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Guest Blog Loving in Time by AE Kirk

Hello Fang-tastic blog followers. I'm Abi and I'm a fantasy, romance and sci-fi author who lives in Merry Old England! My friends class me as an English Eccentric, but I just find I'm fun, although typical to English people, I do drink a lot of tea and always end up talking about the weather at least 3-4 times a day! I'm also a Downton Abbey fan, an archaeologist, a dyslexic, a Nutella eater, Harry Potter nutter and Editor in Chief of a fantasy magazine, the Kingdom of Fantasy. But on another note, I want to share with you a few random things about the development of the book. 

I'm part of an amazing website called Wattpad, which is basically Youtube for e-books. I started out in 2010 and one of my most popular books was featured on the site! But then in 2011 I participated in a competition that Wattpad hosted. The competition was writing a novel in 3 months! The end result was Loving In Time, where it was featured on Wattpad as a runner-up winning novel. During writing LIT, I was hard pushed to find good music (playlist below) so my fans helped me out. My main genre's that I write in are fantasy and sci-fi, so I had never done a romance story before, but I gave it ago. The book is the first of a five book series called the In Time series, but it's only on Wattpad so far. The second book, Journey In Time, is on Wattpad to read for free.

Below is a short playlist of music that helped me write during the creation of the story and also I added a few songs that I felt were right for the book if I ever lived in a lucky world and the book became a film.

Justin Villarosa - I Hate High School
Nickleback - How You Remind Me
Thin Lizzie - The Boys Are Back in Town
He Is We - His Name
Imogen Heap -The Moment I Said It
Joy Williams - Speaking A Dead Language
The Wailin' Jenny's - Across the Sea
Stevie Nicks - Landslide
Dixie Chicks - You Were Mine
Avril Lavigne - I Love You
Hinder- Without You

I want to thank fang-tastic books for giving me a guest post on their blog. It was fun collecting the playlist and delving into my English eccentricity.

Loving in Time
AE Kirk

Genre: Romance sci-fi, time travel

Publisher: Vanguard Press

ISBN-10: 1843868113
ISBN-13: 978-1843868118

Number of pages: 370
Word Count: 92,000

Book Description:

Living in New England, half Greek half American high school student, Helen, lives a relatively normal life; a mother and father and two bratty younger twin brothers. But it all changes when her mother welcomes two strange but devilishly cute boys, Marcus and Gus, into the house and into Helen’s life.

While the boys live with Helen, they help her discover that she is far from normal and she is, in fact, part of an ancient Grecian love story that has stretched to every corner of the world. She is Helen of Sparta from the myth, Helen of Troy. The boys however, ask a difficult favour from her, to leave her modern family and go back in time to help break an ancient cycle.

Given the ability to stop time and travel into centuries past, she and her new friends, Marcus and Gus, are joined by five other boys who try and protect Helen from the evil Decurion soldiers; ancient time travellers who wish to stop Helen from breaking the cycle.

Journeying to Ancient Greece, Helen must act as she once had but when the moment the war begins and Helen must break the cycle, she is given a life changing decision. The question is, will she choose wisely?

About the Author:

AE Kirk lives within the majestic Devonshire countryside in England, UK where she wrote her novel, Loving In Time, within three months for a competition. Winning joint runner-up, she continued to write a number of other books ranging from sci-fi, to fantasy and action and a year later, while she was in South Korea teaching English, found a publisher. Kirk, who is Editor in Chief for a fantasy and sci-fi magazine, Kingdom of Fantasy, loves nothing more than to write interesting and unique stories with unusual plot-twists. After gaining a Masters in Social Archaeology at Lampeter University, Wales, Kirk uses her research skills to describe, in vivid detail, the ancient locations in her books. Kirk's passions in archaeology shines through in Loving In Time, her first published novel.


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Abi Kirk said...

Thank you for the guest blog! I adore your blog. The designs are so beautiful.

Have a great day,


Abi Kirk said...

Thank you so much for the guest post on your blog. It was fun writing it.

Have a great day,