so anyone can enter so long as you’re 18+ years old. Winners will be chosen from those who enter their details into the form below.

*Please join me on the rest of my tour for reviews, interviews and more giveaways!*

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Echo Falls 
By Jaime McDougall 

Genre: Urban Fantasy 


Running from a nightmare stalking her every move, Phoebe Martin arrives in Echo Falls hoping she has finally found a safe place to stop. But trouble has a way of catching up and soon the signs are there. 

After a vicious attack in an alley, policeman Aidan O'Bryan is left with Phoebe as his only path to understanding why the Echo Falls werewolf pack - his pack - is being attacked. When another pack member is killed, Phoebe is forced to confront her past before she loses Aidan and everything she has come to love. 

 Love and duty become one as Aidan strives to prevent Phoebe from becoming the next victim. But with Phoebe just as determined to protect Aidan and her new home, secrets from her past threaten to tear them apart. Will love give Phoebe the strength to trust Aidan and face her fears, or will her past destroy her future? 

About the Author: 

Jaime McDougall is a citizen of the world, currently loving life in beautiful country Victoria in Australia. She loves eating sushi, kidnapping her husband and naming her pets in honour of science fiction authors. 

A love of fiction has always coursed through her veins and she told stories as a child even before she knew how to write them. Settling into one genre was never her style and she has plans for novels in women’s fiction, urban fantasy and more – all with a touch of romance. 

She has been published in Chicken Soup for the Soul: High School: The Real Deal and Chicken Soup for the Soul: Campus Chronicles. She has also enjoyed writing the So You Want ebook series for authors looking to establish their names online. 

You can connect with her at her website, and on Facebook. 


Leigh Savage said...

I have nominated you for the Illuminating Blogger Award! :)

Anne said...

Good lick with the tour!

Because it's about werewolves (and cop heroes) summs it up for me.

Cheryl said...

This is a great book. Good luck to all who enter.

Jaime said...

Thank you for all who have stopped by so far.

Anne - That pretty much sums it up for me, too!

Elisha German said...

This sounds like a great book! Good luck with the tour!

Jaime said...

Thanks Elisha. :)

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This sounds like a good book.

Disincentive said...

Seems amazing! Thanks for a chance :D