Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday Musings July 13, 2010

The husband is back to work today, thank goodness too because he was about to drive me flipping crazy.

No honestly we had a pretty good "staycation". We went a lot of places but stayed close to home and came home every night so we didn't have to worry about hotel expenses.

He went fishing a couple times to give me a break but mostly we were together- a lot. And we didn't kill each other :-) He tired me out though. We went all over the place.

We went to The Castle Museum (above photo) in Saginaw. It's pretty cool the whole building looks like a castle, so does the library next to it. That's a library I could spend hours in for sure.

After the Castle Museum we hit the Bay Antique Center in Bay City. This antique mall is a whole block. The building is huge with 3 stories of antiques. It is Michigan's largest antique mall.

Check out these funky coffin things we found there.

Didn't buy them, thought they were a bit odd but someone really into the Goth/vampire stuff might like them. If I had a huge house with a "vampire" room we would have got one (hubby and I someday want a huge house and every room will have a theme- vampire room, medieval room, pirate room, Italian room, etc).

On another day we visited Stepping Stone Falls in the Flint area and rode the Genesee Belle- a replica of an old paddle wheel boat.

These are the falls- at night they are lit up with all different colors. They are very pretty.

This is the lake on the other side of the falls.

And this is the Genesee Belle that we took a short cruise on around the lake.

This is a pretty area in the park at Stepping Stone Falls which is where you board the Genesee Belle for evening cruises.

One day during the week we took the tween to see Eclipse. I have to admit I think it was the best Twilight movie so far. I'll write more in that later.

Friday night the hubby and I had an evening by ourselves- it was wonderful to not have any little monkeys running around. We get that maybe once a year. The two older kids go places all the time but we always have the little guy- mainly because he is such a handful no one will deal with him. My husband conned his BFF into taking the kids for the night. It was great. We sat outside and stared at the stars and had a romantic evening- we even lit candles.

Saturday we hit the farmer's market and a lot of yard sales. I found a corset print that matches some others I have but my big find was 2 1960s plastic jack o'lanterns that light up. I got them for 50 cents each. They sell for between $15.00 and $45.00 online. I knew that because I already have one that was my moms and we seen one at an antique store selling for $45. So when I saw those 2 I snagged them. I'm not selling them though because I am a huge Halloween fan and I love anything vintage Halloween.

Sunday we pretty much spent the day cleaning up the house and yard and recovering from the constant on the go life we led for the rest of the week.

I am still tired and need a vacation from my vacation :-)

This week at Fang-tastic Books I have some giveaways for you including 100 postcards from Uprinting and a $100 gift certificate to CSN Stores.

I am still scheduling Michigan authors for August and others for the rest of the months- and a reminder the big advertising sale of $25 for 3 months of advertising is still going on until the end of the month. You can reserve your future space now at the sale price.

So that's all for now. It's back to work for me because I didn't write much of anything last week. Now I have to catch up on my novels, type up a couple book reviews and work on my blogs. Busy, busy, busy.

P.S. Debra who won the Twice Bitten swag pack and a copy of Twice Bitten has not claimed her prize- if I don't hear from her by midnight tonight I will be choosing a different winner.


katsrus said...

Love your pictures. The castle museum is pretty. You found coffins at an antique mall? Yikes!! Love the waterfall the most. Looks like you had a great time.
Sue B

Roxanne Rhoads said...

Thank you, it was a fab week.

I know coffins at an antique mall...weird but not real coffins. They were just decor made to look like coffins. If they had been real I would have been so outta there. (Yes I am a wimp)

katsrus said...

LOL I thought you meant they were real ones!!! Like antiques. Me too I don't like coffins too much myself. Even cemetarys creep me out.