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Giveaway and Guest blog: Music and The Shade by Matthew Tallman

Hello, my name is Matthew Tallman and I am the author of The Shade. While writing The Shade I always had a routine—a certain place to sit, a particular amount of light, and snacks, just in case I got hungry. However, above all those things listed above, music was the most important. Without music, I don't know how I could have ever concentrated long enough to write anything. Music dulls my senses, making me less likely to become distracted with things going on around me. So in the spirit of the curiosity, I've listed below some of the bands/artists, the songs I listened to and the albums those songs came from—just in case you're interested in supporting the band.

10 Years
All Your Lies
The Used
The Bird and The Worm
Lies for the Liars
Keep Moving
Ghosts That Linger
In Exile
Snow Patrol &
          Martha Wainwright
Set Fire to the Third Bar
Eyes Open
The Myriad
Forget What You Came For
With Arrows, With Poise
Edison Glass
See Me Through
Time is Fiction
City and Colour
Boiled Frogs
Live at the Verge
Mexican Sun
Sci-Fi Crimes
Death Letter—EP
Alkaline Trio
I Found Away
Agony & Irony
Civil Twilight
Letters from the Sky
Civil Twilight
The Classic Crime
Warrior Poet
Dark New Day
Twelve Year Silence
Help I'm Alive


I would have to say my favorite band is Thrice, everything from the old to the new is phenomenal. It doesn't matter what mood you're in, Thrice will always have a song to fit, that's why I found them so versatile when I was writing. I do listen to more instrumental stuff when I write but for the sake of briefness I didn't want to list everything on my playlist. You'll find that the songs listed are a good representation of the book and fit in well with its themes. If you've read the book or read pieces of it, you should see similarities in mood and context.

               Well, I hope this small post has given you a slight insight to what I listen to when I write. Post comments about what you listen to when you write, or just in general.

The Shade
The Shade Trilogy
Book 1              
Matthew Tallman

Genre: Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

Date of Publication: March 9th 2014

ISBN: 9780991619207

Number of pages: 340
Word Count: 105,494 words

Cover Artist: Pixel Pixie Design

Book Description:

James Langley's life is over. After an automobile accident leaves him comatose, James' body lies vulnerable in a hospital bed. However, his mind is lost, drifting between life and death, into The Shade.

Trapped in a world shrouded by the unknown, he meets Virgil, a mysterious stranger that informs him that his car wreck was no accident; that the man responsible has imprisoned them both, intent on keeping them there. Together they must race against time to get James back to his body in the real world before he becomes the next victim of a malevolent psychopath.

Enter the world of The Shade, where the boundaries of the human psyche are pushed to their limits and survival is not guaranteed. A place where death isn't the end, but only the beginning.

About the Author:

I am currently a part time writer and full time government employee. Reading and writing books is one of my favorite hobbies as I enjoy every part of the story telling process. I have been working on three full-length novels for the last three years. I grew up all around the world because my father was in the United States Air Force, the past ten years I have lived just outside of Dayton, Ohio, which is where I now reside with my wife and stepson.

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