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Welcome Guest Author Norm Applegate

Today I would like to welcome Norm Applegate,
author of the new book Blood Bar.

Hey Roxanne thanks for inviting me here, this is great site supporting the vampire. However, move towards me, tilt your head, I’m feeling greedy; give me all of you.

A little about me, I started writing in the 90’s while traveling through New Zealand and Australia as a Hypno-therapist with letters back to the USA sharing my experiences as a hypnotist with my wife. But began my first novel, Into the Basement in the mid 90’s. It took me a couple of years to get into the daily habit of writing, and reading everything I could about developing a story, it took awhile to find the zone.

So much of life is luck. I sent the first five chapters of “Basement,” to about seventy publishers, only twenty responded, and nobody was interested. Then about a month later I was in a Borders Book Store, a signing going on, talked to the author, and a few minutes later her husband found me in the store, the publisher had just come in. I introduced myself, and the rest just happened.

Recently I've been asked how did I come up with the title? Blood Bar, A Vampire Tale...what the hell is a blood bar? Sounds creepy, but intriguing. The premise for Blood Bar, was what would happen if you found out you were turning into a vampire. Where else to be initiated but a bar. So I built the plot around my murder mystery sleuth and heroine Kim Bennett, she’s in my first two novels, murder at a bar for vamps, gothic dressed men and woman, and your basic role playing vampires, however it’s fertile ground for picking up fresh meat...if you like that sort of thing. Are you going ask if blood bar exists, I can’t disclose that here for fear of being arrested...blushing sinfully.

Now onto info about the book, Blood Bar is my third book, you can visit my website at it’s stuffed full of links to horror sites, authors, actors, and just good stuff.

Title: Blood Bar
Author: Norman Applegate
Paperback: 324 pages
Publisher: BLACK BED SHEETS BOOKS (January 31, 2009)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 098225301X
ISBN-13: 978-0982253014

Quick Blurb:

Vampires don’t exist...yet, on the brownstone back alley side streets of New York, a vampire dies. Desperate, his lover turns to Kim Bennett, author Norm Applegate’s quintessential heroine whose passion for S&M led to celebrity status as a hell-and-back murder mystery sleuth who’s been there, done that, and then some. This time, Kim finds herself caught between a secret vampire society’s attempts to locate The Black Testament (a sacred document written by Jack the Ripper), the modern-day vampire hunters bent on their destruction, and a white knuckled journey of self-discovery that catapults her into the bowels of hell and the arms of the ultimate vampire.......courtesy of The Haven, New York’s ultimate BLOOD BAR.


Surrounded at the bar, Kim’s thoughts were focused as her eyes became fixed on the ring, until she caught Rose glancing toward her chest eager to see what would be revealed beneath the tight fabric of her sweater.

“I dare you.”

“Very well.” Kim knew what to do next.

“There.” She exposed her swaying breasts, felt the cool air against her rubbery nipples, and leering eyes all over her.

Rose’s voice broke her concentration, “It’s not too late to say uncle.”

“Then what?”

“Run in fear the rest of your life, always wondering what the blood bar is all about.”

“I don’t run.”

“Then I dare you not to flinch.”

“Test me,” Kim said, "Really test me."

Rose shook her head and smiled, “You know what you’ve become don’t you?”

“A donor...”

“Not just a donor, you are my property,” Rose said.

Everyone’s attention was diverted to the look on Kim’s face as her eyes shot open when she felt the cool metal press against her skin. Kim followed the blade as it shimmered in the light, and with a strong steady hand, Rose carved a slit under her right breast. Slowly their eyes met, a furnace burned in Kim's chest with searing pain, and biting her lower lip, drew blood as she felt the full hell of blood bubbling from the wound.
The moment the blade penetrated, separating the plumpness of her skin, Kim’s mind came to attention. She was so well conditioned in her role as a submissive that her body instantly released a flood of endorphins like an explosion of fireworks on the 4th of July.

"Cut me," Kim said, "Make me hurt."

From the wet wound, droplets of blood emerged, which became a watery trickling, then turned to the familiar gore red syrup which wormed its way over her ribs.

