Monday, December 13, 2010

Welcome Guest Author Elizabeth Loraine

So why vampires?

I hear all the time. You write vampire books? It seems like everyone is writing vampire books.
Is this really the time to add to this over crowed genre?

Well, obviously I thought so. With all the modern vampires out there today, I still couldn’t find anything that I wanted to read! It seemed like the books I pulled off the self were all alike and I was so bored that I decided to write something new. I wanted to know more about these long lived beings, their history and experiences back through time.

I wanted young, smart, strong female characters and a whole new take on the vampire legend. So I not only brought them back in time and surrounded them with actual historical events, but I created a whole new vampire world with a new vampire race. In my vampire world the vampires are not the undead, soulless beings that are the norm. But an ancient race; vampires who are mostly born, not made and are fully integrated throughout human society, which is a layer of protection from those who seek to wipe their race from the face of the earth.

In this vampire world I created a special relationship between the royal vampires of Europe in my stories and humans called the Watchers. These are the trusted human protectors of the vampires who watch the humans surrounding their vampire charges for any sign that they have been found out and are in danger. Instead of the usual use of werewolves in this role which has been done.

This gives me a great way for them to interact with each other and creates unique relationships of friendship, trust and love between the Watchers and the vampire families. Of course evil lurks on both sides along with the other peaceful races and characters that I introduce you to. Witches, wizards, elves and fairies are also being protected.

I wanted to have heroines for young girls who love this genre without the whining and erotica that is usually included in these stories. My books are filled with action, adventure, romance and a wondrous backdrop of European Royalty.

Fantasy writing is all about being drawn into a different world for however long you are reading and as a visual person I try to be as detailed as I can so that the reader will be able to see the story as much as read it. I hope that I create characters that will make you cheer when they succeed; cry when they fail and that keep you looking forward to their next adventure.

You can start this adventure with book one of Royal Blood Chronicles, Katrina, the Beginning available now on and with special holiday pricing of .99 on Kindle for a limited time through the holidays and the promotions for book four Cain, the Quest!

I look forward to answering any questions that you may have.

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Elizabeth said...

Hi everyone, if you have any questins I'd be happy to answer them!

booklover0226 said...

Hello, Elizabeth.

How long does it take you to create a book cover? Do you work with the same folks for each cover.

I look forward in starting this series.

Tracey D

Elizabeth said...

It takes me longer to decide on the artwork, and then I do them myself with my sister. That is another artistic outlet for me. Thanks for asking and I hope you will enjoy Royal Blood Chronicles it is so different than anything out there today.