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Interview with Braxton A Cosby

Can you tell readers a little bit about yourself and what inspired to write in this particular genre?

Well, I’m an award-winning novelist that works full time as a physical therapist right outside of Atlanta, GA. I am married with three lovely girls who are the source of my life right now. They inspire me to be a better man and to create as much original content as possible. Kid’s minds are so amazing and they are always trying to do something else that trumps the last thing. This genre of writing, Young Adult, was inspired by just watching and learning from young people. I love the power of imagination and the boundless freedom that comes with it. Young people are becoming more and more accepting and receptive to new ideas and lack the rigidity of older folks, so they are willing to read something off the cuff.

What is it about the paranormal that fascinates you so much?

I think people are drawn to it because it’s relatively new from a narrative perspective. Now, people have definitely watered it down and “kicked the dead horse” with all the stories branching from it. But actually, Dracula and his monster goons have been around for quite some time. People brought it back mainstream when they gave us characters that showed a more human side to them, rather than just mindless beings.

What inspired you to write this book?

I wanted to find another venue that explored the power of spiritual gifting, without all the religious handcuffing and legality that pushes people away. Everyone talks about supernatural powers, but no one really tapped into it like my novel The School of Ministry does. Imagine being able to see demons in the spiritual realm by just closing your eyes, or manipulating objects and people by just speaking. Once I worked out the framework for the spiritual gifts, I had to create a story that included action elements and set pieces that felt epic. The creative elements took over from there.

Please tell us about your latest release.

The School of Ministry: The Windgate is the first of a five book series that follows the exploits of a young man named Ziv who is kidnapped by a secret society that lobbies his help to defend the weak and hunt down evil. In exchange for his assistance, they will help him find his friend (long lost love interest named Stephanie) who has recently gone missing. From there on, an epic tale of redemption, discovery, purpose and identity is birthed. There’s a wonderful double love triangle as well that keeps readers enthralled.

Is there a character that you enjoyed writing more than any of the others?

Francis was a great character to write. I wanted to be him by the end of the story. He had to be very cool, sexy, mysterious, and sinister, while still appealing to the reader. The balance between him and Jaythan was paramount in making both of their characters work within the story. Ziv is of course the main character and since the story is told from his perspective, you had to love him too. And ultimately you do, but Francis came off more polarizing than I expected.

What is your favorite scene from the book? Could you share a little bit of it, without spoilers of course?

It’s actually a scene that was added late to make the continuum of the story make sense. In the editing process, there are moments where you as the writer realize that timelines are being challenged. My editor pointed this out to me and I needed to have a sequence that added fluidity to the story, without making it seem like filler. There is an extra training scene with Ziv, Francis, and Jaythan that takes place where they are working with Maxwell and you get a sense of how powerful Ziv can really be if he learns how to focus his gift. I made up the challenge and I didn’t know how or would play out or who would win, until the very end. The conclusion of the scene made sense and weaved in perfectly.

Can you tell readers a little bit about the world building in the book/series? How does this world differ from our normal world?

World building is my favorite thing. It takes time, especially in a series because you have to envision the world over an extended period. I ask myself questions like: “Do it change? Is there war? Will the characters move to other venues” What is the relevance of the changes if any?” The Windgate follows the boys through different set pieces where the environments are very different and it is important for the reader to feel what they feel (Or at least Ziv) as the changes take place. So the detail has to be there, but knock enough to make you overdoes on it and make you say “get on with it already.” The spiritual aspect of the world building doesn’t really come into play until later novels.

With the book being part of a series, are there any character or story arcs, that readers jumping in somewhere other than the first book, need to be aware of? Can these books be read as stand alones?

This is first book of the five book series, but I am cognizant that readers will pick up later books without reading the first or second ones. I feel that each book will be a novel of it’s own, but readers who love the story will decided to go back eventually to tie together different ends. I like to think that each book represents a television season, with chapters being episodes. 

Do you write in different genres?

