Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday Musings October 5th 2009

Blood Ties Season 2 is now on DVD so I can finally watch the final two unaired episodes and enjoy the whole series from start to end over and over again.

My cover for Eternal Desire is up for a Covey Award, you can drop by and vote at Eternal Desire is number 27.

My virtual book tour starts on Wednesday at the Night Owl Romance blog

Eternal Desire Virtual Book Tour , hope you'll all join me on my tour stops

October 7th Guest Blog and Giveaway at Night Owl Romance Blog Readers will have a chance to win a Fang-tastic Books t-shirt and a download of Eternal Desire

October 8th Guest Blog at Mary Eason's Blog

October 9th Guest Blog

October 12 Review of Eternal Desire will be up at Authors by Authors and an interview with me will be posted on the 14th there as well

October 13 Eternal Desire promo day at VampChix, also offering a giveaway

October 13 Guest blog at Ashley Madden's Bibliophiles ‘R’ Us

October 14 and 15 Book Party, Interview and Giveaway at Nights of Passion

October 16 Guest Blog at

October 19 Guest Blog and Giveaway at Sci Fi Guy. I'll be giving away a free pdf download of Eternal Desire along with a Fang-tastic Books desk set-mousepad, notepad and pen

October 20 I’ll be guest blogging with Angie Fox at Something Wicked

October 21 Guest Blog at

October 22 Interview with me at Shapeshifter Seductions

October 23 Interview with me at Vampire Phile

October 26 Week long Eternal Desire/Roxanne Rhoads event at The Write at Home Mom

October 26 Guest Blog at

October 27 Interview at

October 29 Guest Blog at

October 30 Free Book Friday Final Stop at Fang-tastic Books giving away a Fang-tastic Books tote bag full of fanged goodies including a Blood Ties Season One DVD and Blood Books, Book One by Tanya Huff, a copy of The Mammoth Book of Erotic Confessions, which contains two of my “confessions”, and a signed print copy of Eternal Desire along with bookmarks and some other author goodies.


Anonymous said...

Oh, you don't want to watch the last episode! It leaves you hanging! I had to get the books and make do with the endings in them (which were good, don't get me wrong, but not the same as seeing it on the screen)!

I loved Blood Ties and it was such a shame it was never renewed. At least we have the DVDs now.

Love the cover -- congrats, Roxanne, and I'm looking forward to being here this coming Sunday

Bard Girl said...

I just hope it isn't deja vu all over again. My Pushing Daisies DVD got lost or something so they had to send it out a second time and add in the being computerless I had to wait over three weeks before I finally got it. I have it ordered so I look forward to it arriving this week. It just sucks that they didn't have it on a better station since I always thought it was a weird fit.

I just hate that it just leaves you hanging. I was able to catch the last two episodes on the website. I do wonder if Vicki would have ended up a vampire like she does in the Blood Books series. Happy viewing. And I love the cover.