Thursday, February 10, 2011

Guest Blog and Giveaway with Kayden Mcleod

Thank you Roxanne and Fang-Tastic Books for having me here today! I hope everyone’s day is going well.

With the recent releases of the last two books in the Cornwall Coven Trilogy, Carnal Magnetism and Demonic Pandemonium, the Vancouver vampires are unsure what to think with having their story being told. The leads from Carnal Magnetism, Ryder and Catalym Cornwall, along with Kevlar Brandenburg and Pandora Cypress from Demonic Pandemonium, sit in the fetish club, named the RedLine.

Ryder and Kevlar bring over the filled beer glasses to their reserved table. They sit down, while Catalym’s finger strokes the bindings of Carnal Magnetism. Pandora mirrors her action with a different volume, her own story, Demonic Pandemonium. She opens the cover with trembling hands, and begins to read the first few paragraphs of her story.

Pandora: There are many types of people in this world. And I have no idea what type I would be classified under. I walk through life always unsure of my next move and how it would affect others. Because everything I did rippled outward and I long ago realized, I had to limit my association with the “outside world,” relying on no one but myself. I couldn’t depend on my family, friends or enemies for guidance of any sort; forever alone and doomed to always be. Such was the case with my kind—though I wouldn’t know, since I didn’t associate with them either. What am I? A demon.

Kevlar: *Places his hand on hers* These words bother you, but your life has changed a lot since then. Have you come to regret your decision to have your final days as what you once were transcribed?

Pandora: *Smirks, and then shakes her head* Not really. I just have to adapt. I’ve spent my entire life shrouded in secrecy, without the privilege of telling anyone about me or where I come from. However, even with this, *She picks up the book* there is one thing that humanity does well. They will stay steadfastly unconvinced of anything they don’t immediately comprehend.
Catalym: That is very true. I also get how hard it is for you to acclimatize to these changes in our lives. I’ve been locked away in a closet of a room for so many years that sometimes it’s hard to remember what real freedom feels like. It’s why our newfound family and friends are so important, because they set us free.

Ryder: And you both know we’re with you through thick and thin. You are a part of us now.

Catalym: *Smiles, leaning in and gently kisses Ryder* You’ve proven that tenfold and more. I am just glad that it’s all finally over. Pandora, Sara and my problems won’t be back, and I can’t barely describe how good that feels. *She glances down and touches the cover of Carnal Magnetism again* And now, we have a record of it. But I do have to wonder what people will think of these books.

Kevlar: The same thing they always think. That it’s a farfetched tale, written by someone to entertain people. Not even the author of the series fully understands what really happened. She had been granted the privilege to know and write about us for some time, but after the hellish attack on Vancouver, the Council revoked her knowledge, rethinking it to be much too dangerous. Now, she only writes, assuming it’s her imagination.

Ryder: *Finger glides along the rim of his beer glass* Then why allow her to write it at all?

Catalym: Aunt Corrine requested it. She hopes that if the humans do find out about us one day, for real, they will come to understand we are not the unfeeling monsters the myths portray us as.

Pandora: I am not sure how I feel about being thought of as a figment of someone’s imagination.
Ryder: *Laughs bitterly* Trust me, babe, you get used to it. This is the life we lead, protectors of the world no one remembers, no matter how much we work to see them safe. *Checks his watch and sighs* Speaking of work, we better get started on the errands Max wants us to do before the RedLine opens.

Kevlar: *Rolls his eyes* That’s all Max and Corrine want us for; slave labour.

Pandora: *Stares at him drolly* Better than some fates…trust me.


Find out more about the Cornwalls’ lives, with the chance to win a copy of The Cornwall Coven, Book One, Deadly Fetishes and my latest Jericho Coven short story release, Masquerade.
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Kayden McLeod

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Katrina W said...
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Katrina W said...

The covers are devine and what a hoot the interview.. and I must say if it wasnt for our imaginations the characters would not develop the way they do !! I have fallen in love alot in 2010 lol.. The two boys sound kinda mischievous... lol.. Have added these to my tbr pile geeesh its going to tumble over soon !!!! I havent read of any Kaydens books but its always nice to find a new author :) thanks Roxy


cait045 said...

Sounds like a good new author for me to check out.


Melissa said...
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Melissa said...

Wow the books sound great and the covers are good enough to eat^^ Have added to my TBR list^^

debbie said...

I would love to read it, it sounds really good.

Bethie said...

Thanks for the giveaway. I love finding new authors. My wishlist is getting so long!!

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Please count me in. :)

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I love when characters come and vist makes me connect to them as well become more intrigued in wanting to read more about them.

Thanks for the giveaway as well :)


Mikki-Manó said...

Wow, I love the covers. I watched the book trailer and the mushic made me shiver. I love black and red together, and the roses.. =)
Thank you for the giveaway and for the post =)

Danielle Gorman said...

Sounds great. Another new author that I definetely need to check out.

Amy said...

The books look so hot! I would love to read them


Heather Kuehl said...

Hi! I absolutly love the interview with Ryder, Cat, Kev, and Pandora. I'm over halfway through Carnal Magnetism right now and loving it. Keep up the fantastic work Kayden!

Stephanie said...

Thanks for the giveaway. I love character interviews.

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I enjoyed the post.

These books sound great; I look forward in reading them and more of Kayden's works.

Tracey D
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Another new author for me to try.

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Kayden McLeod said...

Hi All!

Roxanne, thank you again for having me here today : )

And thank you all so much for your wonderful comments on my series, trailer and character interview.

The Winners of Masquerade and Deadly Fetishes are:
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Be expecting an e-mail from me shortly!


Kayden McLeod

Miss Lissy said...

I would love to win! I'm always looking for new books to read
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Your a new author to me. Your books sounds very good and I love the covers.

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Please enter me in contest. Would love to read Kayden's books.