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Guest Blog and Giveaway The Donor by Candace Osmond

The Future of Marketing

Marketing is a wide expanse of endless tactics to promote a person or product. There are so many different types of marketing, too. There is word of mouth, door to door, newsletters, scheduled appearances, free samples, discount offers, print ads, etc, etc...the list goes on. But which ones prove to have the best results? And where is the future of marketing headed? Well, you would need a crystal ball to answer those questions 100%. The best we can do is go with the flow, cancel out what doesn't work, and move forward. But, in my opinion, marketing is headed in a very interesting direction, especially for authors and publishers.
It's no secret that the world is rapidly moving into a digital age. Some fight it; refuse to believe that print books will cease to exist or that smart devices are creating a race of zombies. I agree and disagree. I think that we need the digital age to happen and we also need to handle it responsibly. In a time where global warming and deforestation are huge factors in the outcome of our future, smart devices and eReaders are the way to go.
So what does that mean for marketing?

Well, it means a lot of things. Your target demographic is now found online; perusing the catalogues of their favorite eBook provider, hanging out on social media, and catching the latest deals on Amazon. These are the places where you need to advertise and here are a few ideas to help you along:

1) Digital print ads. If you're handy with a design program then you have one of the best skills for online marketing. You can create your own print ads, Facebook banners, fancy up your blog or website, etc. If you don't possess this skill then you can easily hire a freelancer to do the job for you at a really reasonable cost.

2) Social media. Now, I'll say this, most people are on social media to connect with other people, REAL people They don't want to be blasted with sales pitches every freaking day. So mix it up. Be an interesting presence online and offer helpful advice, random posts about your day that say "hey, I'm a real person", and interact with others; share their posts, like their pictures, etc. Then, you will probably accrue a pretty good following of people who will see your promotional stuff and actually care.

3) Online book tours. There are tons, and I mean tons, of great online book tour organizers who will work closely with you to assemble the perfect tour for your new book. They schedule all of the stops, provide the tools you need, and help you put together articles, interviews, and contests. And, they're usually decently priced, to boot.

4) Hire professionals. If you have a product, company, or book to get in front of people but have no idea how to drive traffic towards it then consider hiring a professional Digital Marketing Service like PTDM (Personal Touch Digital marketing). I've done it, and will continue to do so. They are an essential tool to use when really trying to establish an online presence or following. They usually charge a monthly fee and will work with you to drive traffic to your website, create SEO content, provide detailed analytics that show where you're doing good and where you're doing not so good. It's a crucial tool to use if you hope to be successful. 

The Donor
Candace Osmond

Genre: Sci-Fi Fantasy

Publisher: Guardian Publishing

ISBN: 978-1502508812 
eBook: 9781311872708

Number of pages: 316
Word Count: 55k

Cover Artist: Majeau Designs

Book Description:

What's the first thought that would run through your mind if you woke up, completely naked, strapped to an operating table, sans a kidney?

What ran through Nora Daniels mind was that, sadly, nobody would even notice she was missing. No family, no friends, not even a boyfriend.

No, there would be no Prince Charming busting down the door to save the day or loved ones to mourn her death. Unless she could find a way to uncover the secrets hidden in her past and discover the one thing tying her to this world.

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The strong stench of chemicals and bleach burned my nose and lungs, waking me from a deep and dreamlike haze, my eyes struggling open to find almost complete darkness. At least, I assumed it was; my mind and vision were both cloudy. Beneath the overwhelming odor of some kind of cleanser and noxious fumes, I caught a whiff of something dank, much like mold or mildew. In the distance, I heard a voice - no, two voices, muffled and just close enough for me to make out a bit of what they were saying. The sounds only compromised by the echoes which bounced off of the walls around me.
Was I in a tunnel?
Deep tones meant that both voices were male and I forced my mind to focus. Instantly, a searing pain erupted in my side, forcing the last bit of drowsiness away and bringing me to the surface of my consciousness. I’d never experienced anything so wretched before in my life! The growing pain was far worse than any headache or migraine that I’d ever had. It cut through me, like a hot knife, and every other thought fled from my mind. All I could concentrate on was this horrific sensation, not like a broken bone or a bad cut. No, it created an image of someone slicing into me and placing a burning hot coal, straight from the fire, deep into the right side of my body.
Instinctively, I reached to pull out the offending rock and instantly began to panic when my arms wouldn’t move. I thought, perhaps, the excruciating pain had caused my brain to not connect to my limbs. But as my natural reflexes had me trying to move, I felt the restraints at my wrists and ankles, holding me down. They were tight, and I realized they cut the circulation to my feet and hands. Trying to assess my situation, I noticed the cold, flat surface beneath me and, as I turned my head, the smallest bit of light crept into my line of vision.
I was blindfolded.
True panic had my blood pumping hot and fast through my body, and I attempted to control my breathing, trying to negate the effects of the agony in my side as well as my fear. I would never find a release if I didn’t calm down.
With clearer perception now, I noticed that the blindfold was thin, perhaps the black nylon of a pair of pantyhose, and it had slipped ever so slightly, allowing that small amount of light to shine just beneath it. Squinting and focusing until my eyes ached, I made out fuzzy shapes through the blindfold. From my limited perspective, I could tell that the room was larger than I’d first imagined, with tall ceilings, and I heard the familiar humming of bright fluorescent lights. The sound echoed the sensation in my body as I forced myself to ignore the debilitating pain.
Turning my head to each side, I took note of what appeared to be several small, cot-like, beds.
Hospital beds?
No, they were more like operating tables...and I was on one of them. I couldn’t make out occupants on top of any other beds, nor could I see anyone standing in the room I was in. But there was a darker spot in a far corner, and the voices seemed to be coming from that direction.
It must be another room.
Flexing my face and working my eyebrows, I managed to continue moving the blindfold so that I had a little more visibility. I tried one more time and got the entire thing shifted so it only rested on my eyelids, barely affecting my ability to see. I could pick out the two men standing in the frame of two open double doors, and I saw a tattoo on one of them.
With the material still weighing on my eyelids, it compromised my ability to see their upper bodies, but I stared at the tattoo on the man’s calf, just below a pair of loose beige shorts. It was shaped like a diamond, but the corner was too dim for me to catch the details. I stared hard, making sure to burn the image into my memory. I would use it to aid the police in finding my captor.
If I ever made it out of here alive.

About the Author:

Published author and freelance writer/editor Candace Osmond was born in North York, ON. From there she began her journey of discovering Canada, moving every few years and experiencing what every province had to offer. She was surrounded and influenced by many cultures which broadened her mind and personality. Coming from a family of writers and artists dispersed throughout, it was inevitable that Candace follow in her family's footsteps. By the early age of ten years old, Candace had won numerous writing and art competitions including a nation wide art contest for the Louie the Lightening Bug Play it Safe Around Electricity program where the company used her winning ad design. A few years later Candace found herself writing for the local news flyer and then branching off into fiction writing.

Candace published her first book by the age of 25, the first installment in a YA Urban Fantasy to which two others were published with it; The Iron World Series.
Candace is one of the creative writers to, an acclaimed Erotic Romance website for women which has been featured on NBC Nightline and a number of other large platforms. Her most recent project is a screen play that is pending a nomination for an AVN Award.

Aside from writing, Candace did manage to get her certification for Interior Design and Decor. After years of working with fellow designers, architects, and home owners, Candace won a Peak Award for Best Kitchen Design under $10,000.
Now residing in a small town in Alberta, CA with her husband and two kids, Candace writes full time, developing articles for just about every niche, two more novels, and a hoard of short stories.

Twitter: (handle is @candaceosmond)

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