Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Review of Death By Diamonds by Annette Blair

Maddie Cutler is back in Annette Blair's third Vintage Magic Mystery- each better than the one before it.

In Death By Diamonds Maddie learns that a dear friend has died- perhaps been murdered. She discovers this when the dress Maddie once designed for her shows up at Maddie's shop containing a note that if the dress is in Maddie's possession that means that Dominique is dead.

This leads Maddie on a wild sleuthing trip to New York to help her friend's son sort through things, plan a vintage fashion show to raise money for Dominique's charities of choice, act as executor of Dominique's estate...and oh yeah figure out who killed Dominique and why.

Along for the hijinks's are Maddie's best friend Eve and her on again off again FBI boyfriend Nick. The two of them together in one place adds great friction to the story since they do not get along. I love how Eve is often overjoyed when Maddie's attention strays elsewhere.

Even Detective Werner shows up- which creates sparks on a whole new level for Maddie (much to my delight). Although poor Werner walks into one of Maddie's messes and she brings him down- yet again. This poor guy has been tormented, maced, and put into the middle of a whole lot of trouble because of Maddie yet he keeps coming back for more. And he's the one that's always there for Maddie when Nick is off being FBI superhero.

As you can tell I am rooting for Werner- have been from the beginning. Finally in this book Maddie really starts to see the possibilities with him- I hope the next book will up their flirtation to hook up levels and bring them together.

I devoured this book so fast I think I broke a record.

It was fabulous- the best Vintage Magic Mystery yet. Full of magic, mystery, and classic Blair style. Maddie's antics are always fun to read and the hint of romance is a teasing heat that leaves you wondering and wanting more.

I can't wait for the next book.


Felicia the Geeky Blogger said...

I have these books but haven't read them! I did love Kitchen Witch and think AB is a fantastically fun writer :)

Roxanne Rhoads said...

She is, I've read all of her witch series (which inlcudes the kitchen witch) and the triplet witch series- fun, fun, fun.