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Introducing The Soundtrack for No Shelter from Darkness by Mark D Evans

“No Shelter from Darkness” - The Soundtrack
This post is quite a hard one to do. Enjoyable, but hard. The problem lies, as always, with my pedantic-ness. What with my debut novel, “No Shelter from Darkness”, being set in 1941, the purist in me says that the soundtrack can only contain songs created during or before that year.
While I could do that, and while I would somehow make it awesome, I’m not going to restrict myself to that rule. My justification for this lies with a film (of course). “Plunkett & Macleane” is a 1999 film directed by Jake Scott and starring the brilliant Jonny Lee Miller (currently America’s contemporary Sherlock Holmes), Robert Carlyle (currently America’s contemporary Rumplestiltskin) and Liv Tyler (currently America’s contemporary, um, Liv Tyler). What’s great about this awesome retelling of “The Gentleman Highwayman” (yep, it’s based on a true story), is that while it’s set in the 18th-century, the amazing soundtrack by Craig Armstrong (one of my favourites) includes all kinds of crazy techno and drum n’ bass influences. Indeed, one of my favourite scenes is a traditional ballroom dance set to a thumping techno track.
Thus, it’s cool to break convention and I’m gonna be cool and use contemporary music to score/soundtrack my book.
A couple of notes, though. This isn’t meant to be taken too seriously. This isn’t a list of music I listened to while writing the book, and this music didn’t influence the book or story. It would be best to think of it as I did while creating it, which is as a hip soundtrack to a film version of the book.
Anyway, enough of the talking and onto the track list:

1.      Prologue (Valencia Station) - (“Chan Chan” by Buena Vista Club)
2.     Main Title (The Cruentus Saga) - (“Raanjhan” by MIDIval PunditZ)
3.     In The Shelter, In The Blitz - (“Parks on Fire” by Trifonic)
4.     Cast Out After The Blitz - (“A Town Called Obselete” by Andreya Triana)
5.     Badger Time - (“Dead Things” by Emiliana Torrini)
6.     A Brief Reprieve - (“Paradise” by Coldplay)
7.     Lynne’s Downtime - (“Moonlight Serenade” by Glenn Miller)
8.     Beth’s Dream (Red Rain) - (“Sound Mirrors” by Coldcut)
9.     A Different Kind of Blues - (“On The Run” by Natalie Imbruglia)
10.  Beating The Bully (No Shelter from Darkness) - (“Nocturnal” by UNKLE)
11.   Beth’s New World - (“The Pretender” by The Foo Fighters)
12.  A Danger To Everyone - (“Boadicea” by Enya)
13.  Oliver, In The Pit, With Blood - (“In The House—In A Heartbeat” by John Murphy)
14.  New Best Friends Part - (“The Ballad Of Sarah & Jack” by David Holmes)
15.  Controlling The Darkness - (“Light & Day” by The Polyphonic Spree)
16.  End Credits (The Cruentus Saga) - (“Enjoy The Silence” by Hybrid)
17.  Epilogue (Things To Come) - (“Exogenesis: Symphony, Pt.1 - Overture” by Muse)

Total running time: 78 minutes (one CD)

Unfortunately due to copyright restrictions, I can’t give you all a free copy of the soundtrack. However, I did create a Youtube playlist which I urge you all to listen to, because more than anything else, all the music is awesome!

What do you think? Have you read the book and think other songs would be more appropriate? Are you yet to read the book but want to do so even more now that you’ve seen this playlist?

No Shelter From Darkness
The Cruentus Saga
Book One
Mark D. Evans

Genre: Paranormal, Horror

Publisher: Booktrope

ISBN: 978-1620151396

Number of pages: 304

Cover Artist: Greg Simanson

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Book Description:

“Her hands began to shake as she looked down wide-eyed at the blood-soaked cotton that covered her.”

London emerges from the Blitz, and every corner of the city bears the scars. In the East End—a corner fairing worse than most—thirteen year-old Beth Wade endures this new way of life with her adoptive family. She also suffers the prejudice against her appearance, an abiding loneliness and now the trials of adolescence. But with this new burden comes a persisting fatigue and an unquenchable thirst that ultimately steals her into unconsciousness . . .

What happens next is the start of something Beth will fear more than the war itself. She begins to change in ways that can’t be explained by her coming-of-age, none more frightening than her need to consume blood. The family who took her in and the former best friend who’s taken refuge in their house can never know. Aware of the danger she poses to everyone around her, Beth has never felt more alone. But someone else knows Beth’s secret . . . someone who understands just how different she really is. He alone can decrypt her past and explain her future. But he’s been sworn to destroy her kind, and as Beth grows ever more dangerous, he’s forced to take sides.

Can Beth keep all of the secrets? Can she trust a man sworn to kill her? And can she stop the vampire within from taking her humanity?

About the Author:

MARK D. EVANS was born near London, England. He graduated university with a degree in something not even remotely connected with writing and went on to become a successful consultant. Then he threw it all away to chase his dream of being an author, via a considerable amount of travelling. Today, his life largely resembles that of a nomad, and he can currently be found typing away in a tiny flat in north London, sustained by coffee.

He is the author of two short stories, one of which made it into a Kindle Top Ten.

His latest work is his debut novel, No Shelter from Darkness, which is the first book in his series, The Cruentus Saga.

Visit Mark online:

Twitter: @TheMarkDEvans
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