Monday, September 9, 2013

Leila Gaskin Hot Flashes Guest blog and Giveaway

Hi everybody, my name is Leila Gaskin and I am the author of the urban fantasy - Hot Flashes. Firstly, I’d like to thank Roxanne Rhoads for allowing me to guest post on Fang-tastic Books. My reading list has increased significantly due to this blog.

When I talked about Ella Hixson, the heroine of Hot Flashes, friends and family often asked ‘why a middle-aged woman?’ My instinctive response is ‘why not?’ The truth is I wanted to write a character I could relate too. Someone who was flawed, quirky, and burdened by all the things she never wanted.

If you were to ask Ella what her life was like, she’d respond – ordinary. Her relationship with her elderly mother is less than perfect, she’s been ousted from her job by her boss’s paramour, she feels stuck in a rut she can’t explain, and she has 20 extra pounds she needs to lose - all relatively normal things. She is a middle-aged woman who dreams of something more.

On the surface Ella is a single woman who works hard and has responsibilities. She holds a black-belt in karate, owns a pit bull, and says ‘no’ to her elderly mother – a lot. While, none of these things are particularly rebellious, together they show that she has been fighting to break free of the monotony of her life. Ella dreams to be more than she is. 

Well, the universe was paying attention to Ella’s desire for more.

Her life is turned upside down when she discovers she is Drakkon. A Drakkon, for those who might not know, is an ancient dragon-shifting race that once ruled the wormholes that transect the space between worlds in the Otherverse. This is where Ella’s adventure begins.

She has to learn how to cope with being a Drakkon, redefine her relationship with her mother, find a way to defend Earth against the advances of the Chancellor, and still be home in time to feed her dog. 

I hope you enjoy reading Hot Flashes.

Bright skies!  Leila

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Hot Flashes
The Drakkon Volume 1
Leila Gaskin

Genre:  Urban Fantasy

Number of pages:  300
Word Count: 85,988

ISBN: 978-0615871851
Smashwords: 9781301209422

Cover Artist:  Tatiana Vila

Book Description: 

“Dragons do not exist.” Ella Hixson shrieked as the mythical beasts dive from the sky shredding her car with their impressively long talons and sending her careening across the road in an attempt to avoid the being flambéed. Escaping her car, she grasps the car door in order to prevent herself from tumbling down the slippery embankment. Pouring rain soaks Ella’s interview suit and her dress shoes as she searches the sky for the attacking beasts to find nothing but clouds heavy with their payload of rain.

Hallucinations, relationship destroying fights with her only surviving relative-her mother, and, thanks to a bodaciously bosomed, bottle-blond, jobless, Ella needs the universe to cut her a break.

Be careful what you wish for.

Circumstances conspire and Ella’s mundane existence evaporates when she discovers she is Drakkon, the hidden heir to an ancient dynasty, and she has an enemy who would see all the Drakkon race enslaved or dead.

No more ordinary days for Ella as she learns what it is to be Drakkon, tries to save a world she knows nothing about, and still be home in time to feed her dog.

About the Author:

Born on a dark and stormy night on the other side of the world from Richmond, VA, Leila Gaskin began a life full of imaginative wanderings. Inspired by her journey, Leila takes inspiration from the places she’s lived. She is the author of several short stories ranging from horror, speculative fiction, and science fiction. HOT FLASHES is her debut novel.

With her dog as her co-pilot and the cat as the navigator, Leila explores her world and tells her stories.

Twitter: @leilagaskin

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Leila said...

I look forward to answering any questions you might have.
Bright Skies!

Denise Golinowski said...

Hey there, Leila! Congratulations on your book and the blog tour! How exciting. Question? One I don't think I've ever thought to ask in person. Why drakkons? Yes, there is the joke, but title aside, why? I LOVE the choice, just would love to hear your explanation.

Leila said...

Hi Denise,
Thank you very much. This entire experience is proving to be exciting. When I decided dragons were going to be my shift form, I realized that I needed a word that would allude to dragons without a lot of work on the reader's part.I spent a couple of lunch hours working out the feel and taste, weird I know, of the word. It was a delicate balance between the familiar dragon and something 'other'. Once I had the feel of the key word, creating the rest of the world of Drakkonon fell into place.

Here's a secret, the drakkon language phrases you see are really Czech. I love the consonants of the language.

Bright Skies!

Eva Millien said...

Thanks for sharing Hot Flashes and the giveaway. Sounds like a great book and I am looking forward to reading it. evamillien at gamil dot com

Leila said...

Thank you Eva! I hope you enjoy the book!