At that precise moment, Nicolai crossed the room and as swift as the wind and just as silent, he positioned himself at the far end of the bar. His ice blue eyes were hidden behind dark recesses until he raised his angular chin and in the obscurity of the room, he met Kim.

“Is it burning?” Rose lowered her head toward Kim’s breast.

“Hell yeah.”

“This will take it away.” Her lips made contact, receiving the gift and the room filled with the odor of warm sweet iron.

A fiery sensation ran through Kim’s veins. The emotion was overwhelming and cradling her head, Kim pulled Rose tight into her body. The urge to be bled peaked with a soaring pulse rate as Kim, panting for air, reached out and cupped her breasts. The heightened sexual frenzy of anticipation had Kim moaning with pleasure. She arched her back, felt a warming sensation run through her stomach, squeezed her thighs together until they throbbed and felt her face slowly flush sinfully.

Drugged from the embrace, Kim lazily looked down the long shiny length of the crowded bar. Lust was in the eyes of every man and woman watching Rose feed, and at the end of the bar Kim locked eyes with the vampire and couldn’t let go.

Nicolai smiled his approval, slowly nodded his head and felt the beast inside explore perverse thoughts. The two of them never lost eye contact, and while everyone was studying Rose, Nicolai studied Kim.

Seconds turned into minutes and felt like time stood still as Rose nourished. “I love the feeling of blood gushing down my throat,” she said. In her rapture, she was able to control the craving before draining Kim of too much life, and lifting her head up for air, she kissed her on the lips. Instinctively Kim responded.

Like in a drug induced state, Kim’s body began to shut down, the dizziness took over, her eyes began to close, then Rose placed Kim’s head on the bar. With her mouth open and thin drool seeping out, Kim’s half closed bedroom eyes remained fixed on Nicolai.

“I love you,” Rose whispered into her ear. “It’s all good, let yourself dream.”

Vibrant colors flashed before her eyes, feeling no pain and dancing to the thoughts of making love to the devil's thrashing as he rode her like a dog, she drifted in and out of reality.

Erin Roberts was working the floor, preparing drinks and watched the whole episode play out until distracted by Nicolai’s focus. Between the passion she felt for him and the embrace between the girls, Erin was more than curious about Kim.

As the evening wore on, Kim began emerging from her stupor, and stared into space for a moment thinking about all she had been through, and then she remembered where she was. She looked up, rubbed her eyes and watched the room slowly come into focus.

“That is as close to an orgasm I could ever have without actual sex,” Kim said with a sultry tone that brought a smile to Rose’s face.

“I missed you.”

Brushing her hand through Kim’s hair, Rose looked at her and smiled. It was the signal Kim needed; she reached over, kissed her on the lips and eased her tongue forward as she accepted the invitation of her open mouth.

“I feel really close to you right now,” said Rose.

“Hold me.”

“Your skin feels cool, you okay?” Rose asked.

“Yes,” Kim responded immediately, “I’ve been here before.”

What Kim was referring to was the bond that develops during an intense S&M edge play. The high experienced from this, combined with the mental submission of giving yourself to someone, is infatuating.

Rose smiled, “They call it a blood bond.”

“I like it,” Kim whispered.

Rose understood. She had found satisfaction in being both a donor and a consumer. “Still feel weak?”

Kim’s face had lost all color and Rose was right, she was weak. “Yeah, it’s a strange feeling.”

“Not your cup of tea?” Rose inquired.

“Contraire mademoiselle, give me a drink and I’ll go again."

“Now do you believe in blood bars?” Rose asked.

Before she answered, Kim realized all around her were groups of two, three and as many as five people feeding off one another. It was a decadent orgy of the most sinful kind. Strangers meeting at a hidden away bar to engage in blood play.

Kim looked peaceful, and turned to Rose, “I like this place.”


Crystal Adkins said...

Hi Norm! I saw your interview and thought I'd drop in! I have read this book and it was really awesome, I hope you all will check it out! :)
Crystal Adkins

Estella said...

Great excerpt. Thanks for sharing.

LuAnn said...

I love the whole premise of this book. It sounds great!