Saturday, June 6, 2009

A Review of Some Girls Bite by Chloe Neill

Five Fangs for Chloe Neill's Some Girls Bite

Chloe Neill Rocks! Authors don't always come out of the gate at such break neck award winning speed but Chloe has just knocked my socks off with Some Girls Bite! Wow!

That's two authors this year that have totally blown me away with their debut novels, the other was Kimberly Frost with Would-Be Witch.

Chloe Neill has created such a complex, detailed and amazing world with rich and sassy characters. I could not stop reading, I had to know what was going on and now I am waiting on edge for the next book in the series. Some Girls Bite, was completely engrossing from the very first page. Chloe...girl you rock my world! I totally love it when I read a book that I not just enjoy but that I flip for. I am excited about this series, it gives me something wonderful to look forward to.

Some Girls Bite starts out with Merit (just Merit, which is her last name, the great mystery is what is her first name and why is it so awful) getting attacked on the university campus by a vampire. Another vampire quickly scares the first vampire away and saves Merit's making her a vampire as well.

Merit wakes up a couple days later as a newly made vamp, irritated, and a little pissed about having her humanity stripped away and the life she knew gone all without her consent. She never seems to consider that if she hadn't been turned she'd be dead. I think I'd pick the whole vampire thing over being dead myself but whatever for the most part Merit only sees what she no longer has instead of embracing what she is now.

Not only is she a vampire but she was made by Ethan Sullivan, a powerful vampire hottie times a million and head of Cadogan House one of the four vampire houses of Chicago. They seem to have a strange attraction that goes far beyond the typical sire/newbie vamp bond. And they both seem to be none too thrilled by it.

Ethan expects Merit to be thrilled to be a vamp and embrace all the vampiness of being a loyal servant to her liege and sire. Boy did he miss the mark on that one. Merit has authority issues thanks to her parents. She also has issues with people (or vampires) that think money means everything. Merit puts a lot of things before money and power. Friendship for one.

While Merit struggles with her new found vampire abilities her best friend and roommate learns she's a witch while tagging along with Merit to the Cadogan house. Other revelations occur like Merit learning interesting things about her grandfather and his involvement in the paranormal community. Merit also starts discovering she's a powerful vampire, not just your basic newbie. The why is never explained though hopefully that is left to be discovered throughout the series.

I really love Merit. She's your average girl that gets made into a vampire against her will. She makes a really sassy, kick ass vampire that you root for all the way even while you are thinking "girl, get it together and open your eyes."

The sexual tension in the novel is hot, too. Ethan and Merit have something wild going on that they both try to deny and keep under control. Eventually that is going to seriously bubble over and I can't wait. Then there's Morgan, second in command of rival vampire house Navarre. He seems to want Merit in a bad way and he's not ashamed to show it or let the entire world know it.

Oooh! Yummy! Let me have my pick between those two hot ass vampires and see how (not) torn up I'd be. And the man candy just keeps flowing through this book with Catcher, Merit's roommate's hot new boyfriend and Merit's weapons trainer. Mallory (the best freind and roommate) and Catcher are a hot couple that steam up the pages and Catcher, well he's just flat out hawt.

Neill has created a top notch new series with a complex and complete world full of sexy, savvy, lovable, and fascinating characters that you just can't wait to learn more about.

The Chicagoland Vampires series is not just on my to-read list but it's at the top of my MUST READ list.

The next book in the series, Friday Night Bites, hit shelves October 6, 2009. I am so hoping to get an early review copy of that one.

I can't predict the future but it is easy to see Chloe Neill becoming a best selling author.

(Want more of Some Girls Bite? Check out blurbs, excerpts, even a deleted scene at Chloe's website here


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I rated this one five stars (LibraryThing), too! It was a great read.

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Sounds like a great series!