Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday Musings and Paranormal TV Shows July 26, 2010

Who watched the new season of Being Human that started Saturday on BBC?

I did- it was OK I can't say I was overwhelmed by it George sure was being an ass until he found out what was going on. And then the addition of religious fanatics....really? Like the religious fanatic storyline- you know the one where the fanatics going around killing and torturing those who are different all in the name of god hasn't been overdone a gazillion times. Seriously- something new please.

I also watched the other paranormal offerings- Haven on Friday night on SyFy which has really piqued my interest with the "troubles". It's all so vague yet just enough to hook you in.

Then The Gates is getting a little more interesting on Sunday nights on ABC.

True Blood felt a little off to me this week. It's like they concentrated on making it "the bloodiest episode ever" and while doing that they forgot to add something interesting to the story because nothing "real" happened. You know nothing that really furthered the storyline it was about all "trying to escape" and"trying to go somewhere". It set up a bunch of new story lines that will probably be followed in future episodes but this one just left me hanging in a way that didn't leave me satisfied.

True Blood usually delivers the goods in a way that's like good sex- you are like "wow, that was awesome, when can I have more"

This weekend the Got Books Event was a huge success- thank you to all that dropped by to enter.

In September I will be hosting BlogFest 2010 and Blogmania- both of which I am still accepting donations for if any authors would like to donate books, swag, etc.

This week at Fang-tastic Books I have a lot of reviews going up and some other interesting blog posts. There will be a Free Book Friday but right now the giveaway is even a mystery to me since I have not chosen a book for it yet.

Well, that's about it for now I got tons on my mind so I have to go deal with some unpleasantness and then get to work on my book.

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