Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Character Interview Bound by Jennifer Dean

Hello all! First off, I want to say thanks to Fang-tastic Books for hosting me today.

I wanted to share a little inside to my main character, Emma. So, without further ado, let me introduce you to…

Name: Emma Rose Morgan

Nicknames: Em, Little Morgan, Sean’s little sister

Born: January 3, 1994

Age: 17

Physical Appearance: Long chocolate brown hair with hazel eyes. 5’4” and 120 pounds. Skin is always a consistent color, despite the turning seasons, not tan but far from fair.

Hometown: Washington, North Carolina

Parents: Paul and Angelia Morgan. Though they remain married, they fell out of love a long time ago. An issue that affects Emma into believing that real love is nothing but a myth.

Siblings: She has one older brother, Sean Morgan, who is a year older than her. He is the one person she trusts most in the world. When she was 14, her father’s new job forced the family to move to Dallas, Texas but Sean refused to go, staying behind to live with Emma’s Uncle Greg. A very decision that sealed the already strained relationship of Sean and their father. Luckily, before the second semester of junior year starts, Paul’s job relocates back to Washington, letting Emma happily reunite with Sean. She considers the reunion with Sean, the best day of her life.

Moves back to Washington: January 1, 2011

Friends: Once moving back, Emma is happy to see her childhood friendships with: Lauren Stevens, Pamela Mercer, Rebecca Davis, and Erika Reynolds have remained intact, despite her failing to keep in touch the three years she was in Dallas. Even family friend, Michael Harris is excited to see her back.

Favorite food: Italian

School: Junior at Washington High School

Grades: 3.8 G.P.A. but still considers herself average compared to her brother’s 4.0

Car: 2001 Black Volkswagen Jetta

Favorite pastime: Loves to read a lot of classic and modern novels but holds a special relationship with A Wrinkle In Time. It was the first book she was ever given by her brother, as a goodbye present the day she left Washington.

Sports: She used to compete in volleyball but gave it up after the move to Dallas, and loss interest completely by the time she moved back to Washington. She likes to go for runs to clear her mind.

Personality: Considers herself the plain Morgan. Not ugly, but definitely not noticeable compared to her popular, handsome older brother. At times she can be stubborn, but all in all Emma is very down to earth, sweet, and considerate of others, always putting Sean before herself.

Jennifer Dean

Genre: Young Adult Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 9781300196211

Number of pages: 254
Word Count: 89,600

Book Description:

17-year-old Emma Morgan believes she finally has the chance at happiness again when she relocates back to her hometown of Washington, North Carolina and reunites with her older brother, Sean.

But after three years apart, their unique bond is tested when Sean protests her meeting of the oddly charming and bright-eyed, Liam Alexander.  A boy who holds a very deep secret from the rest of the residents in Washington.

A secret that will change Emma’s life forever and lead her to discovering the beginning of something she never believed could exist...true love.

About the Author:

Jennifer lives in Dallas, Texas with her family. When not immersed in her writing, she is either engaged in a book or one of her favorite television shows.

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