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Welcome Guest Author Heather Kuehl

The Joy of Writing Paranormal Fiction

By Heather Kuehl

While spreading my writing wings, I’ve dabbled in many genres. However, my favorite would have to be paranormal. Not only do I love writing paranormal fiction, I love reading it too. I enjoy falling into a supernatural world where anything can happen. While sword and sorcery fantasy could do that for me, it wasn’t set in a realistic world. When I read or write paranormal fiction, I love the feeling that I could leave my home and meet a vampire or werewolf.

What makes a good paranormal story is fast paced action and heart pounding romance. Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark Hunter series is the perfect example of what makes paranormal fiction a fantastic read. The action and danger is in perfect harmony with the romance blossoming between the two main characters. I try to incorporate the same elements into my own writing.

Within the Sarah Vargas Series, I wanted to make sure that readers would be taken on a dangerous journey with two characters that were quickly falling for one another. Within the first book, Fade to Black, I wanted to have the action take precedence. Especially since Sarah’s love for Jared was going to be a pivotal turning point for her character. Within the second book, Malevolent Dead, I kept the revelations made within Fade in the forefront with action and danger mixed in to make it a great read. I feel that without the mix of action and romance the paranormal genre would fall flat. In my opinion, that mixture is what has kept the genre on top for so long. Don’t you agree?

Heather Kuehl is the author of Promises to Keep and The Sarah Vargas Series as well as numerous short stories and poems. Visit Heather online at http://www.heatherkuehl.com/, http://www.heatherkuehl.blogspot.com/ or follow her on Facebook or Twitter.

Available November 27th –

From Mojocastle Press and Just Another Paranormal Monday:

Just Another Paranormal Christmas



A Cornwall Christmas
By Kayden McLeod

A Christmas the Vancouver vampires will never forget

Even vampires celebrate the holidays. Marcus and Kelly wake up Christmas morning with their own extraordinary presents for the other, one of them being blowing up of the kitchen. In an effort to appear more human, the Cornwall’s plan an extravagant dinner, with all the trimmings and more. Differences are put aside; the Council and Covens come together to show that this time of year is only for good tidings.

A Future Holiday
By Candace Sams

Two war-weary galactic defenders rekindle their romance when Armistice corresponds with the holiday season.

In a future society, two lonely fighters return from war. Rorn T’Kar is the commander of an Earth ship which has been battling in space for eight long years. He once loved Lyra Dench, but she apparently found his presence tedious. Lyra couldn’t tell Rorn she’d joined the Infiltration Corps, which unfortunately had an eighty-percent mortality rate. She was ordered to keep her actions secret and knew Rorn would try to keep her from fighting to save Earth. When Armistice finally comes and coincidentally corresponds with the holidays, the magic of the season takes over. Rorn and Lyra meet again, at the end of the war, and find what they thought they’d lost…all by the light of a Yule tree.

The Unexpected Guests
By Heather Kuehl

Damian’s Christmas party is the last place Sarah ever thought she’d find trouble…

Werewolf Sarah Vargas returns to South Carolina to attend a Christmas party thrown by Damian, born vampire and Lord of Charleston. She quickly discovers that The Council - an elite group of vampires - are attending. They are bringing with them two members of the Du'Rah, the vampire's elders. The Du'Rah are pretending to attend Damian's party so that they can initiate him into their ranks, however they have a more sinister plan. Will Sarah be able to save Damian from the true death and still celebrate the holiday season?

Once Upon A Dragon
By K.A. M’Lady

Jeremy Owens and his older siblings want to believe in magic, but hope and belief are difficult things to hold onto even when you’re a child. After the loss of their parents, three young children find themselves fostered off on an Aunt who’s never known the love of a child. This Christmas will the Owens children find out what it means to believe again? Anything is possible with a little magic.

