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A Review of A Veiled Deception by Annette Blair

Four 1/2 Fangs for A Veiled Deception by Annette Blair

I love Annette Blair's books. Her wit and charm really shine though. The wording and dialogue are so quick and snappy, the interaction between characters is hilarious and I just love her creative usage of "swear" words that fit right in with the character and overall theme of the story. In this book all the swear words were sewing terms like scrap insteak of crap along creative usage of plucking and tucking and the like. In her magic books it was always something very funny or magical.

Another similarity is the vintage clothing, I love the way vintage clothing is almost a character or theme by itself in Blair's books. The clothing with sexy statements is also a great addition to her books. In this it was very mild, just a Kiss My Sass pair of underwear and some words on a few other lucky panties.

In A Veiled Deception we are introduced to Madeira Cutler, fashion designer in New York City, coming home to Mystick Falls, Connecticut for her sister Sherry's wedding. However on her first night home the impromptu engagement party is cut a murder.

The victim is Sherry's fiance's ex who has been a thorn in Sherry's side since she arrived. Automatically Sherry is the number one suspect on the list. Maddie decides she must make sure her sister doesn't go to jail instead of walking down the aisle. Their mother died when Sherry was just a toddler and Maddie being the oldest became a surrogate mama to her, so she feels very protective of her baby sister, who is more like her own baby.

Throughout the story the character interaction is great and there are so many characters that it is amazing that Blair can keep the story so sharp and smooth while blending the diverse characters and plots and subplots. Everything is so streamlined it makes for a quick and easy, and highly entertaining read that keeps you guessing as to who the murderer is and why.

While Maddie investigates the murder, much to the dismay of local Detective Werner who Maddie dubbed Weiner in school and he's never forgiven her, she discovers a lot about the people around her including her "aunt" Fiona, her father, her sister's soon to be in laws, her mother, and even about herself.

The past is always present and Maddie, who has always been able to see ghosts, discovers she has acquired a new talent since coming home. One that allows her to see the past through the vintage item of clothing she touches. This helps her solve the murder but leaves her feeling odd because she's afraid of what other talents she might have.

In the end Maddie solves the crime with the help of her "visions", town gossip, her friends, family, Detective Werner, and her FBI on again-off again boyfriend, Nick.

She also decides what to do about her unhappiness in New York, her love of vintage clothes and the old carriage house funeral home that has called to her since she was a child. News sure travels fast in a small town and many people knew what Maddie was going to do before she did.

A Veiled Deception is a fun book even if it is a crime solving murder investigation, the characters are upbeat, interesting and snappy. It's a quick read because it is a book you won't want to put down until you're done. My mom read it in one night. I read it in two.

I just can't get enough of Blair's witty writing. I missed some of the sexy sizzle that prevailed in her witch books but where the sexy sizzle wasn't in this book there was drama and mystery and some of that steam lie in the background just waiting to erupt like a geyser, though it never did. Shame but I can see where the sizzle had to be left out to fulfil the storyline in this book.

The next book in the Vintage Magic series, Larceny and Lace, hits stores in August. I can't wait to see what Maddie does and if her currently off relationship with Nick gets turned on again.

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