Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sorry for the Uneventfulness

So it's the new year and I've been rather quiet.


Because I am seriously running around like I am being chased by supernatural creatures on the prowl.

OK maybe it's not that serious but I am excessively busy right now. I am working on my writing career goals for 2011 which includes editing and getting my short stories ready to be published or submitted for publishing. I have 2 scheduled for release soon- one next week, January 10, and one in February.

Plus I just kicked off Bewitching Book Tours. I've had lots of nibbles, several authors have signed up and many blogs have become tour hosts. So I've been really busy with that because I hope to make BBT a huge success this year.

My first tour coming up is Alayna Williams for her upcoming release Rogue Oracle.

If anyone wants to host Alayna and has not signed up yet to become a tour host, email me or add your blog to the host list here. I'll be contacting hosts late this week or early next week to start scheduling tour stops.

Another thing that has me going crazy is my mom's wedding.

It's January 15 and I'm doing a lot of stuff for it- like DIY catering. EEEK!!! Cooking is probably one of my least favorite things to do and cooking for large numbers is not something I have experience with. So I've been trying to figure out what the heck we're eating. One thing- Pasta. I'm married to an Italian. I think I can do pasta in bulk. LOL. Add garlic bread and a salad and all is good. Hopefully.

If anyone has catering advice- help I'm all ears. :-)

I promise I'll update the sidebar soon. I actually do have a lot of authors and giveaways scheduled for the next couple months they just haven't made it to the calendar in the sidebar yet. But have no fear Fang-tastic Books is not dead- or undead :-) just taking a much needed breather.

Judi Fennell will be here Thursday, though for a fab interview and I Dream of Genies giveaway. Then Free Book Friday will be back with a giveaway. Next week several authors are lined up for guest spots and giveaways and things will be back to normal.

As always I am open to scheduling authors for guest blogs, interviews and giveaways here at Fang-tastic Books so if you have a new release coming out or a backlist title you want to generate sales for email me and we'll set you up with a guest spot.

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