A Christmas to Remember
By Brigit Aine

Pixie and Wolf politics still abound, but nothing will stop Kira from enjoying her first Christmas as a married woman. Now that they are married, Lance and Kira thought life would settle down. Unforntunately for them, as Christmas approaches so do their enemies.

Reflections of a Lily in Winter
By Susan Gabriel

A single light shines brightest in the darkest hour of the longest night.

Even a tough cookie can crumble under difficult circumstances. Fourteen year old Lily is drowning in domestic drama and facing the worst Christmas in her life until a distant relative in a faraway place throws her a lifeline. One Christmas spent at Candlewood Manor will open her eyes to a world beyond her imagining and open her heart to the reason behind the season

EXCERPT from my short story “The Unexpected Guests,” featured in Just Another Paranormal Christmas:

“Not only is it an honor to have the Du’Rah attend Damian’s event, it’s a danger,” T.D. said. She had sat upright on the bed and had her hand resting on the butt of her gun.

“Damian told me what happened at the last party they attended,” Sarah said. “No survivors.”

“They don’t attend parties to have a good time,” T.D. said. “They do it to take out competition.”

Jared and Sarah turned towards the witch. “What?”

T.D. nodded. “To become a Du’Rah is a very high honor, one gained only through age. There is no task to complete. You could live in a cave your whole life and still get inducted into the Du’Rah. They attend the galas of those chosen for the honor, and then find a reason to be displeased with them. The music wasn’t right. They didn’t have a Du’Rah’s favorite blood. The costumes offended a member. With displeasure comes death.”

“Then why are they attending Damian’s Christmas party?” asked Jared. “I mean, yes he was alive when Rome fell but there has to be vamps older than that.”

“There are,” said T.D. after a moment. “But Damian’s an interesting creature. He wasn’t born during Roman times Jared. Not only has he been a vampire longer than you can fathom, but he was born into vampirism. He has known no other life. The Du’Rah must feel threatened by this.”
“He’s been chosen to become a Du’Rah,” stated Sarah.

“We might as well been given a death sentence.”

Note from the author: Just Another Paranormal Christmas is an anthology published by Mojocastle Press, benefiting the Armed Forces Children’s Education Fund, Inc. For more information about this wonderful cause, please visit their website: http://www.afcef.org

Read more about Sarah Vargas!

Fade to Black blurb:

Werewolf bounty hunter Sarah Vargas has only one goal in life; to kill the Were that attacked and changed her. However a slew of werecreature murders send Sarah and her partner, Jared Fontaine, on the mission of their lives, ending with a discovery about Jared’s past that might destroy them both.

Malevolent Dead blurb:

Werewolf Sarah Vargas thought all she had to worry about was the Blood Moon Corporation's retaliation. She never dreamed that another vampire would arrive, disputing Damian's claim over the throne to Charleston, SC. To make matters worse, he is no ordinary vamp; he's a vampire necromancer. He's exceptionally hard to kill, and Sarah will have to do what ever she can to keep those that she loves safe... Even if it means doing the unthinkable.

Blood Moon blurb:

After she broke her contract with the Blood Moon Corporation, Sarah Vargas knew that it was only a matter of time before they came for her. What she didn't know is what lengths they would go to to make sure that she had no where to run. Everyone Sarah has every relied on is in danger during a time when friends become enemies, and Sarah quickly realizes that the Blood Moon Corporation will never give up until she is dead. The Blood Moon Corporation is coming, and even Sarah doesn't think she can make it out alive.

Buy Links
Malevolent Dead: Book Two of the Sarah Vargas Series, Eternal Press
Fade to Black: Book One of the Sarah Vargas Series, Eternal Press
Promises to Keep, Eternal Press

Coming Soon
Blood Moon: Book Three of the Sarah Vargas Series, Eternal Press (3/7/2011)


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Thanks for being a guest today at Fang-tastic Books.

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Heather Kuehl said...

Thanks for having me, Roxanne. It looks like the antho is going to be delayed a bit thanks to the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. :o) Once I get the new release date, I'll post it.

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