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Interview with D'Elen McClain

Can you tell readers a little bit about yourself and what inspired to write in this particular genre?

For most of my life, I’ve gobbled books up in every genre from biographies to romance. Mystery novels were my favorite go-to and kept me awake long after my family went to bed. In 2006, at the age of 45, I fulfilled a lifelong dream and became a police officer in a rural Arizona community. I’m now a detective specializing in sex crimes and the last thing I want to read, when I finish my shift, is a mystery novel. To truly relax, I escape the real world and immerse myself in vampires and werewolves. For this same reason, I write paranormal romance, and fulfill my need to fix the world, one alpha male character at a time.

What inspired you to write this book?

As a child, I fell asleep writing stories in my head. I continue to use this technique as a good way to relax and clear my mind of the day to day stresses from my job. The world of Fang Chronicles developed during many sleepless nights and I finally decided to put it on paper. I always knew I would write, but needed to reach a point in my life where I was ready to sit my butt in a chair and do it. Writing is one of the biggest stress relievers I have and the friendships I’ve developed with readers are priceless. 

Do you have a formula for developing characters? Like do you create a character sketch or list of attributes before you start writing or do you just let the character develop as you write?

After developing and stowing characters in my brain at night, I spend my days off work typing them. I always have a well-developed picture of each person but for some reason they seldom cooperate. They argue, fight, whine, and use bribery to get their way and more often than not they win. As the keyboard controller, I always have the last say, so if you ever wonder why I kill someone off it’s because I’m a vindictive writer and I refuse to loose every battle.

Can you tell readers a little bit about the world building in the book/series? How does this world differ from our normal world?

In my world of Fangs, vampires and weres discovered after hundreds of years fighting that they are the key to the other’s survival. Each pack of weres is ruled by a vampire, but with longevity there must be a catch and mine is the ability to produce children. For weres—breeding with humans is the only way to procreate. Between mates, the desire for offspring is strong but sacrifice of the very love that binds them is the only way they can fulfill their longing. Throw in deadly werecats with a few evil vampires and Fang Chronicles exists in secret alongside our everyday lives.

Do you write in different genres?

Yes, I first started blogging about my true-life adventures of being a mid-life police detective. My blog turned into a book and then I wrote the first Fang Chronicles, Amy’s Story. Since then I’ve published three additional books—Bad Luck Officer, F C: Emily’s Story and F C: Zenya’s Story. I’m currently writing Bad Luck in Small Town based on a homicide investigation, and F C: Mandy’s Story.

Do you find it difficult to write in multiple genres?

No, it saves my sanity. When writer’s block hits I work on another book in progress. I maintain two blogs, Twitter, and Facebook accounts though this year I hired an assistant to help with the popularity of my Fang Chronicles books. Please don’t worry though, if you send me an email, or private message on Facebook, Brittany passes them on. Her primary function will be author guest posts and interviews on the Fang blog, soon to be featured on Fang Fridays.

 When did you consider yourself a writer?

For me there’s a difference between the words writer and author. From the first word I put on paper, I became a writer. The road to author took longer. Being self-published has been an extended journey but I will never forget my first fan letter. I printed the email and placed it in my wallet. It’s still there today and will always be my defining moment when I claimed the title of Author.

What are your guilty pleasures in life?

I have many pleasures but with age I’ve learned to leave guilt behind. Chocolate, red wine and hard rock music are prevalent in my home. My preferences lean toward Hershey’s, Dona Sol sweet red, and Buckcherry. My husband is well-aware of my (Buckcherry, lead singer) Josh Todd fantasies.

Other than writing, what are some of your interests, hobbies or passions in life?

Since early childhood I’ve loved animals. I’ve had a pet scorpion, tarantula, and many fish through the years but nothing warms my heart like dogs. Charlie, our one-hundred and sixty pound Rottweiler, is ruled by Duchess, our ten pound Chihuahua. They both trained me and my husband to provide treats and obey all commands.

I’m also an avid gardener with a small piece of paradise in my backyard. It includes a goldfish pond, strawberry patch, and assorted vegetables and herbs. In the spring, I’m sporting dirty hands while holding earthworms and ladybugs but in summer, you’ll find me reading next to my waterfall on my favorite lounge chair and holding a tall glass of ice tea.

What was the last amazing book you read?

Anything and everything by Ilona Andrews. I’m a huge fan of this husband and wife writing team. I need them to write faster but gosh life comes to a complete standstill in my house when I gobble up their latest book so I’m probably lucky they don’t.

 Where can readers find you on the web?

My blog has all the latest Fang news but you can also find me on Twitter @delenmcclain and Facebook I also blog all things cop at

Would you like to leave readers with a little teaser or excerpt from the book?

Fang Chronicles: Zenya’s Story

Nicolas’s body was giving out. Lack of food, torture, and the loss of his pack had finally taken away his will to live. The next beating would be his last. No vampire had visited him in weeks. When he got here, he swore he would take cats with him when he died, but that wasn’t going to happen. Thoughts of revenge barely managed to get past his pain and suffering. His friends would need to handle the retribution for the murder of his pack.
He fell asleep thinking of death.
A small ray of light entered his cell. His cloudy mind knew this was it. Did he have a burst of energy to fight one last time? He didn’t think so.
He heard the steps of a single cat coming closer than normal. Maybe it realized he was so close to death it no longer mattered. A shadowed form knelt beside him. The cat was inches from his body.
A thread of hatred broke through his agony.
Fuck yes, he would be taking one of them with him in death. Every bit of alpha’s power he possessed brought him to his knees, and his restrained arms successfully wrapped around the throat of his enemy. His weak hands should have been able to twist the head off, but this death would take longer. He would slowly squeeze every drop of air from the monster’s body.
   With a clouded but glinting gaze, he looked into the face of the man beneath his death grip. Zenya’s green eyes stared; panic evident and her small hands came up to grasp his. She was a female cat and one that he knew. The shock caused him to loosen his grip, but her terror remained, and low gasping words came from deep in her throat.
“Amy sent me.”
His fingers relaxed. His raspy words sounded in her ear. “Helping me won’t keep you from death.”
She was taking deep breaths but never looked away. “Fine, but kill me when you no longer need me.”
“That can be arranged.”

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