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Welcome Author Christina Martine & Cat the Vamp Giveaway

Cat the Vamp by Christina Martine

I have always been in love with vampires, probably because of the connotations surrounding them: beauty, intelligence, mystery, seduction, darkness, power, eternity. I had fallen in love with Anne Rice’s vampires and began reading more vampire literature. I came across the notion of “real vampires” and was intrigued. The idea that certain individuals were born with the ability to give and take “life energy” really fascinated me! I found, however, that there were no novels that incorporated this idea. I grew to realize that there was a common trend throughout vampire novels: most bloodsuckers were immortal and could be killed by sunlight. There were not very many vampire books available with original ideas. I wanted to be the one to change that.

Cat the Vamp is dark, modern, exciting and nothing like you’ve ever read! My book is directed at mature teens and adults alike. It’s perfect for those of you out there who are sick of chick-lit, sappy vampire romance novels. (Don’t worry, there are some very sexy scenes in my book!) My novel is a reinvention of the vampire genre. I’d like to think I’ve taken the art of vampires and turned it into a science. Everyone knows that vampires need blood, but why? What’s in the blood that they crave?

If you’re ready for something fresh, something you can really sink your teeth into, read on to find out more about Cat the Vamp. Don’t worry, my vampires definitely do not sparkle!


They never imagined the temptations of power, love and blood...

As a child, Catherine Taylor never understood why her parents were so secretive and distant. After the death of her grandmother, Cat’s parents take her to a mysterious castle called Blacklune. They explain to her that they, and she, are vampires, part of a hidden community co-existing with humans. Now that she’s of age, Cat will be initiated into the community and undergo a period of training in its methods and morals, along with several other vampire students her own age.

At Blacklune, Cat meets a young man who had appeared to her in dreams, Morgan. She and Morgan form an instant bond, but success with their vampire lessons doesn’t come so easily. Tempted by the lure of blood and the powers they now have, Cat and Morgan push the limits over and over, ignoring the concerns of their classmates and the scolding of their teacher, River. As they become ever more reckless, Cat and Morgan risk going too far. It’s only when serious harm comes to someone else that they realize they have to control themselves--and it may be too late.

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“Catherine, you must tilt your head back and to the right. I’m going to make a small incision on your neck. Don’t make a sound. This will only hurt for a moment.”

Catherine’s heart was pounding so loudly she could almost imagine it outside her body, thumping somewhere on the floor beside her. She glanced about the room, her eyes flitting from one black figure to the next. She drew in a deep breath, closed her eyes, and hesitantly, tilted her head back and waited. She could feel Morgan’s heart speed up as River drew a small silver dagger from a sheath and held it up to the crowd.

“Hold still and breathe slowly,” said River, raising the dagger to Catherine’s neck.

Catherine didn’t dare to move. Everything was happening so quickly, she could barely collect her thoughts. She breathed in deeply when she felt the cold blade touch her neck. She bit her lip as River quickly cut a small slit in her flesh.

“Morgan,” whispered River, “you must drink Catherine’s blood to become one of us. You must do it now.”

Morgan nodded and inched his head closer to Catherine’s fresh wound. He looked terrified. Catherine could feel Morgan’s hot breath against her skin. Her body trembled as Morgan’s lips touched her neck. When he began to drink, something inside of him changed. Catherine felt his body tingle and get warmer. When he finally came up for air, he exhaled with a long moan of pleasure.

Catherine opened her eyes and carefully turned her head to face Morgan. She saw his lips wet with her blood, but she was most drawn to his eyes, now filled with the same emotion that River’s eyes had held.

“Calm yourself, Morgan. Don’t speak.” River said. Morgan was grinning, but he tilted his head back and waited for River’s blade, suddenly eager. Catherine’s eyes widened with anticipation.

When River had made the incision Morgan squeezed Catherine’s sides and pulled her close. Catherine drank and immediately was filled with a warmth she had never known before. For a moment, it seemed that everyone else in the room had vanished. She was alone with Morgan, tingling with excitement and elation. She could feel every particle in her body changing, fulfilled and content at last. She traced Morgan’s sides with her fingers until she came to his hands. She held them and felt his energy pass into her. Never before had she felt so satisfied, so happy, so perfectly complete.


Christina Martine, born on October 22, 1988, resides in Vancouver, BC. She believes that expressing herself, through any medium, whether it be art, literature or fashion, (and anything in between) is paramount to her existence. When she’s not writing, she can usually be found drawing, dancing, daydreaming or on an outdoor adventure!

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