Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Barbara Bretton's Favorite Christmas Movies and a Kindle Paperwhite Giveaway

 Our Christmas Movie Festival starts off on Thanksgiving morning with Miracle on 34th Street and ends on New Year’s Eve with When Harry Mets Sally. Some of the selections might seem a little quirky, but here is my must-watch list for 2013.

1.  Miracle on 34th Street  -- what can you say about a movie that combines sweet sentimentality, wry cynicism, childhood innocence and wonder, and a romance in one great package. I’ve loved this movie for as long as I can remember (Maureen O’Hara!) and I have the feeling I always will.

2.  Holiday Inn – Don’t tell anyone but I cheat. I’ve been known to watch Holiday Inn in March and July and every other month in the year too. Fred Astaire! Bing Crosby! Marjorie Reynolds! And Virginia Dale whose wonderful knee-length dance dresses would look just as good today as they did in 1942.

3.  White Christmas – I know it’s basically a remake of Holiday Inn, with Danny Kaye in the Bing Crosby role, and all of those great Irving Berlin songs, but it gets me every time. Yes, it’s over-the-top and loosely plotted but the people are pretty, the music is great, the dancing is wonderful, and I want to live in that Vermont lodge with the big fireplace and wooden beams. Besides, aren’t Christmas movies supposed to make you cry?

4.  Desk Set – Tracy and Hepburn at their best. And the supporting cast of Gig Young, the glorious Joan Blondell and Dina Merrill doesn’t hurt either. Smart, sophisticated comedy with a heart of melted chocolate, it’s a wonderful trip back to the Fifties.

5.  The Bishop’s Wife --

6.  A Christmas Carol  -- The TV version with George C. Scott. Scrooge’s redemption brings me to tears every single time.

7.  It’s a Wonderful Life – First time I saw this, I hated it. This was way back in 1971, long before the movie had morphed into a holiday classic. I thought it was the most horribly depressing movie I’d ever seen. Poor George Bailey! He should’ve packed his valise and run fast and far before that terrible town ate him alive. But times change and people do, too, and slowly I fell under the spell of Bedford Falls and George and Clarence. I still kind of wish George had managed to see the world, but Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without this film.

8.  Love Actually – I can get through most of the movie with just a few sniffles here and there, but by the time we reach the airport montage at the end, I am flat-out ugly crying, big huge sobs that I just can’t stop. I’ve always had a soft spot for the Beach Boys’  God Only Knows, but pair it up with all of those people being reunited with the ones they love – sorry. I need a Kleenex. (A box of ‘em.)

9.  Christmas in Connecticut – The original (let’s not discuss the Schwarzenegger version) with Barbara Stanwyck, Dennis Morgan, C. Z. Szakall. One of the best rom coms ever.

10.  Mr. Magoo’s A Christmas Carol – What can I say? Pass the razzleberry dressing …

11.  Bell, Book and Candle – Sexy witches, mischievous warlocks, harried editors and that wonderful scene atop the Flatiron Building. What more do you need?

12.  When Harry Met Sally – The New Year’s Eve scene at the end is the perfect ending for a romantic comedy.

So what’s on your must-watch holiday list?

The Year the Cat Saved Christmas
Barbara Bretton

Genre: Contemporary romance

Publisher: Free Spirit Press

ISBN: 9781940665009

Number of pages: 80
Word Count: 22,000

Amazon    Smashwords   BN   iTunes  Kobo

Book Description:

Christmas used to be the happiest time of the year in the big house on the hill. But this year when the clock strikes midnight on Christmas Day, it will all be over. Can Sebastian, a wily Maine Coon cat, find a way to bring his people back home or will this holiday be their last?

Previously published as "Home for the Holidays" in Penguin Berkley's anthology "The Christmas Cat."

Mrs. Scrooge
Rocky Hill Romances  
Book One
Barbara Bretton

Genre: Contemporary romance

Publisher: Free Spirit Press

ISBN: 9781940665023

Number of pages: 240
Word Count: approx. 65000

Amazon   Smashwords   BN   Kobo  iTunes

Book Description:

Single mother Samantha Dean doesn't have time for Christmas. Or romance, for that matter. She is weeks away from opening her own catering business, the most important part of her plan to provide her certified genius daughter Patty with all the wonderful things she deserves.

Except Patty doesn't want to go to a fancy boarding school. She wants a father and when she meets bartender Murphy O'Rourke at her fourth grade Career Day presentation, she knows she's met the man of her mother's dreams!

But can she convince her Mrs. Scrooge of a mom that it was time to give Christmas -- and love -- a second chance?

Originally published in print by Harlequin American

Book #2 is also available now: BUNDLE OF JOY

About the Author:

Barbara Bretton is the USA Today bestselling, award-winning author of more than 40 books. She currently has over ten million copies in print around the world. Her works have been translated into twelve languages in over twenty countries.

Barbara has been featured in articles in The New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Romantic Times, Cleveland Plain Dealer, Herald News, Home News, Somerset Gazette,among others, and has been interviewed by Independent Network News Television, appeared on the Susan Stamberg Show on NPR, and been featured in an interview with Charles Osgood of WCBS, among others.

Her awards include both Reviewer's Choice and Career Achievement Awards from Romantic Times; Gold and Silver certificates from Affaire de Coeur; the RWA Region 1 Golden Leaf; and several sales awards from Bookrak. Ms. Bretton was included in a recent edition of Contemporary Authors.

Barbara loves to spend as much time as possible in Maine with her husband, walking the rocky beaches and dreaming up plots for upcoming books.

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DogsMom said...

Love your movie list. I guess I would add the Charlie Brown Christmas movie.

There is one other I have to look up the title of because I forget it every year. It is really old and I remember has angels and cows.

SandyG265 said...

I always watch the animated version of The Grinch.

Momma Bear said...

'National Lampoon Christmas Vacation' is a MUST watch.. as is 'A Christmas Story'! And, of course.. 'Home Alone I & 2'

Eva Millien said...

Home Alone 1 & 2, Jack Frost, Santa Clause 1, 2, & 3 How the Grinch Stole Christmas, The North Pole Express, Eloise's Christmas. Sounds like great books. Thanks for sharing them and the giveaway. Wishing everyone a wonderful and magical holiday season! evamillien at gmail dot com

Anne said...

A Christmas Story. I need a little snark with my sap.