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Review of Once Bitten and Twice Dead by Kalayna Price

Five Fangs for Once Bitten by Kalayna Price

Book Description:

Vampires and Shapeshifters.

A Fictionwise bestseller: No. 1 on the Fictionwise Dark Fantasy list in Feb. 2009 Kita Nekai, on the run and the smallest of her shifter clan-a calico cat among lions and tigers-is being hunted. She was expected to accept her role as her father's successor whether or not her cat was up to the task of leading the clan. She disagreed. Now she's less than a step ahead of the hunters, bone-tired, cold, and living hand-to-mouth in the city of Haven. And that's the high point of her day.

She's also drugged, "accidently" turned into a vampire, and sentenced to death for recklessly creating a rogue shifter who tortures its human prey. She's got seventy-two hours to find the rogue, evade a city full of hunters, prove she's not responsible for the rogue, and keep the vampire council from killing her. All while sorting out an apprentice mage, a married ex-boyfriend shifter-hunter, and the vampire who made her.

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My review:

After a slightly slow and shaky start I was quickly engrossed in the story. The first few pages of Kita shifting into a cat and wandering about didn't quite grab my interest but I kept reading because a gut instinct told me things were going to get good- and they did.

Kita gets drugged at a party, attacked by a shifter after escaping hunters then wakes up later to find she's become something altogether new- a vampire. And her cat seems to be a cold and dead inside her. She's a shifter that can no longer shift.

Nathanial, the vampire that changed her, is sorry for accidentally drinking too much from her therefore the need to turn her- but he doesn't seem that sorry. In fact he seems quite intrigued by Kita...too bad everyone else is fascinated by the shifter turned vampire as well. Even a judge that threatens her life and a scholar that wishes to study her.

Once the story really gets interesting you won't want to put it down.

Kita is quite a spirited cat and it's a good thing she has nine lives because the situations she keeps ending up in- well let's just say life threatening doesn't even begin to cover it.

I love the rich and very complete world building. I truly think Kalayna Price is a rising star in the urban fantasy genre. Her books are rich with descriptions that put you right there in the scene, in the skin of the characters. And the descriptions are never overdone. The imagery is spot on.

And the characters...I can't wait to see what happens with this cast. I love that I already see where story arcs and character growth are going to come into play- but I have no clue where those lines will lead and that's fabulous. I love books to surprise me.

I could not put this book and was quite happy that I could go right from book one into book two Twice Dead.

Five Fangs for Twice Dead by Kalayna Price

Book Description:

Newly undead shifter-turned-vampire Kita Nekai is coming to grips with the reality that her cat has not awakened since her change. What she needs is a little time to adjust to her new liquid diet and the increasingly complex attraction to her sire, Nathanial. What she gets is a headless harlequin. With the body count rising, Kita is dragged into a dangerous game of vampire politics.

Her involvement draws the attention of an ancient vampire known as the Collector who has a penchant for acquiring the unusual - like a pureblood shifter-turned vampire. Kita still has unfinished business of her own and finds herself deeper in magical debt. It's a bad time to be a kitten who can't slip her skin.

Kalayna Price's debut novel, ONCE BITTEN, earned rave reviews and reached #1 on's "Fantasy Bestseller List." TWICE DEAD returns readers to a dark, seductive world where magic rules and ancient loyalties collide with modern challenges.

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My review:

Where Once Bitten had a shaky start Twice Dead jumped right into the action. And it was a non-stop adventure from page one.

Poor Kita is constantly getting into trouble. It's not her fault she's different and stands out form the crowd but her spirit and uncontrollable mouth could be controlled more effectively.

Ah if only...but then we wouldn't have a story now would we?

I am enthralled by Nathanial. His sexy vamp appeal is exactly what a vamp should be- strong and dangerous, yet flawed and totally mysterious because we are thrown a few crumbs about his past, his life and his ties to the other vampires but we are left wanting- aching for more.

His connection to Tatius is the story that really leaves me wanting more. He admits that Tatius is his brother...but how is that possible. Tatius is ancient and Nathanial is only 400 or maybe around 450 years old. Almost a baby in vampire terms. I can't wait to learn more about that story- and Nathanial in general.

And Bobby- sweet Bobby. He doesn't have a clue the furry guy never gets the girl when a vampire is involved, does he?

Maybe someone should hand him a set of the Twilight books.

Bobby does intrigue me but I see no future there between him and Kita even though there is a rich past and I'm sure their lives will stay entwined but just not in a romantic way. For one, he's mated. That means off limits.

But Nathanial...yes as always back to the vampire. He is just so yummy, I'd have no problem tasting him. Kita's quite crazy trying to keep her distance from him.

But I understand, poor girl is confused. One day she's a cute little kitty on the run from responsibility in her world of Firth. The next day she's undead and everyone wants to kill her- again and for real.

Being undead totally sucks for her.

If you have not read this series yet- what the hell are you waiting for? It is awesome.

The Haven series is a fresh look at vampires and shapeshifters. I love the new persepctive and the amazing world building.

Kalayna Price is definitely a rising star you won't want to miss.


Angela (Library Girl Reads) said...

I agree! The combination of shifter and vampire is definitely a new thing for me and I loved it.

I think her other series (Alex Craft) is going to be awesome as well!

Jessica said...

I LOVE this series as well! It's so intense! Nathanial blows me away man!! Oooh and that scene in Twice Dead when he helps Kita "clean up"!! Very much a fan and can't wait for Third Blood!!!

Great reviews!

booklover0226 said...

OK, Folks, you have convinced me; I'm heading to Fictionwise right now!

Roxanne Rhoads said...

Yes- these books are fabulous. Mmmm, Nathanial and the shower scene. Yes, Good one.

Kita's crazy trying to keep her distance. :-)

Angela- the Alex Craft series is phenomenal. Kalayna's style shines through with detail that drops you right in the scene and characters that reach out and grab you.

Intense and I love the new mixes she uses. In Haven series you have a whole new type of shifter and a shifter turned vampire along with mages and a necromancer.

In the Alex Craft series you get a witch with grave sight- kinda like necromancy but a bit different. Then you also get fae and not the happy sparkly ones either.

booklover I don't think you'll be disappointed with these books

Tanya1224 said...

I'm going to have to check this series out now. Sounds great and 5 fangs =) Shower scene? I've already written down the titles. Thanks.