Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving: Holidays Are Hell Giveaway

Happy Thanksgiving to all my US readers celebrating today.

I am doing my annual make a huge dinner from scratch complete with turkey, homemade stuffing from scratch, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes and real gravy, sweet potatoes, squash, pies, and cranberry sauce- oh cornbread and rolls too. And cake- because it is my oldest boy's 19th Birthday today as well.

Even though I have my hands full I'd like to offer a great book giveaway today- title totally appropriate I'd say :-).

So either before or after you're done stuffing yourself fuller than the turkey I hope you're dropping by here to enter my Holidays Are Hell Giveaway.
If you haven't read this anthology yet and you follow The Hollows series by Kim Harrison this book should be on your must have list.

Holidays Are Hell features the short story, "Two Ghosts for Sister Rachel". In it Pierce first appears in Rachel's life when she is just a teenager trying to summon her father's ghost on the Solstice. She ends up with Pierce.

Holidays Are Hell also features stories from Lynsay Sands, Vicki Pettersson, and Marjorie M Liu.

Here's the blurb:

This holiday, spend quality time with family and loved ones—living and dead... There's no place like home for the horrordays—unless you'd prefer a romantic midnight walk through a ghost-infested graveyard... or a haunted house candlelight dinner with the sexy vampire of your dreams. The (black) magical season is here—and whether it's a solstice séance gone demonically wrong with the incomparable Kim Harrison, a grossly misshapen Christmas with the remarkable Lynsay Sands, a blood-chilling-and-spilling New Year's with the wonderful Marjorie M. Liu, or a super-powered Thanksgiving with the phenomenal Vicki Pettersson, one thing is for certain: in the able hands of these exceptional dark side explorers, the holidays are going to be deliciously hellish!

Want it?

I have 1 Copy for 1 Lucky Reader

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J. L. Jackson said...

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Linda Henderson said...

I agree, some holidays are Hell!! Hope everyone is having a nice turkey day.

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Stephanie said...
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Bethie said...

Happy Thanksgiving!
Thanks for the giveaway.

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Stephanie said...

Happy Thankgiving!

Thanks for the giveaway.

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Robin K said...

Great title for a book!

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Anna (Bite Club) said...

Good luck with all your holiday cooking! I'm in the same chained to the kitchen boat today but I wouldn't have it any other way:)

Estella said...

I love holiday themed books!

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JenM said...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. That feast sounds great. I'm only going to eat my favorites - turkey, stuffing and sweet potatoes, but I'm going to eat a lot of them.

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debbie said...

I hope you have a great thanksgiving, and your son has a happy birthday.
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Wenj said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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Moirae(thefates) book reviews said...

GFC follower.

Kim and Lyndsay! Love those women's books.



Cecile Smutty Hussy said...

Ohh please count me in!!!
I do love the cover!
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Happy thanksgiving to you!!!

The Book Girl said...

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:) Awesome giveaway!

tetewa said...

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Linda Kish said...

I'd love to read this book.

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kittykelly28 said...

Wow I am super lucky and I don't have to cook anything (I can't cook anyway which of course is why no one wants me too!) :) The holidays usually are hell for me so this would be very appropriate lol

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baddict17 said...

Yay! A possible present on Thanksgiving!

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Vicky CK said...

OOOh, this has some good authors. Thanks for the offer!

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Amy said...

This book has some of my favorite authors! Would love to have this!

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stacey said...

Those are some of my favorite authors i would love to have this book.
+2 I am A GFC Follower

James said...

Happy Thanks Giving and good luck with Black Friday sales. Holidays are hell considering we currently have about a thirteen people currently staying in our three bedroom house. Eek!
This sounds like a very interesting book you are giving away.
+2 GFC follower.

Kristina said...

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Happy Thanksgiving

JoAnna said...

Sounds like an excellent read! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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Debby said...

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Zuradia said...

Happy belated Thanksgiving everyone! Yes I know I'm a little late but I had to get in this one too. Good luck everyone. ;-)

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Gabrielle Lee said...

What great authors in this book. A wonderful giveaway!

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Lisa R/alterlisa said...

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Not usually an anthology lover but all these authors are fabulous


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Lisa R/alterlisa said...

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Not usually an anthology lover but all these authors are fabulous


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*yadkny* said...

Love all of those authors... awesome giveaway!

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KimiKayKristie said...

Thanks for the giveaway! Happy holidays!

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ladydi6497 said...

I agree holidays can be hell.

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Asylumgirl said...

Been wanting to read this one.

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joder said...

I very much enjoy the authors in this anthology and bringing an unexpected dimension to the holiday.

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Lisa said...


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Julie said...

Great giveaway!

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sablelexi said...

Thank you for the Giveaway

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Jolene Allcock and Family said...

I have this book on my wishlist, crossing fingers :)
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SandyG265 said...

Fortunately my holidays are usually pretty good.

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mmafsmith said...

Thanksgiving is usually Hell listening to my brother bitch while the rest of us try to watch football. Sometimes I don't understand how we were raised in the same house and he hates it so much! Besides my family my two greates loves are BOOKS (especially on my KINDLE) and FOOTBALL!

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Thanks! Maria Smith

katsrus said...

Happy Holidays. I love anthologies.
Sue B

Steph said...

Those are all great authors!
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