Thursday, March 17, 2011

Guest Blog with Barbara Donlon Bradley

Top o’ the mornin’ to Ya! Happy Saint Patty’s day. Being Irish, I love this day.

I’m sort of new to blogging – other than the little snippets I post on Facebook about what I’m doing in my writing career. When asked to blog today I racked my brain to come up with a topic. Could talk about green beer or do four leaf clovers really bring you good luck. But then I realized that people wonder how we as writers come up with some of these stories we do.

Several years ago I had a woman who demanded that all writers write in first person because that was what she liked to read and my brain said here’s someone who likes to read murder mysteries. But I don’t write those. I write paranormal. I love paranormal So I started to examine why I write that style of book.

I’ve tried to write a simple historical. In fact, my second release is a straight historical, based on characters from my first book which was a time travel. But I don’t seem to be wired for that. I haven’t had a desire to write another historical since.

I come up with a hero or heroine and as I create them I find myself playing the ‘what if’ game. What if I take a woman who is pretty normal, and she suddenly gets thrown back in time? And instead of knowing all about the timeline like I find happens in most time travels I have read she is clueless. She spent all her time studying the stars instead? That’s a Portrait in Time. My very first book.

Or have a hero who has been devastated by the death of his family and wants revenge. Why? Because he is the last of his race. Everyone else had been killed off because of one man’s greed then the heroine has been genetically re-engineered to be from his race? That’s Star’s Destiny.

Just can’t seem to stop myself. I have a very vivid imagination. Always have. If I create a cowboy he’ll either be from another planet or have some sort of special ability like shape shifting or magic. Now that I’ve written so many stories with that flair I don’t think I can change. Just can’t turn that part off anymore.

Not every writer is the same, but that is what makes writing so much fun. We all could be given the basic idea any we’d all come up with something different, depending on what we write. The way we think. How our brains create the stories we put on paper.

I’ll always write some sort of paranormal. No matter what. The what if game is too strong in me.

Publisher website:

Title: A Question of Trust

Sana doesn’t want to work with Karni. He is obnoxious, and pushy, yet there’s something about him that makes her blood tingle. Karni doesn’t trust Sana, she kept information from them and as second in command of the compound he found that unforgivable. Now he’s saddled with her because she’s the only one who can detect Marlick, a shapeshifter from Krenon. How was he going to spend long lonely nights with her and fight the growing attraction blossoming between them?

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