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Naughty in Norway by Christine Edwards

The Sensual Lure Of A Foreign Accent

We’ve all experienced it. Perhaps you were wandering through an Ikea, or in line at a Starbucks when you heard the mysterious purr for the first time. The words didn’t really matter; it was the way that it was said so seductively. So, just exactly what is it about a man with a foreign accent that makes us want to get naked and horizontal inside of six seconds?

Perhaps it’s the smoothness of the speech, or the way the words flow from their lips that notches up the hotness factor? Whenever I hear a man with a thick foreign accent, be it Eastern European (My personal favorite) or perhaps a Kiwi from New Zealand, my eyes nearly close in appreciation as I listen intently to their exotic voices.

Alreck Falstad, the Norwegian bad boy hero biker from Naughty in Norway has just such an accent. His seductive lilt and rumbly tone draws the American heroine, Vail, in like a moth to a flame. Imagine a beautiful man whispering in a lulling accent softly against your ear and if he often switches to his foreign language even better!

Have you ever dated a man with a foreign accent? Ever wish to? Thoughts on this topic?

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Naughty in Norway
Nordic Lights Series
Book One
Christine Edwards

Genre: Erotic Romance

Publisher: Fanny Press

Date of Publication: November 1, 2013

ISBN: 978-1603815420

Number of pages: 174
Word Count: 50,950

Cover Artist: Sabrina Sun

Book Description:

Vail Fillion has left her home in Huntington Beach, California, to study Scandinavian Culture in Oslo, Norway. But she gets her first real taste of culture shock when she goes along with her friend Lisetta to a wild party at her cousin's biker bar. Vail is surprised to find such a large group of motorcycle enthusiasts in this often snow-bound country. She is even more stunned to discover that the bikers are normal guys, if perhaps even more physically imposing than your average Viking. Alreck Falstad--a 6'6" blond, tattooed stand-in for a Norse god--catches her eye but also scares her to death.

Just as Vail is starting to enjoy herself at the party, something truly frightening occurs. The evening is abruptly cut short by a brutal crime, and she is the lone witness. Before she can make it to the cops, Vail is drugged, loaded into Alreck's truck, and transported to his remote cabin in the Lofoten Islands.

Why has Alreck kidnapped her, and what are his plans for her in his snowy haven? Is he her savior, her nemesis, or both? Even if she could escape, would she truly want to?

Short Excerpt:

Alreck hovers just outside the bathroom as I pull the door open, his legs spread wide and his arms crossed in front of him in a dominant stance. He watches me warily.

“Choose a drink,” he says before stepping out of the doorframe.

“Go find my wallet and I will,” I sass back at him with hands on my hips.

He leans down within inches of my face and says in a harsh whisper, “Enough, woman. We’re not stopping again until the fuel runs out, so pick something to drink or you’ll go without.” 
Okay, what’s with the excessive alpha-ness?

“Whatever.” I mumble to myself as I trudge past him and grab a giant bottle of Voss water.
He slips the bottle from my fingers and stalks up to the register to pay. I see that he’s also purchasing a coffee along with another bottle of water. The forty-something female attendant bats her eyelashes at him and giggles as she gives him the total. If he notices at all then he’s not letting on. With his looks, women most likely hijack his cell on a regular basis to program their digits into it for him. Ugh!

He takes my hand once again while carrying the bagged drinks in the other. We rush through the bitter cold toward his truck and this time he doesn’t attempt to help me get in.

It is a struggle to climb into the cab, but once I’m seated I reach out and slam the door in his face, making certain that it’s left unlocked.

Please let this plan work.

My breathing is out of control as the adrenaline begins to course through my veins.
I watch cautiously as he hauls his big frame up into the cab, and just as he reaches into the bag of drinks I lurch my door back open and jump down, falling hard onto my knees in the snow. It stings like a beast and I bite back a groan as I lurch to my feet and begin to run back, hell bent, toward the tiny store.

I ran track throughout college and know that I’m quick, but my knees are killing me from the impact and the snowy ground is a far cry from a proper track. When I’m halfway across the parking lot, someone passes me in a sprint. Alreck?

Before my brain can register how to evade him, he turns around and faces me with rage in his eyes before charging at me. He hauls me up and over his giant shoulder before I can so much as pivot away from him.

Speechless, I look up in terror at the attendant who’s watching us from inside the window in stunned surprise.

Like a complete Neanderthal, he locks a hold across my suspended legs and prowls right back to the station. He says something to her in Norwegian that, to my complete dismay, makes her laugh and wave to me as I’m carried away.

“Call the …!” I wail, yet before I can complete the sentence a hard slap lands without mercy right on my ass cheek, effectively silencing me after I let out a startled, “Ooh!” as the burn spreads across my rear.

The attendant gives me cheeky smile. What did he say? She seems to have zero clue what I’m desperately trying to convey to her.

I’m doomed.

Too frightened to struggle, I let my body go slack as I’m carried to the truck.

About the Author:

Christine Edwards grew up in the Deep South on Hilton Head Island, SC. At an early age she developed a passion for the arts that led her to earn a bachelor's degree in Art History from the College of Charleston in South Carolina.

Christine has a special place in her heart for reading and writing erotic tales. To date she has published two novellas along with two full-length novels, including Claimed in Canada and Naughty in Norway. Her main focus is on loving, multi-faceted relationships involving intense alpha males and feisty heroines. She adores snow skiing, traveling the world, and spending time with her amazing family. Christine currently resides in the sleepy coastal town of Beaufort, SC.

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