Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday Musings

So life will return to a state of normalcy this week hopefully. My mother is done with her surgeries and is doing great. And I am getting back on track with my work.

Of course I have a huge stack of review books to catch up on reading and another stack that I have read and just need to write the reviews for.

Plus I am working on collecting donations for the Vampire Ball and will start receiving entries to judge for an RWA Golden Rose competition soon...oh yeah and somewhere I have to slip in my writing jobs that I get paid for plus my fiction that I hope to someday get paid for.

OK so maybe things are not going back to normal, or else this is normal for me. I am always busy with a to-do list ten miles long...daily.

Oh well, I can't really stand being idle. Busy keeps me sane I suppose. I liek projects and I like having things to do-to a certain extent. Overworked makes me feel overwhelmed at times but it is all good.

So Free Book Friday will return this week. Yay! I know. It seemed weird not posting my normal Free Book Fridays or Winner Wednesdays but this week it all comes backs. Not sure what book I'll be giving away yet, I'll have to sort through my stack. I'll try to get a few reviews posted this week as well.

A couple great sites have featured my news about the Vampire Ball including Marta Acosta's Vampire Wire .

Vampire News posted a quick link and Stef at Night Time Romance Reviews was also kind enough to post the news. Creepy Queen Magazine posted info as well.

Thanks guys, you are great. (Hugs and Fangs to you all)

And speaking of the Vampire Ball, I figured out how to put pdf ebooks on a CD. I have never even attempted this before so I had no idea how to do it, all I have ever put on a disk before is photos so I was thrilled that the whole process is the same.

Woo Hoo, this means I can collect ebook donations for the ball and transfer them all to a CD (or two depending on how many I get).

So that's all for now.

Have a Happy Week!


Destiny Blaine said...

I'm so glad to find your blog. :)) Happy Monday!


Chris said...

Yowza - you do keep busy, don't you? Glad to hear your mom's doing well!

Roxanne Rhoads said...

Yes I think "Busy" is going to become my official middle name. LOL.