Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Review of Eclipse

I think Eclipse is the best Twilight movie so far.

Some people claim that Bella was overshadowed and we didn't get to feel her emotions but really when have we? (sorry, snark)

To me even though Bella is the main character she doesn't shine as bright as the others. Of course I am distracted by the beautiful men in the movies.

In Twilight we got to see and feel a lot from Bella I suppose. In New Moon it was all about her whining about Edward being gone but to me it was all glossed over and didn't "feel" like it should. Eclipse brought a lot of emotion back into the story while still giving us action.

Could it have been more touchy feely- probably but then people might squirm. Sure emotion in the books may be OK but put all that on the screen and...well the guys might definitely run screaming from the theater :-)

I liked Eclipse because it touched deeper on the story than New Moon did and for the most part stayed true to the books.

I really loved the interaction between Edward and Jacob- it wowed me. Edward looked properly pained all the time especially when Jacob was around but he didn't try to tear Jacob apart either. Not even after Jacob tried to stake a claim on Bella or when Bella forced her hand to keep Jacob from doing something stupid.

The tent scene and what happened after...hmmm priceless.

Put me in a tent with a hot werewolf and a sexy vampire- I won't be sleeping and I sure as hell won't be cold. (I know I know shame on me :)

Back to the movie- the tent scene was awesome. I felt Edward's pain and Jacob's triumph. Then the conversation between Edward and Jacob was a little humorous but very touching. It really grabbed me.

Anyway the movie was great, I recommend it. I plan to see it again and the DVD will be a definite add on to my collection.

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Diana (Book of Secrets) said...

I'm going to see Eclipse tomorrow night. Eclipse was my favorite book of the series, so I'm hoping this movie will be the best so far. I'm looking forward to the tent scene!!