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Guest Blog and Giveaway with Brita Addams

For those who don't know me, I'm Brita Addams and I write historical erotic romance.
I always enjoy a bit of "insider info" when it comes to books – you know, what inspired the writing, the cover, the characters. With that in mind, I thought I'd share a bit of background on my historical vampire novel, Love Immortal.

I am relatively new to the vampire admiration society. My first real indoctrination came with the television show, "Moonlight," on CBS from September, 2007 to May, 2008. Mick St. John, played by Alex O'Loughlan (not Steve McGarrett on Hawaii Five-O).

Mick made vampires palatable for me, as he fought crime and yearned for human, Beth. The series was a fan fave, but not so much with CBS and it ended after one season, but my need for vamps was not satisfied. Twilight came along, and though the sparkling issue struck me strange, I love the stories. Vampire Diaries fill the need as we watch the backlist through Netflix. Right now, I'm finishing up the last season of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," courtesy of Netflix as well.
A close family member loves vamps as well, and he encouraged me to write "Love Immortal." One of the heroes is named for my loved one, something that pleased him tremendously. He even gave me the name for the series, Mysterious Moonlight.

Laurent Kinsdale is a 200 year old vampire, suffering from the tragic loss of his human lover, Alistair. Though Alistair begged to be turned, Laurent's impulsive turning of a former love, Graham, caused Laurent to refuse Alistair's request. Graham wreaked havoc for many years, his vengenence aimed at hurting Laurent. Sebastian FitzHugh is a young man who catches the fancy of Laurent. The two men share an instant attraction.

There's much that happens between them, fodder for future adventures. I love these two guys. Of all the characters I've written, they spoke to me the loudest. Laurent is broken, my favorite kind of hero. The ghosts from his past haunt both men and change their paths. Sebastian is enigmatic and just what Laurent needs in his life. I see great things for them in future books.
Laurent's vampirism is secondary to the main story, though it is certainly the catalyst for the story. I wanted to concentrate on the relationship element and how the vampirism played into that.

A word about the cover, which is very special to me. The wonderful cover artist for Silver Publishing, Reese Dante, asked me if I'd like a Jimmy Thomas cover. The answer was the obvious, "Well, who wouldn't?"

After searching for photos on his website, I, admittedly picky, didn't find the absolutely perfect shot. I talked to Reese, who talked to Jimmy, who in turn looked through images he hadn't yet put on his site. Voila, he selected the perfect shot, in the perfect clothes and with a bit of PhotoShop magic, the Love Immortal cover was born. Jimmy has also said it's one of his favorite covers, which makes me feel pretty good. It appears in the first slot on the back of his 2010 calendar.

As we all know, covers are important to any book. My book, Splendid Captivity, has a Jimmy cover, with what he dubbed the "Brita Bondage Shot." Reese asked him to do some bondage images during a shoot, as my book is historical and the only shots he had available were with nice, shiny handcuffs. He came through with the perfect cover shot and even withheld that particular image from his website until after my book was released. Great guy!

I hope you enjoy Love Immortal and I invite you to check out my backlist at My books are available at Noble Romance Publishing ( and Silver Publishing ( as well as all the usual secondary place, Amazon, All Romance E-Books, etc.

I love visitors, so please stop by my website/blog. I also like to hear from readers. Please, drop me a note at or "friend" me on Facebook and Twitter.

I'm giving away an e-copy of Love Immortal to one commenter and will send signed bookmarks to anyone interested.

Thank you, Roxanne for having me. What a great blog you have.



Bibliotropic said...

Hot guys plus vampires? What's not to love here? :D

Stephanie said...

I agree. I love Moonlight and was sad to see it go. I love vampires and your book looks great.

smccar1 at hotmail dot com

booklover0226 said...

"fodder for future adventures" Sounds like some sequels to me. I look forward in reading this.

Tracey D
booklover0226 at gmail dot com

She said...

Great cover. I have been reading vampires for years. There are so many out there that it's hard not to find one you like. There is something so erotic and forbidden about vampires.

skyla11377 said...

Hey Brita, I am a HUGE fan of your Jimmy Thomas book covers. Love Immortal was a fantastic book and I can't wait for the next installment. Brita your books never disappoint....^_^. Moonlight, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Angel, Forever Knight were all awesome Vampire shows and Vampires will forever rule in my opinion. I am not here for the giveaway because I already have a copy of Love Immortal....^_^.

Sherry said...

I love vampires and I love watching movies and shows about them.

Pommawolf said...

I too was upset when they cancelled the series. I see the actor in another series recently, but can't remember where.
I love your blog....*S*
There something about vampires that will always stir the romance....*S*


pommawolf @ hotmail dot com

Danielle Gorman said...

I definitely want to read this book. Who doesn't love hot guys and vampires? It's a win win. This one is definitely going on my wishlist.

joder said...

You've definitely chosen some great vamp shows to get caught up on. Another great one that you didn't mention is Kindred: The Embraced which can be gotten from Netflix as well. I've become a huge fan of the m/m genre over the last year and a half and am adding this book to my must read list. The characterizations sound strong with an intensely emotional storyline. Throw in the man-love and I'm in heaven!

Thanks for the giveaway! I ssssooooo hope I win!

joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

Sandy Jay said...

I definitely want to read this book. Vampires were my first experience with the paranormal genre and I haven't tired of them.

forwhlz at gmail dot com

Brita Addams said...

Thanks Roxanne for having me and thank you everyone for visiting and leaving a comment.

I certainly loved writing Love Immortal and am working on the sequel, in between several other works in progress.

I see some friends have stopped by and then some not known - glad to have you all.

How do you all feel about a ghoul with a good heart??


Nicki J Markus said...

Gorgeous cover - I'd love to win a copy!

nickijmarkus at

Debby said...

that is one of the best covers I have seen. I would love to win a copy. thanks for the chance
debby236 at att dot net

Carol L. said...

I definitely want to read your book. You're a new to me Author and I'm so happy I stopped in to meet you. I will be checking out your books and from the sound of your post I'm hoping "series" will bring more books about Laurent and Sebastion. God, I love that cover and am crazy for Jimmy Thomas. (who isn't :) Please count me in.
Carol L

Brita Addams said...

Hi Carol, Debby and Nicki and everyone else,

I'm working on another story for Laurent and Sebastian, as well as my other work. Many new things coming.

Thanks everyone. Great meeting new friends.


Andrea said...

I love the cover! I always love to read about vampires.


Meredith said...

I love reading stories about vampires!

meredithfl at gmail dot com

Leni said...

This sounds like a stunning story and I'm loving these guys already.

~Wendy~ said...

Love your cover and the plot sounds so intriguing! Can't wait to sink my fangs into your book! :)

Maria (pronounced Mariah) I blame my mother... said...

I don't know if I am too late or not...if not I would love to be included! This sounds up my alley...since I enjoy ready a little bit of everthing!

Thank you so much!