Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Review of Everyday Witch A to Z Spellbook by Deborah Blake

Five Fangs for Everyday Witch A to Z Spellbook by Deborah Blake

This is the best spell book I've read. From A to Z you'll find an alphabetical list of spells that the modern day witch will love. Practical and magical all at once this is a must have for your witchy bookshelf.

The spells are simple and useful and there's a spell for just about everything the average everyday witch may need a spell for like: money, prosperity, anxiety, appetite, banishing, beauty, child protection, closure, depression, detox, heartache, home blessing, job hunting, job improving, marriage healing, poverty, even one for potty training your child (which I am going to use right away because my 4 year old is being really stubborn he's almost there but not all the way).

There's even a shit happens spell which is for helping you cope with the everyday crap of life.

One spell I came across elicited a giggle from me, not because the spell itself is silly but because it is something I have never come across in another spell book and it is is something I never would have expected to find.

It is a Kinky spell. The spell will help you attract others who have the same kinks as yourself. Now this could be very useful. Most of us know that being in a relationship that leaves us sexually unsatisfied can be hell and sometimes we end with people who don't share our kinks- which can lead to trouble and infidelity down the road. It is so much better to share your life with someone into the same stuff as you. That's where this spell could come in handy. All I can say is use it wisely. ;-)

The book is filled with so many spells I want to try- almost every page has a sticky note bookmark to guide me back to a spell I found interesting.

In the beginning of the book Deborah also offers some great advice about casting and writing your own spells. And while her spells are complete and she doesn't over complicate them or fill them with so much stuff that you have to spend a fortune just to cast one spell.

Which leads me to another thing- her next book is all about casting on a shoestring budget.

That's a book I can't wait to read because one of the things that has held me back over the years was forking over all that $$$ just to have all the ingredients for one spell. I can't wait to see how Deborah tackles that problem.
Deborah's magical writings have me hooked. I'll be adding more of her books to my collection soon.


Brandlwyne said...

Hi... That sounds interesting to read. I am not a witch/wiccan but I love to read that kind of thing.


Deborah Blake said...

Aw....you say the nicest things *blushes*
I'm so glad you like the book. It was a lot of fun to write, but I also wanted to provide people with practical everyday spells I'd never seen anywhere else.

I hope all the spells you cast bring you everything you wish for!