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A True Ghost Story by Sky Purington

(Sky shared this at Roxanne's Realm yesterday and I figured FB readers would love it- we love a good ghost story here don't we? So I had to post here today. Enjoy)

Thanks for having me over, Roxanne. Fabulous blog!

So what inspired me to write my Calum’s Curse Trilogy? Turns out it was my very own haunted Victorian. Along my Bewitching Book Tour I’ve been sharing stories about all the paranormal activity I’ve experienced over the past eleven years. I thought I’d share a few more today.

So are you ready to hear some true ghost stories?

This go around I’ll start with the day we tore a hole in our kitchen wall to put in French doors. All went well during the day. Yes, it was odd seeing a tarp flapping in the wind, dusting my hardwood floors with sawdust and leaves. But it became even odder that evening. Downright supernatural.

(This event was experienced by my husband (skeptic) and mother-in-law, at two separate times during the early morning hours between midnight and four AM) …

The first event happened to my husband who was up late working. He started to hear a rumbling coming from downstairs. Thinking something was wrong he went down only to find the pocket doors shaking in their brackets. Nothing else was shaking so we can nix the Earthquake theory. Shortly thereafter, all the pots and pans in the kitchen rattled for about ten seconds, and then stopped. (Try timing out 10 seconds. It's longer than you might think) He said he got the shivers but shrugged it off.

Hours later, my mother-in-law was sitting on the couch when the pocket doors right behind her started rumbling intensely. That lasted about five seconds. But it was more than enough time for her to turn and watch them, stunned.

One week later, I had my first ‘full body apparition’ experience. While I always believed in the paranormal, this event sealed the deal.

I woke up in the middle of the night with a man standing over my bed. He was whitish blue and dressed in some sort of uniform. He wore a hat that looked to be either a 20’s, maybe 30’s sort of style. I recall thinking… I'm dreaming. Close your eyes, count to five, and then open them, he’ll be gone. So I did. 

Damned if he wasn’t still standing there! There’s fear… then there’s fear. I ducked my head and ran from the room. It was ridiculous.

Not sure why I responded that way. Human instinct? Self-preservation? Don’t know. None-the-less, I got as far as the hallway before I said to myself, “Where are you going to go? Spirits are everywhere. Face it.” So I did. I walked right back into my bedroom. The spirit was gone. I don’t think he meant to scare me to begin with. I think he was probably surprised I could see him.

Moving on to the tenant’s experience (They live in a renovated addition to the house that used to be the barn. This is the most violent any spirit has ever become). But I think spirits tend to feed off the high emotional state and energy level of teenagers. In this case it was the tenant’s son and his friend walking through the basement. An object literally flew off the shelf at them. The household also reports disembodied voices and seeing a full bodied apparition walk up their stairs.

I hope you enjoyed hearing a few ghost stories. Be sure to follow me on my Bewitching Book Tour to hear more haunted tales about my Victorian!


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The Georgian Embrace
Calum’s Curse: Acerbus Lycan
Book Two
Sky Purington

Genre: Paranormal Romance
ASIN:             B007FFUJR2
Number of pages:  234
Word Count:    77 K

Book Description:

Is it true love... or is the allure just another dimension of the Georgian's embrace?

A man with a mission...

Paranormal investigator, Devin O'Rourke, is drawn to Isabel the moment he sees her ghostly image in a picture. While searching for proof of her existence, Devin finds himself in another time, danger lurking around every corner.

A woman in need of saving...

Eighteenth century, Isabel Savol, is on the run. With help from a friend, good fortune finds her sheltered and managing the construction of a house. When a handsome Irishman appears on her Georgian's worksite one day, everything she thought she understood about reality vanishes.

Untapped desire ignites between Devin and Isabel as they struggle to stay one step ahead of the time-warping house caught in Calum's Curse and the werewolf determined to finish the legacy it began.

Author Bio:

Best-selling author, Sky Purington lives in southern New Hampshire with her son and husband. The written word has been her obsession from the very beginning. Purington writes time-travel paranormal/fantasy romance heavily influenced by history. 

From Irish Druids to Scottish Highlanders many of her novels possess strong Celtic elements. More recently, her vampire stories take the reader to medieval England and ancient Italy. 

Enjoy strictly paranormal romance? Sky's latest novels follow three haunted houses in New England and the sexy ghost hunters determined to make sense of them. Make no mistake, in each and every tale told you'll travel back to another time and revisit the romanticism history holds at its heart. 

Sky loves to hear from readers and can be contacted at Interested in keeping up with Sky's latest news and releases? Visit Sky's Website, to download her FREE App on iTunes and Android. 

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