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Top Time Travel Destinations with Emma Kaye and a Giveaway

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I recently had to answer the question: If you could live back in time, what time period would you choose and why? Despite the fact that I write and love time travel stories, I found this a difficult question to answer. It was the live that threw me. I’m much too fond of my right to vote and hot showers to really want to live my life in another time. But visit? Now, that’s a different story. So, in no particular order, here are my top three time travel destinations. 

Regency England. I know this is a shocker given that Time for Love takes place during the Regency. Strictly speaking, the Regency lasted less than a decade—from 1811 to 1820—but I’d be willing to stop by a few years before or after. The desire to see this time period comes mostly from all the regency romances I’ve read over the years. There’s something so romantic and fun about all those balls and clandestine meetings. (And I’m curious to know how all those regency lords and ladies are able to find a secluded alcove in the midst of the social event of the season!)

The American Revolution. Being a US citizen, the American Revolution was, of course, a large part of my historical education. I found it interesting then, and still do so many (cough, cough—Not that many. Really.) years later. Now that my kids are in school they’re learning all about it. It’s fun listening to them tell me what they learn each day. It will be interesting to see what’s changed since I was in school. (I still can’t get over that Pluto isn’t really a planet. Please don’t tell me John Hancock used a fictitious name or something crazy like that, I might not survive it!)

It’s not just the history that interests me, either. I love going for hikes where you get away from the hustle and bustle of modern life and can almost forget the traffic jam you sat in to get there. I’d love to see what the country looked like before all the highways and utility poles. Diana Gabaldon is one of my favorite authors and her Outlander series makes me want to go live with the Frasers. (It’s been a while since I read the books, but I believe her daughter found a way to bring running water to the homes on their property, right?)

Medieval Times. Ever been to one of those Medieval Times restaurants where they joust as you eat a humungous turkey leg? I’m pretty sure it’s not the same, but I would still love to visit. Knights, ladies, castles...what’s not to love? One of my critique partners, Ruth A. Casie, writes in this time period and I have quite a large number of romances, from a variety of terrific authors, set back then. Of course, I would want to be a lovely lady of the manor whose brave knight actually respects and loves her—as is always the case in the romances I love.

Now that I’ve written my list down, I’m not sure if I actually want to time travel to a real place or simply move into some of my favorite books and movies! What about you? Is there a particular time period you would like to visit? And do you want to go to the real place, or into the pages of your favorite book?

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season! 

Time for Love
Emma Kaye

Genre: Time travel romance

Publisher:The Wild Rose Press

Date of Publication: December 2013

ISBN 978-1-62830-072-7
ISBN 978-1-62830-073-4

Number of pages:  354
Word Count: 92,194

Cover Artist: Debbie Taylor

Book Description: 

Alexandra Turner will do anything to save her twin sister. Even when she’s transported back in time to Regency England. Rescuing her sister and finding her way back to her own time will take all her concentration. Falling in love is not an option.

With the death of his brother, Nicholas Somerville became the ninth Marquess of Oakleigh and must return to England to take his place in society. Part of his responsibility will be to find a wife. It never occurs to him he might actually discover a woman he could love--until he meets Alex on his voyage home.

Can Alex and Nicholas find a way to bridge the gap of time and circumstance? Can they overcome their fears to realize that true love transcends time? Or will a dark secret from Alex's past rear up to separate them forever?

About the Author:        

Emma Kaye is married to her high school sweetheart and has two beautiful kids that she spends an insane amount of time driving around central New Jersey. Before ballet classes and soccer entered her life, she decided to try writing one of those romances she loved to read and discovered a new passion. She has been writing ever since. Add in a playful puppy and an extremely patient cat and she's living her own happily ever after while making her characters work hard to reach theirs

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