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Guest Blog by AR Norman

***warning contains graphic sexual content not for those under 18***

Creating a Sexy Series in Words and Images
By: Alicia R Norman

I must begin by saying I am not technical at all, in fact, I used to joke that I am so heavily right brain that my head tilts to one side.  Because of this, analyzing numbers and complex figures tends to confound me and make me want to break stuff.  Still, I muddle through to comprehension when the need arises.

This fact is what makes my conversion from line art to graphic art so, well, and bizarre.

But as the saying goes, I took to it like a duck to water.

I can blame the catalyst to the desire to simply see it done. This could be why the primary ingredient for creating a series in the graphic novel form would be the sheer desire to do so.

Unless you have a talent for the technical, it will be kind of hard to begin with, especially if you want to learn on your own.  Many friends who witnessed my transformation threw in the towel after only a few weeks into the process.

So, yeah:

1.    Have the desire to pursue graphic novel story telling.

With the end goal of realizing my dream to marry both words and art in sight, the next step was to find the right kind of program for me.  The list is comprehensive and includes Maya, Renderman, Blender, Carrara, Bryce among others.  Some are very pricey so it is best to start with a small, inexpensive program to get your feet wet.  The graphic illustration community is very supportive as well, so if you have questions you can find links and tutorials from both amateurs and pro’s alike at places like Deviant Art or Renderosity.

2.    Locate a brilliant graphic illustration program and supportive  art community

The third aspect to creating a sexy graphic novel series is to know what you want to write about.  Sound simple doesn’t it, but panel writing can be the hardest part of the process. For me, I had written several scripts and  even penned a small line art novel entitled LA PETITE MORT which can be found HERE (link:  LPM was the springboard from which HEART OF DEATH was born.

Still, trying to map the tale out in this new medium was daunting, even after I had learned the programs.  What I am finding as I work through the storyline however, is that I am getting a greater, more in depth feel for the characters and learning  how to flesh them out in more ways than one.

3.    Create a story

And fourth but  not least—you have to bring on the smexi.  You can’t be timid or shy about it either.  When I decided to do this I told my husband that it would feel a lot like wearing your lingerie in public.  That feeling hasn’t gone away really—it has merely been transformed from a feeling of sheepishness to more of a  “Yes, baby, I got tits and ass and I am not afraid to show it!” LOL.


All my fantasies are on display—even so, I try not to get too personal about those who do not care for my ware.  If someone says I am smutty and slutty for example, I wear it proudly.  The prudent understand where the lines of reality and fantasy are drawn, what is healthy and what is not.  As for myself, this exercise has made me appreciative of my life outside the realms of the sexual.

4.  Be a proud slut…

To learn more about my work please feel free to visit and take a look around.

And until then, stay naughty children!

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The second edition is a revamp of the first HEART OF DEATH graphic novel utilizing a few current techniques to update and enhance the first thirty pages of BOOK ONE ACT ONE

The HEART OF DEATH CHRONICLES is an erotic graphic novel series based on the Perspehone and Hades myth. In this adapation, Hades is replaced by Thanatos Hades, nick named Thanos and Persphone is a lovely Island Noblewoman of mixed breeding.

ART DIRECTION -- the novel's illustrations, panels and layouts employ a number of feels and is not traditional in scope. This mixed media format allows the viewer to enjoy a number of moods captured by the art. There is a blend of styles balanced throughout the book, each employed to give a different feel depending on what the scene conveyed.


Deah-Thanos falls in love with the lovely maiden after spying her dancing among tombstones in an old graveyard. Persephone, it would seem, has a penchant for dabbling in macabre musings, art and past times.

Death Thanos is intriguied by his mortal beloved -- only one snag. Death cannot consort with the living or take a soul before their allotted time. He can't even touch her as to do so would rob her of life.

Not to be defeated, Thanos turns to nephew Morpheus for aid and concocts a spell that will allow him to be with the object of his affections.

Thing is--Persephone may be none too keen on being the apple of Death's eye in spite of her dark nature.

ACT ONE introduces details of the couple's initial meeting and focuses on the Persephone the character.

In this installment of HOD, a love struck Death-Thanos enlists the aid of the chaotic and malleable Morpheus to create a sleep related spell that will enable him to seduce his lady love. Morpheus promises to do so but for a rather steep price...

As the spell will take some time to craft, Mo-Mo gives Thanos dream wisps as a bit of a consolation prize. The Wisps allow Thanos to navigate Persephone dreams in order to stoke her ardor so to speak--but he cannot satisfy his own urges..

A freaked out Persephone seeks her friend Abigail's advice on the nightly dream visitations and is none too thrilled when her BFF tells her that what Persi is really fighting against is her own budding attraction to the deity.

Persephone finds herself at odds with confusing feelings regarding her dream lover Death-Thanos, penduluming between love and hate. Thanos finally procures the long awaited seduction spell from Morpheus and can now lure Persephone into the underworld to have his way for her--and does. He also makes good on his promise to Morpheus by handing over the Queen of the Shades, Tabietha, who is one too pleased with the arrangement.
This series is based on an animated movie created by the same illustrator, Alicia R Norman, who wanted to expound the series in a literary style forum. HEART OF DEATH the animated film trailer can be viewed at

The book trailer can be viewed at

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