Wednesday, June 19, 2013

It's Still Important-The Importance of a Series Bible by Yolanda Sfetsos

It's Still Important

Hello, everyone! I'd like to thank Roxanne for having me over today, to help me promote my latest urban fantasy release. I love popping in! :)
The last time I was here, I spoke about The Importance of a Series Bible for my Sierra Fox series. Back then I was celebrating the release of the first book, and today I'm back to celebrate the release of the third one.
Wow. I can't believe how quickly time flies... when you're having fun. LOL. Because I'm having some serious fun writing this series.
Still, it's not easy. One of the hardest things is actually keeping everything straight and not forgetting the small details. Things that if the writer forgets would stand out and pull the reader out of the story.

If I thought the Bible was important back at the beginning of Sierra's adventure, now it's become essential. The more books I write in her world, the more important it is to have all of my research, notes, spells, places, names, and descriptions updated. I find myself referring to different things all the time, and not just while writing the first draft. All the info and pictures I have in my spiral notebook become super important during the revision process, because that's where I'll catch myself out.
That's when I need to make sure everything makes sense and matches what's been said/done in the previous books. Continuity can be a tricky and easily missed thing, especially if you don't have the correct backup handy. I'm so glad that I started this collection of information right at the beginning, otherwise I would truly be lost.
As I embark on writing the fifth--and possibly last--book, the first thing I'll do is read through my notes. They will help guide the way...
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All it takes is one freak to turn everything into a demonic ritual.

Sierra Fox, Book 3
Sierra Fox’s relationship with sexy werewolf Jason Papan is going great, but it doesn’t take a psychic to tell her someone’s out to get her. As usual, though, there’s too much else going on to worry about just another assassination attempt.
In addition to the demon-possessed freaks that still want her, a whole new bucket of trouble has been dumped in her path. The half-sister Sierra never knew she had isn’t a typical teenager. Willow comes with supernatural baggage that grows heavier every time someone close to her dies. And the load gets bigger every time the police find the body of another young girl.
Now Sierra’s not only dealing with the target on her own back, but the one that a power-hungry woman has painted on her poltergeist-magnet sister. As she finds herself drawn into the thick of a murder investigation, Sierra must face her deepest fears and embrace the darkest of her powers to overcome the looming threat. Or the prediction of her death might just come true.
Warning: Spook catching: never gets any easier, neither does trying to avoid being killed by a shadowy organization. Always expect the unexpected—dangerous vampires, poltergeists and demon-obsessed freaks. At least the werewolf is pleasurably safe.

ON PINS AND NEEDLES is now available from Samhain Publishing.



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