Thursday, January 27, 2011

Review of I Dream of Genies by Judi Fennell

4.5 Fangs for I Dream of Genies by Judi Fennell

Sourcebooks, Inc.
January, 2011
ISBN#: 9781402241895

He needs to change his luck, and fast!

Matt Ewing would gladly hunt down a fortune in lucky pennies if he thought it would help save his business.

But for all his hoping, Matt’s clueless when his long awaited lucky charm falls in his lap in the form of a beguiling genie. He just can’t believe that this beautiful woman could be the answer to his prayers…

She’s been bottled up for far too long!

Spending 2,000 years in a bottle would make any woman go a little stir crazy. So when Matt releases Eden from her luxurious captivity, she’s thrilled to repay him by giving him the magical boost he needs…

But for all her good intentions, Eden’s magical prowess is a little rusty and her magical mistakes become more than embarrassing. And though Eden knows falling in love will end her magic and immortality, she can’t help but be drawn to the one man who wants her just for herself…

My review:

Judi Fennell's books are always a read on the fun side.

Fennell has a knack for combining zany characters with strange situations and sometimes odd settings, mixing them up with a dash of humor and tossing in a bit of sizzling romance- and the result is novel magic.

I can guarantee once you read one of Fennell's books you won't forget it.

Wordy puns, wisecracks, snarky comments, sensational secondary characters (sometimes really odd ones you've probably never seen in a romance novel before- drunk skunk anyone?) combined with sexy sizzle between two wonderful lead characters make her books page turners.

Fennell's under the sea adventures were wonderful but I think she's outdone herself with I Dream of Genies.

Eden is easily lovable and Matt is a hero you'll want....well you'll just plain want him but you'll also root for him and Eden to finally get it right and get together.

She's stuck in a bottle and he could use a little magic in his life. Both discover you should be careful what you wish for. But she has the chance for freedom and he's got a chance for his wishes to come true- too bad her magic causes mayhem and much magical hijinks.

You'll snicker, you'll giggle and if you're not careful you'll fall off your furniture laughing- either way you'll have fun reading this book.


LMW said...

This book sounds great! Thanks for the review! :D

aries18 said...

Great review of a great book! I'm reading I Dream of Genies right now and it's everything you said and more! I love Judi's Mer series and hope to see more of them and I feel the same way abou her Genie series. Buy, borrow or ... well, buy or borrow this book, you'll love it.

~Sia McKye~ said...

I hate you Wanda. Mine hasn't come yet. Hrrrphm. Must check out why.

Liked the review!

BLHmistress said...

I have her series both the Mer series and this book on my list. I can't wait to read them and from your review it synched it for me. Thanks for a wonderful review.

wanda f said...
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wanda f said...

I Dream Of Genies is fantastic a must read.My copy went onto my keeper shelf.I read usually a book a day and this is one of the best books ever!!!Absolutely loved it and am reccommending to everyone

Other Lisa said...

Awesome review! I've read two of the MER books and am really looking forward to this one. Talking cat! I'm on it!

VA said...

Love Judi's animals. Just finished IDOG and giggled and snorted my way through it. Highly amusing and entertaining.

Roxanne Rhoads said...

glad you guys like the review- and so glad you love Judi's books. She is defintiely a fab and funny writer.