Friday, December 14, 2012

Celebrating the Holiday Season

There are a couple of things I need to mention before I get into any details of how a witch would celebrate the holiday season.  First, the “witch” in my book, A Witch’s Tale, is not a witch at all.  Cassie Adams and her mother are members of a Wiccan coven. They are Wicca, not witches.  And, second, I am neither a witch (although my children may have argued that point at one time or another as they were growing up) nor a Wiccan.

I have always been very interested in the religions of the world and have, whenever possible, been witness to religious practices that are different from my own.   This practice led me to investigate the Wiccan tradition.  I have met and been befriended by Wiccans.  I have even participated in one of their religious rituals. 

The one thing that struck me the most about the followers of this faith is how welcome they always made me feel, even though they knew I did not follow their beliefs.  They never tried to change my mind – just accepted me as I was and presented themselves as they were.

Now, about how they celebrate the holidays.  Since the question was asked during the Christmas season I am assuming what the real question is, is do they celebrate it like we do?  Do the put up Christmas trees?  Do they exchange presents? 

When I thought about it I realized I didn’t know the answer to those questions.  So, I did what just about everyone who has a computer does, I went to Google.  This is what I learned:  The Wiccan (or Pagan) religion predates Christianity by generations.  They are an earth based faith, much like that of the American Indian.  Their holidays (my word, not theirs) are based on the sun and stars. 

They celebrate the Winter Solstice (Yule) as the rebirth of the Sun God. Although each coven celebrates in their own, unique fashion, they customarily set up a Yule tree which they decorate with red and green handmade decorations.  They might also use gold or yellow candles as a symbol of the sun’s heat and light.  They might also wear red or green robes, dresses or shirts.  Round shaped cookies, which reflect the sun, might be offered along with other baked winter foods.  It would not be uncommon for them to serve hot cider with cinnamon sticks.

An alter would be made, set up next to the Yule tree.  After these things have been done, they would then cast a ritual circle for their simple ceremony.  At the Wiccan ceremony I attended the after casting the circle the leader of the coven then addressed all four of the compass’s spirits, asking for their blessings.  Thanks were given and bequests asked.  All in all, it was a lovely, gentle sort of ceremony.  One that I believe anyone with an open mind would find beautiful.

There, that’s about all I know about how a “witch” would celebrate the holidays.  As my Wiccan friends would do if they were here with me, I send you and your readers all good blessings.  May you and your loved ones be safe and kind to one another throughout the season and on into the  endless future.  

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A Witch's Tale
by Maralee Lowder

ISBN-13: 978-1481023979
ISBN-10: 1481023977

Publisher: Taylor Street Books

When hard-bittern reporter Mac McCormick is sent to Port Bellmont to report on the chilling death of the popular Reverend Elkins who has been found ritually sacrificed in a field just outside the town, he encounters an enraged crowd baying for the blood of a coven of witches whom it believes responsible for the crime.

However, when Mac subsequently meets the youngest of the witches, the beautiful flame-haired Cassie Adams, he immediately starts to doubt the crowd’s interpretation of events - or has he just fallen under her cunning spell?

About the Author:

Maralee Lowder found so much pleasure in reading such a wide spectrum of romance genres, she has never been able to write in just one.  Her novels run the gamut of contemporary, historical, humorous, horror, paranormal and suspense. 

Look for the sequel to "The Morticians Wife"  coming soon

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