Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fighting Writer's Block with guest author Jade Twilight

As a writer sometimes I find myself stuck on a work. I run into a spot where the plot bogs down the characters refuse to cooperate. My muse balks and I have to bribe her with Coffee Heath Bar Crunch ice cream. Yup I’m talking about the dreaded writers block. So what’s a gal to do. I’m gonna share my secrets for over coming this situation.

Ÿ* First thing I try is taking a break. I get away from the keyboard for a little bit. Go outside, play with the kids, what ever works.
Ÿ* Next is Clean. Yup clean. Some of my best ideas have come to me while doing the dishes.
Ÿ* If that doesn’t work a try to relax. Work on some crafts, read a book, or take a bath. Stress and tension don’t go with writing, at least for me.
Ÿ* If all these don’t work I switch manuscript, usually a change of pace will help me snap out of it.

Well that’s it, hopefully one or all these little tips will help you through your next bout of writer’s block.

Coming Sept 09 from Lyrical Press, Inc.

Sisters In Arms Mistress of Tiethla Book 2

Alex once again heeds Tiethla’s call…and this time, she’s not alone

When Alex is transported to Tiethla a second time, she finds her nemesis scraping his way back into power. A prophecy says Alex must stop the Mastive once and for all, but how can she defeat such darkness alone?

Alex is given some temporary hope by the unexpected arrival of Riley, who agrees to help in exchange for passage back to their home world. But Tiethla has a surprise in store for Riley, and there may be no going home once her true identity is revealed.

Content Warning: Explicit sex, graphic language, ménage a trios, sex with cat men.

Cadhla set the candelabra down and walked toward her. “Let’s see if you’re worth fifty
thousand, Princess.” He grabbed her when he got within arm’s length, pulling her toward him. His mouth came down on hers hard, while one hand wrapped in her hair.

Behind them, the door creaked open. He didn’t seem worried, as his tongue invaded her

A soft, familiar voice accused, “You didn’t say we were having company.”

Alex jerked away from Cadhla, spinning toward the voice. She couldn’t believe her eyes.

The other woman gave her a suspicious look, stepping closer. The light illuminated her.

“Oh my God. It is you, Riley Lewin.” Suddenly Alex remembered how different she looked
now. “It’s Alexandra Konnor. I know I’ve changed a bit.”

“Alex?” Riley studied her for a moment. “How in hell did you get here? And what happened
to you?”

“I could ask you the same thing.”

Cadhla cleared his throat. “So you two know each other?”

“Yeah, we went to school together.”

Alex felt a smile tug at her lips. Riley had been her college dorm mate. Damn, that had been
a wild time. Just before the end of the year, she had vanished. Alex had come back from a class and all Riley’s things had been gone.

Cadhla slipped his arms around Alex’s waist. “Do you think you could chat after we have
a little fun?”

“What do you say, Rye? Poor guy’s got a hard-on that just won’t quit.”

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elnice said...

Not sure about this one, I like the cover and it sounds interesting. It sounds like tons of storyline in a small book. Maybe I'll add it to my wish list just for the sake of curiosity.

Jade Twilight said...

Roxanne thanks for having me.

Hope you like it elnice.

Isabel Roman said...

I like your methods of barrling through writer's block.:) I find cleaning works as well, which is odd since I like to clean about as much as I like brussle sprouts. (Not at all.) You're right, it's key to relax and let the characters work out themselves.

Susan said...

I suffer occasionally from writer's block too. Physical exercise is best for me. Going to the gym or riding my horse takes my mind off the problem. Then I try asking myself good questions. Why would this character do this? Or what would this character do next? Or what does the villain really want? Your subconscious brain will work on the problem, and give you an answer when you least expect it. Works to think of the question before you go to sleep at night. Just DON'T ask negative questions like "why I am such a crappy writer that I can't figure this out?" You get answers to that one too!