Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday Musings July 19, 2010

I haven't had enough caffeine today and I'm having one of those days that I am really dragging through so far.

Just another Monday....

Don't have much to say about the weekend- worked, went to an open house, worked... and it was hotter than hell and way too humid. Which probably accounts for my grumpiness.

When the air pressure is thick with humidity and looming storms my head feels like it's going to crack open with the sky- but so far the sky hasn't split so my head continues to.

I watched a few shows over the weekend- had to watch True Blood. That show has got to be filled with more twists, turns, and subplots that any other show I have ever seen. It always leave you not just wanting more but needing more. Craving it like a drug fiend craves a fix. And the wolf- Alcide- yummmmm.

Also watched The Gates. Hmmm. It's getting more interesting though I am not sitting around needing a Gates fix on Sunday nights but there's nothing else on soooo....I watch it. Plus it does have a good mix of paranormals.

Anyone watch Haven on SyFy? It's on Friday nights. So far 2 shows. I kinda like it, wonder where they are going with it and all that. It's based on The Colorado Kid by Stephen King. I've never read it but now I might have to.

The $25 for 3 Months of Banner/Button Advertising Special here at Fang-tastic Books is almost over and there are just a few spaces left. You can reserve your spots for Halloween or the winter holidays now at the $25 price. I accept book, paranormal and Halloween related ads. If you have something else you are interesting in advertising email me and we'll discuss it to see if it would be a Fang-tastic fit.

OK on to this week's events at Fang-tastic Books. The beautiful Linda Robertson will be here tomorrow for a guest blog and giveaway. Karenna Coilcroft is here on Wednesday, Sharon Ashwood on Thursday and this weekend is the Got Books Book Blogger Event.

I am still scheduling Michigan authors for August and authors from everywhere for the other months.
If you have tried contacting me and my email has bounced back or I have not responded I am sorry both my email accounts have been acting up. I suggest copying the message to both addresses and hope that one gets through. I am sorry for the difficulties.

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If interested you can head on over to and order my ebooks: Naughty Little Forest Nymph, Alfresco Loving, Red Hot Reads 3, Spirit Lovers 2, or Lust Bites and get the great deal of buying 2 and getting 1 free.

Well that's it for now, off to work.


Jessilyn said...

I watched both true blood and the gates loved it!

Caffey said...

It is tough to get much done or even get comfy in any way in this heat. We had a bit of a break but its heading back up this week. I haven't followed any drama shows! I don't have HBO or I would be watching True Blood! I loved Moonlight when that was on before, so just like I love my vamps to read, I love Moonlight and would love to watch more of them. I haven't seen Buffy yet tho (oy!)

Looking forward to the week here! I got my eyes more on reading than the TV so I may do better chatting that since I've been a bore when it comes to TV and movies.

katsrus said...

I love True Blood. I have not seen The Gates. I had a long work weekend. And it's been a hot one here too.
Sue B

*yadkny* said...

I watch The Gates, but haven't started on the True Blood. In fact, I haven't read the books either. I think I am a little hesitant because I don't know whether to read the books first or watch the True Blood seasons dvd's to catch up.