Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Review of Secondhand Spirits by Juliet Blackwell

4.5 Fangs for Secondhand Spirits

This is a new series for me and I am loving it.

Magic, witchcraft, some romantic possibilities and all set in a mystery novel- fabulous.

The series reminds me a little of Annette Blair's vintage magic series they are both witches, they both own vintage clothing stores, they both can read clothes and they both get themselves involved in mysteries.

But that's where the similarities end- other than the fact that both series are fang-tastically delightful reads.

In Secondhand Spirits powerful witch Lily Ivory is relatively new to San Fransisco. She has a new store selling vintage clothes, a few friends that help out with the store but she's still the new kid on the block.

Things start to get interesting though when male witch Aidan Rhodes shows up with a gift for her, a new familiar who is a shape shifting gnome/elf/gargoyle type guy she decides to call Oscar because she can't seem to get a real name from him.

Then things go from weird to worse when Lily is at a clients house gathering vintage clothes and a neighborhood child goes missing and then the old lady who was Lily's client passes away. Suddenly the cops and other people are interested in Lily's witchy skills. All Lily cares about is getting the child back but she's going to have to take on a demonic spirit to do it. She's not sure she's up for it-especially not alone but if she can give up on her loaner ways and make friends and ask for help she might have enough power to combat the evil and save the innocent.

Fabulous book- I could not put it down, a spectacular slightly spooky read with just the right amounts of mystery, magic and romance.

I already have the second book in the series- A Cast Off Coven. It's next in my to-read pile.


JenM said...

I live in the Bay Area and I loved the idea of a witch running a vintage clothing store on Haight St. so I picked this up to read last week. I really liked it also, so much so that I've already read the second book. In general, I'm not a mystery fan, so I appreciated that the paranormal elements, the general plotline, and the mystery were pretty well-balanced.

Jessica said...

Great review! I've heard about this book but haven't bought it yet. My TBR pile is pretty tall right now and I still have to get a few more releases that came out yesterday that I really want to read! But I have this title down and can't wait for the chance to read it.

Great review. It's really convinced me to up the book on my to buy list!

Roxanne Rhoads said...

Definitely a series to read- I love it. I am currently reading the second book and I am totoally engrossed in it.