Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Review of Bullet by Laurell K Hamilton

Finally Anita is back home with all her main men. After a couple books with Anita being out of town or focused on other things it was so wonderful to have Jean-Claude, Nathaniel, Micah and even Richard back in the story.

Bullet puts Anita back in St Louis, back in the Circus of the Damned and back in Jena-Claude's bed. And to every one's surprise Richard joins them along with Asher. It's almost too good to be true but never looking a gift horse in the mouth they accept Richard back without much hassle and take what they can get while he's offering because as fickle at the wolf king can be they know he can change his mind in the blink of an eye.

The bad news is they don't get to languish in the afterglow because all hell breaks loose when Marme Noir comes knocking using Belle Morte's body and the Lover of Death's body. They thought they were done with Marme Noir after blowing her body up over a year ago but her essence spread out and is now taking over the Vampire Council members as she uses them to do her evil bidding. Her ultimate goal seems to be to either control or destroy Anita and Jean-Claude. If she can't have one she'll take the other.

Jean-Claude, Anita and the rest of the men and those in their circle of power have to cooperate so they can gain enough power to battle the Mother of all Darkness and defeat her- or at least push her back long enough for them to gain enough power so they can finally defeat her for once and for all.

It's a non stop power struggle and as always for Anita and Jean-Claude sex is power and they use it well.

So yes the sex is back though not as descriptive as before it's still hot enough to steam up your reading glasses but at least now the sex has more of a purpose than some of the books where the sex seemed to take over the story.

I love that Hamilton brought everyone back together and even a couple new and unique players. I am really interested in the new lion they bring to their bed. He seems "interesting".

The bad thing about Bullet is that I did not feel this was one of Hamilton's finest Blake books. Some of the writing was very repetitive. She explains a couple of things repeatedly which was annoying because I was like "uhm got it the first time okay"

Some things were also confusing. I don't know if I just got confused or if the writing was that confusing- for instance on one page she mentions Damian doing something before he had to "die for the day' and on the very next page she's talking to someone about Damian being a daywalker since he is her servant. Hello? Am I the only one that found that to be confusing? If he's a daywalker why does he have to die fir the day? He wouldn't not if he's a daywalker.

And the repeated description of Anita's cleavage being referred to as "creamy goodness" made me very annoyed. I don't know why but once it rankled, twice made me twitch, the repetitive use of it was grrrrr.

So all in all Bullet brought the main storyline of Anita's life back into focus with all her men and the power struggles- thank god for that because while I enjoyed the sideline story lines and secondary plots of her out of town adventures and whatnot- I like to see the main story go forward. And yes I realize that some of the secondary stories tie into the whole and serve their purpose but sometimes it is such a small purpose and it occurs in a big long book. But I guess that's ok because it gives me something hard edged to read.


Alicia0605 said...

I love all of LKH books but I get agrivated by them as well. I wish I could stop reading them but I guess they are my guilty pleasure. I just hate reading any of the books where JC isnt in them. I think he is the main story!! Bullet was def on the right track to getting the story back to where it needs to be!

Roxanne Rhoads said...

LKH books are my guilty pleasure as well- can't stop even though I get frustrated. I have put in way too much time with all of the books to stop reading now.