Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Review of What Happens in Vegas...After Dark

What Happens in Vegas ...After Dark

by Jodi Lynn Copeland, Lauren Dane, Kit Tunstall, and Anya Bast

Harlequin Spice, 2009

trade paper, various prices

paranormal, romance, erotic

5 fangs

Obviously, the stories in this collection are set in Las Vegas. They also are connected, in some way, to the mysterious paranormal nightclub Darkness. This collection follows last year's non-paranormal What Happens in Vegas... by the same authors, which I haven't read... yet. All the stories in this collection were excellent - so much so that I can't actually pick a favorite. The characters are vividly drawn and sympathetic, which you don't always get in such erotic stories. But have no doubt - these are seriously sexy tales! Highly recommended for anyone who likes their paranormals to sizzle.

"Hot for Revenge" - Jodi Lynn Copeland

A year ago, Vegas firefighter Ryan was only able to save one of two people trapped in an apartment building. Because succubus Deitre's best friend died in that fire, Deitre's out to get her revenge on Ryan. At least he'll die with a smile on his face!

"Sensual Magic" - Lauren Dane

Nell's a magical tracker, on the trail of a group of mages who stole $100,000 from her clan. Having tracked Leah, who works with the mages, to Vegas, Nell meets with Leah's former fiance, William, to see if he has information that will help her hunt. Neither Nell nor William are prepared for the fated attraction between them.

"Divine Desires" - Kit Tunstall

Malkiel is in Vegas, searching for an antidote to save his poisoned father. Devi, tattoo artist and latent vampire unaware of her heritage, holds the power Mal needs to steal for his father's sake. Can he do that without destroying Devi? And will Devi ever trust him again if he does?

"The Promise" - Anya Bast

As Damian's dragging his feet out to door to his own wedding, two thugs abduct him to Darkness. There, faery princess Elena informs Damian that he's fae and activates his dormant powers. Elena and Damian discover they share a powerful emotional and physical connection (they're basically soulmates), but she's supposed to be married to a fae noble in a few days. Will Elena be strong enough to defy her father and fae traditions to follow her heart?


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