Friday, December 10, 2010

Welcome Guest Author Isabel Roman

In thinking what I wanted to write about this blog, I went through several aspects of the paranormal world. There was a time I loved vampires, couldn’t get enough of them and read every book I could get my hands on. Then I started reading way too many that sounded exactly the same (and Nora Roberts came out with one telling me the niche was over). But hey, if you have a vampire book out there that’s different, I’m all for it!

When I started to plot out my first book, I debated what to do and where to set it. I wanted to write an historical and I wanted it to be paranormal. But the question was…what? (And where and when.)

The where was England, the when was 1882. But the what. I could have had vampires, just take what I would have done with them today and made them historical, but no, I wanted something different. Magickers. Based on the old Druids legends, I decided to mix it all up with a Spanish Inquisition-like fanaticism, lots of sex, and a bit of mystique.

Let’s face it, we all would love to do magick—real I can make things levitate, hide myself in shadows, control the wind, water, and land magick. Think of the fun! And trust me, it was great fun. I love the verse, the characters, the couples, even the bad guy. He had such an annoying way of speaking, emphasizing random words that made no sense. If you’d like a free Choose Your Own Adventure story set in my Druid-verse, check out my site:

Does this mean I would never write a vampire book? Well, no. I would. But I bet you my Christmas presents it’ll be an historical! Okay, let’s think about it…historical vampires. Historical vampires where? England? Canada? Russia during the revolution? Ooh, royal vampires! Victorian? Victorian vampires?

What’s different enough? Or is it not the setting but the story itself? What would constitute a truly unique vampire story? Something to ponder, contemplate, think about during the holiday season. Certainly not plot. Nope, no time for that. But I’d love to hear what you’d like to see in a vampire story!

Isabel Roman is addicted to chocolate, historicals, NCIS, and happy endings. Not in that order, though if you happen to have any chocolate around, and would like to keep it for future enjoyment, you’d best hide it. Just in case, since she does have a nose for chocolate like polar bears have a nose for blood. But less gory.

Two of her Druids books are now out in bookstores, Dark Desires of the Druids: Sex & Subterfuge and Dark Desires of the Druids: Desert & Destiny

And if you happen to like zombies (The AMC series Walking Dead was pretty cool) Hungry for Your Love: A Zombie Romance Anthology is also out in bookstores. It’s probably the only zombie romance anthology you’ll ever find.

Sex & Subterfuge and Desert & Destiny available in print Summer 2010!

Isabel Roman

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Isabel Roman said...

It's my fault this post went up late. Yesterday was a crazy busy day and apparently the file I sent looked more hieroglyphic than English.

Thanks for having me here! I adore this blog, it's one of my favorites.

So, how do you love your paranormals?

Dottie (Tink's Place) said...

Hi Isabel!

Great post, love finding new authors!

Dottie :)

Isabel Roman said...

Hey, Dottie! Thanks for stopping by today.

Witchy Woman said...

I just wanted to tell Roxanne's readers how much I enjoyed Roman's DDOD series. That's what I like to call her Dark Desires of the Druids. Mind you, I do this without her knowing. `Course, the cats out of the bag now. It's very catchy, DDOD. But, I digress, I've read the series and reviewed 2. This author is a wonderful storyteller and her erotica is spicy as well as top-notch. Pick up one of her novels, you'll see!

Susan S.

Estella said...

I like paranormals any way I can get them. If it is a good story I will read it.

Isabel Roman said...

Susan, hey! DDOD? I love it! Much easier than Dark Desires of the Druids. Less of a mouthful. Thanks so much for dropping by!

Estella, good point. It's the story that counts, not the paranormal angle.