Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Review of A Cast Off Coven by Juliet Blackwell

Five Fangs for A Cast Off Coven by Juliet Blackwell

A Cast Off Coven was even better than the first book Secondhand Spirits. Juliet Blackwell has a magical series brewing here that gets better with each new installment.

Mystery, magic, and a touch of romance joined together with some hijinks and vintage clothing- got to love the vintage clothes-make for very engaging reading.

I absorbed this book in two nights. I didn't want to put it down I just kept reading and reading telling myself "one more chapter and I'll go to be". One more chapter would quickly turn into three more and before I knew it it was 2 AM. Yeesh- but that's how engrossing this book was.

In the second book the Witchcraft Mystery series witch Lily Ivory has been asked to check out some clothes at the San Fransisco School of Fine Arts. While there one night she stumbles across a dead body and some very spooky noises. Soon she's embroiled in trying to find out who or what killed the man. She often has to consult Aidan the male witch who still remains a mystery and she even has to work with local Detective Carlos who turns out to be a pretty nice guy and open to Lily's help.

One little problem is Max- he's a Lily's sorta kinda boyfriend and a mythbuster. He doesn't believe in magic, witches, demons, ghosts or any of that which means he doesn't believe in Lily. This creates a nice conflict and opens the doors for the other hot guys in Lily's life (Like Aidan even as mysterious as he is at least he understands Lily). I do root for Max though if he can come over to the "darkside" and believe in Lily. He also needs to forgive himself for his wife's death- which Lily finally learns more about in this book.

This series is so great. It touches on some darkness but it is written lightheartedly so it won't bog you down. I can't wait to read more form Juliet Blackwell who is starting a new mystery series The Haunted Home Repair mystery series. I can't wait for that one. And I am marking my calendar for the next Witchcraft Mystery due out in June 2011.


katscorner said...

I read her last book and you said this one is even better fantastic I love this kind of book so I hope to win and find out what happens next.

Jessica said...

Sounds great! Will definitely add to my buy list, which is likely going to be my bday/xmas list mostly filled with books!

Vixen Pearl said...

Sounds really interesting. I'll mark it down on my to look for list. Like Jessica said, my xmas/birthday list too is going to be overflowing... Thanks!