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Guardian of the Abyss by Shannon Phoenix

Hi Roxanne,

With a name like Fang-tastic Books, I just had to write about vampires today. Although my latest book contains mostly gargoyles and a werewolf or two, the Supernaturals Universe at large includes a world in which vampires are "out".

In book 1 of my Supernaturals Now trilogy, we meet Tallis. Dark and mysterious, Tallis is lethal. Sometimes he shows an urbane, even charming side, but he's a born killer. Tallis owns a combination casino-bar-hotel called The Love Bite, the Once Bitten, and the Twice Shy.

What the humans don't know about this, though, is that it's the American Mecca for vampires. When things go wrong in America, you'll find The Love Bite filled to the brim with vampires and various denizens of the world that lies below the surface of ours.

In my specialty book, The Minister's Paige, we meet Stavros, and the highest Monarch in the Vampire Kingdom, Nerianne the Queen. The most powerful vampire in the world, Stavros is the Minister of Justice for the vampire race.

Nerianne, on the other hand, is a virtual unknown. Everyone fears her. Even Tallis and Stavros tremble before this dainty, graceful woman.

While creating these characters, I've had to ask myself the question: Why do we love them so much? What is it about vampires that draw us in like gnats to vinegar? These creatures are vicious, evil, malicious, dangerous, and dark. Is it their forbidden nature? Their power?

For some people, I think the lure is redeeming the vampire. When he or she is reformed and softens. The ultimate fixer-upper. The power of love overcoming the deepest of the dark, the worst of the most vile...

In an upcoming book, A Vampire's Accounting, our buddy Tallis is going to find love... but he's not going to be reformed. There are already contrary parts to him. He has his--very well hidden--soft spots. But the dark nature of his soul will never come unraveled.

So it is in this that I must come to understand why we love them so much. These creatures who skulk in the night and whose few redeeming qualities are so lost beneath a quagmire of blood, decadence, and debauchery as to be nearly gone.

In my search for explanations and my deep personal examination, I think that there are multitudes of reasons why we love them. And they can be as different as we are as people. A million people and a million reasons...

Some may love them strictly for the danger factor. Like the crazy people who like roller coasters--and make no mistake, if you like roller coasters, you're crazy. :p

Some love them for their forbidden nature. Dancing in the wind with that which is taboo and coming out unscathed--or conversely, submerging within it, never to return.

Finding Corry's reason for loving Tallis will be the great challenge.

One thing is certain, however...

We really do love these beasts. For all their flaws, dangers, and unpredictable natures... they fascinate us as few things have done throughout history. Perhaps it's less about why, and more about accepting that we do love them. About embracing our own dark natures through the mirror that is Vampire. Perhaps this is why they are reputed to have no reflection... for our own hidden natures are that reflection.

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Guardian of the Abyss
Supernatural Singles
Shannon Phoenix

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Number of pages: 127
Word Count: 43,500

Book Description:

Buried at sea by the sorcerers who created him, Abaddon is unable to heal himself and unable to replenish his energy. He has lived here for longer than he can remember, with no hope of escape. Time is against him as the sea eats away at him, body and soul.

When her diving partner tries to kill her to take over her company, Sarah finds herself trapped beneath the waves and dying. Having brought light to Abaddon's dark existence at last, only she can grant him the courage to do what must be done to escape his watery prison.

Abaddon must sacrifice his wings to save her. Sarah must come to terms with being trapped with someone she has been raised to believe is a demon, and face the betrayal that nearly destroyed her and the company she built. Together, they must take on the ocean and their own fears. The consequence of failure is death.

About the Author:

Shannon Phoenix always wrote stories. She watched the characters take on their lives within her mind, and began to write down what they were doing. She would write the stories and then let them go. But a few years ago, she got caught writing those stories. You know... those stories.

To her surprise, the person who found her stories loved her characters as much as Shannon did. She tentatively allowed others to read the stories, as well, and it was from that first foray into the scary world of letting others read her 'little tales' that Shannon Phoenix Books was born.

Shannon lives in New Hampshire with her husband John, her daughter, and their family cat, Song. Her full time job is parenting, her part time job is as a mother's helper to a family friend, and her passion is letting the characters in her mind out on paper--or keyboard, as the case may be.

Welcome to Shannon Phoenix Books. May you find the magic in your own life.

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Happy Holidays to all!

~ Shannon