It varies a little. Both series Are Young Adult, but they tight rope the line of New Adult, Romance, Sci-fi and Mystical Visionary.

What was the last amazing book you read?

I really like with Marie Lu has done with Legend and of course what Veronica Roth is doing with the Divergent series. Both books pull you in to different worlds and have characters that you can relate to.

Where is your favorite place to read?

Do you have a cozy corner or special reading spot? Anywhere my kids are no around. LOL. But I just love to get in a spot where there is quite. Sometimes it’s the bookstores and libraries, or maybe even when I’m on vacation. Reading by the ocean is like paradise to my senses.

What can readers expect next from you?

More and more good, original, creative and thought provoking stories. As soon as I feel like I am getting conventional or predictable, I immediately throw in a monkey wrench or two to keep you guessing. That way, neither of us can get bored. 

The School of Ministry
The Windgate
Book 1
Braxton A Cosby

Genre: YA Paranormal

Publisher: Keith Publications

ISBN: 978-1-62882-002-7

Number of pages: 367
Word Count: 114K

Book Description:


A young man named Ziv struggles to find his place in life after both of his parents are murdered. Orphaned and alone by the age of six, he bounces in and out of foster homes hopeless and afraid, wondering if he will ever find a path to happiness. He resolves to accept a life of depravity, until one day he discovers he possesses the gift of sight: to see creatures from the afterlife, but not angels...demons!

Ziv is recruited by The School of Ministry, a secret society that promises to help him find his best friend Stephanie, who has gone missing. But there is one catch: he must agree to join them in their quest to eradicate evil and protect the weak. Ziv learns that he is a "Conduit," which allows him to cross over into the spirit world and transcend time itself.

When he is partnered with two other young men who have similar gifts, the unlikely trio is trained in the mastery of weapons and the art of Shouting, during treacherous challenges of the tortuous Quad in preparation for their mission: to secure the Windgate. Ziv becomes entrenched in a quest of identity, love, and will, until he comes face to face with pure evil itself--Akabod, the spiritual prodigal son to the School of Ministry and a master of talents.

About the Author:

A graduate of the University of Miami, Cosby earned his bachelors, masters and doctorate in physical therapy. He also is certified by the American Physical Therapists and is a Certified Sports Nutritionist.

And now he’s getting you in shape. “I feel that God has given me a calling to help people,” said Cosby. It was through his own injury that taught Cosby about “getting people back to their prior level of function.” He said he want to motivate “people to stay on the course” so they can meet their own individual goals.

Cosby is a personal trainer, nutritionist and physical therapist and is using his talents and knowledge to help bring attention to the health issues and disparities such as heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure.

He was the featured keynote speaker at the 2012 Atlanta CARES STEMFest for Children and Young Adults event. He also was a presenter for Mercer College School of Medicine and the  Louisiana Medical Society’s Focus on  Exercise  and  Fitness. He has partnered with Emory University as a clinical instructor and worked with a major rehabilitation company in geriatrics.

The host of a weekly radio show – Ask the Fat Doctors, Cosby also is an award-winning author and has been seen on CBS, Fox and Atlanta Live. He’s teamed up with retired offensive lineman and NFL analyst Jamie Dukes to create a workout video for men called Chachersize (C_4).

Ask the Fat Doctors is where Cosby, Dukes and radio personality Tee Foxx where they cover a variety of topics from current events to obesity to disease prevention. Cosby also shares tips on how to lose pounds.

Cosby’s goal is to share information on how to create healthy habits and how they can counteract serious health ailments. His articles can be found in “OMTimes Magazine” and “Skinny Limits”. Cosby also posted regular workout tips on his YouTube page.

As the nephew of actor and comedian Bill Cosby, Dr. Braxton A. Cosby has charted his own path, but embodies his uncle’s creativity and vision for a healthier America. “Of course” he was an influence, the younger Cosby said. “He taught me how to develop a passion for what you do.”

And Dr. Braxton A. Cosby has a passion for fitness


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