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A Review of Christmas Wishes a Jewels of the Quill Christmas Anthology

4.25 Fangs for Christmas Wishes

If you're looking for a fabulous Christmas anthology to put you in the holiday spirit pick up this collection from Whiskey Creek Press Jewels of the Quill authors.

Here's a description of the book and stories:

Rediscover the magic of Christmas! SIX JEWELS OF THE QUILL authors offer exciting holiday stories-each featuring a wish, possibly small, but straight from the heart! A collection of Christmas stories for readers to enjoy this holiday season...or any day of the year!

All She Wore Was A Bow Men of Moonstone Series, Book 2 by Christine DeSmet

They-re tall as the oaks, bold as the bulls they-ve ridden in rodeos, and they don-t talk about the past. They-re three buddies who-ve seen the worst the world has to dish out. One by one, they ride into Moonstone for missions impossible and women improbable.

Little Cat Feet by Margaret L. Carter

In this tale inspired by the legend that animals can speak on Christmas Eve, a teenage runaway on the streets saves a stray cat from abuse. The cat helps her in return.

Christmas Faith by Karen Woods

Faith Caldwell finds her name to be a joke. Faith? Not her. Not when everyone she-s ever loved has been cruelly taken from her. What kind of loving God lets people suffer like that? The veterinarian wants nothing to do with the God she grew up trusting implicitly. So, when the new neighbor happens to be a widowed minister with a houseful of kids, Faith tries to be civil but distant. But none of the Hendersons-from little Clara to -Father Ed- in the Anglican collar-understand civil or distant. Ed helps her to realize God still loves her, but can reborn faith heal her scars?

Perfect Cadence (Kaleidoscope Series, Book 1) by Karen Wiesner

Kaleidoscope Office Building provides employment to nine hot, young singles-all about to make a love connection. Working 9 to 5 has never been so complicated-or so much fun!

Are You Listening? North of Nonesuch Series, Book 6 by Jane Toombs

A six-year-old-s wish to have her daddy back for Christmas uncovers a dark secret.

Annie-s Outlaw (Sapphire Palace Series, Book 2) by Nancy Pirri

Outlaw Cane Smith arrives in Bozeman, Montana, released after serving several years- time in a Texas prison for a crime he didn-t commit. He-d led a hard life as a cowboy, herding cattle from Texas to Montana for years, until he was accused of robbing a train. Living behind bars in Texas has changed him-especially when he discovers he-s a father. Annie Callahan works at The Sapphire Palace, and she-s helped her father raise the small boy she named Mark. After all this time, she can-t give him up. He-s a Callahan.

My review:

If you love Christmas stories this book is one to keep on your shelves. You'll want to pull it out every year and cuddle up by the fireplace with a hot cup of cocoa while reading (if you don't have a fireplace snuggle up in your favorite blanket like I do, imagining a fireplace in front of me :-)

"All She Wore Was a Bow" by Christine DeSmet is a warm holiday tale filled with sweet romance and holiday surprises. I loved the setting and characters.

"Little Cat Feet" by Margaret L. Carter is a quick read that shows us holiday miracles do exist.

"Christmas Faith" by Karen Woods confronts pain and the power of healing in her story of faith, understanding and love.

"Perfect Cadence" by Karen Wiesner is a story of second chances, a tale of the one that got away being found again. I loved the setting- a perfect winter romance set in a cabin in the mountains.

"Are You Listening?" by Jane Toombs is a wonderful little paranormal Christmas story. It was a nice surprise to find a paranormal among the contemporary romances.

"Annie's Outlaw" by Nancy Pirri is another story with the hint of the supernatural mingled in. Set in the old west we see how important family is during the holidays and that anyone- not just those bound by blood can be family.

This sweet Christmas anthology has a great variety of stories: romance, humor, holiday cheer and even a touch of the supernatural blended in.

I loved each story and delighted in the different genres and themes. This is a book I would like to revisit each year to add a little more holiday spirit to the season.

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